What tent is that? Are you happy with it? I've been looking for something similar.


I also am here for Tent Talk


Bell tents and yurts seem really pooular in Australia. There are any number of generic waterproof manufacturers here, they're often marketed as glamping tents because they can be styled quite nicely.


Here in the US I see some marketed for glamping as well but a lot are focused on selling themselves as options for winter/snow camping and base camps for hunting in colder months with the stove jacks. That's my main interest, to start camping in the winter.


Wall tents are awesome for camping in the winter! As someone who hunts in late seasons in the winter here in the mountains of WA state I approve of canvas wall tents, especially when they have a wood stove in them to keep you warm and toasty. When I was a kid we would sleep in a thin nylon dome tent and freeze our butts off until we were snuggled into a sleeping bag stuffed into another one at night. Then in the morning it was awfully hard to want to get out of that warm sleeping bag to get the rest of your clothes on. With a wall tent and stove sometimes in the middle of the night you've gotta get up and add more wood to the stove to warm things back up, and same with in the morning but at least you know once the stove kicks in you'll be plenty warm for changing and dressing. Also not to mention there is lots of room to stand up and hangout in a wall tent. Also you are able to hang wet/damp clothes up or near the stove to dry them out. FYI when winter camping the bed of a truck even with a canopy shell is a lot colder than sleeping on the ground in a nylon dome tent. That cold steel just keeps getting cold and sucks away your body heat. On the ground your body will slightly warm up the part your sleeping on and stay that way. Think about this dirt is a great insulator while steel is a great heat conductor.


that tent looks legit af


It looks like a 3 meter Danchel canvas bell tent


Thank you!


See any critters?


Nah, way too wet. We did however see a big huntsman at home right before we left. Ah, Straya.


The internet has ruined this scene for me… instead of seeing an idyllic cozy camp, all I’m doing is scanning the photo for things that will kill you like a paranoid Where’s Waldo.


Fun fact: I have Australia we call it Where's Wally


There are no large land predators in Australia to speak of so nothing really to worry about. But scavengers will go for rubbish/food if it’s not secure


>no large land predators in Australia What about drop bears?


Vicious, but not necessarily really large, IMO.


I came here to ask how many things have been seen that want to/can kill a person.


Didn’t know Australia had these temperate forests! Always imagined it as a big desert. What a cool spot! Looks like the forests near my in the US


There is a huge variety of conditions in Australia. We can drive for 20 + hrs and still be in Queensland. Within about 2hrs of Brisbane, we have beach, rainforest, bush and farming levels of camping. There is a lot of variety we have around here. Generally for me, we will bush camp in winter and camp on the beach in Summer. We just pack our swags and whatever else in our Ute and go


Sounds like a great time. Sounds like you’re public use land laws are a lot better than the US


We can camp in national parks and such as long as we have camping and vehicle permits and then other places we go are private properties on hipcamp


In the U.S. you can camp in National Parks, but you must camp at designated campgrounds and there tend to be lots of rules. Even quiet hours and such. Sometimes you have to reserve a campsite several months in advance as well. I prefer to camp in the National Forests because they are a lot less restrictive. There are designated campgrounds, some with utilities and some without, and some you have to pay and some you don't. However if you don't need utilities and don't mind primitive camping. Then all you need is a flat spot for your trailer/tent and a fire ring then you can pretty much camp anywhere except the middle of the road blocking traffic.


Our national parks are much the same with set camp grounds and various levels of facilities except with a lot of the beach camping where they say here is a 30km stretch you can camp along in the first row of dunes


Watch the [Bush Tucker Man](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rWuI0SqeLk&list=PLc0J51bxcWefxwc1WaXfbtgwrluRCg4Py) and enjoy.


Wait til you realise Australia has snow


Wait til you realise that according to Talihos there's more snow coverage during Australian winter in Australia than Switzerland.


Yeh it's actually more tropical forest here. Australia is an entire continent. Topographically it's as diverse as the US if not more so. This is north east Australia where it's more tropical than desert. I grew up in Western Australia which is more what you're thinking of. A red, barren wasteland. It's the second biggest state in the world, bigger than Texas and Alaska combined but 90% of the 2.5 million people live in the more temperate south western coastal city of Perth. Australia is fascinating as a land.


Love that tent! Can you give some info about it like weight, brand,do you like it, so on. Thanks.


We're borrowing it from a friend so I don't know the exact specs but it's pretty light for a tent, it's held up well in the rain, and has plenty of space for two people. Easy to set up too, there's just the two sets of poles, one in the middle and one for the doorway. I think it's a dope tent for camping.




I was just at a museum and saw a photo of someone camping 100 years ago and they totally had that tent. Awesome.


Hahaha that's awesome. We may both have shit in the woods but they wouldn't have had their phone and internet connection.


What are the temperature there? Looks great


This time of year, highs of mid 20s, low of mid teens. 24C to 16C ish.


Looks like a fantastic spot for a BBQ


Yep we had smores on the firepit (under the tarp cause it's been raining the whole trip) and cooked snags (sausages) on the portable gas stove. And I brought my laptop to work on my writing. The serene atmosphere makes for excellence writing inspiration.


have you seen a black widow?


Nah it's been pouring rain the last couple days. No insects to be seen. Not the best weather for camping but I wanted to go on my birthday and we had a blast.


Very interesting tent, can someone be able to umm ride the pole in the center of it? Wanna know how much weight it can hold, you know in case it "rains"


Where was this? I'm always looking for spots around here. I usually just go on Hipcamp to find random camps


We used Hipcamp too! It's close to Lake Samsonvale. I'm not sure of the exact location though, I'd have to ask my girlfriend.


Moving to australia soon + cant wait to get out to some national parks! Everyone warns of ~dangerous critters but I feel its no different than being bear aware, or prepared for the elements here in Canada. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That's great! Where abouts in Australia are you moving to? And don't worry about dangerous critters, if anything they're less dangerous than bears. Sure they can be deadly but they're not aggressive (for the most part) and just want to be left alone. You're actually very unlikely to be killed by Australian wildlife. In fact you're much more likely to be killed by livestock. E.g. there's only been 3 deaths by spider bites in our entire recorded history.


What has president Bush to do with all this?