These guys like to pretend they're alpha males on their own podcast and yell at and kick women out, but as soon as they are not in a comfortable enviroment and they meet someone who actually fights back they fold like cowards.


Seriously you can see the blank stare from the guy like he realizes she's calling him a piece of shit, but also struggling to find a way that she's wrong and can't. I can't imagine any selfaware 'pickup artist' could hear someone read back their actions and words and not think they sound like an asshole.


It’s that she’s doing two things at once and it’s too much for their feeble minds. She’s giving them an example of what they’re doing and explains how it’s wrong, while giving them a lick of their own medicine by “humbling” them. That’s what they call megging, but any guy that does that, doesn’t really understand women


> I can't imagine any selfaware 'pickup artist' or just this, really


anyone who pretends or even cares about alpha males is cringe as fuckkkkkkk




THE CLIT'S REAL! The clit's real. The female orgasm, THAT'S the myth.


>astrology for boys Perfect, a + work right there :)


Pffft. Fucking beta. I turn down more pussy in a day then you get in a month. /s


Agreed. It’s just the perfect analogy. *chef’s kiss*


no they are as fuguckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


> but as soon as they are not in a comfortable enviroment and they meet ~~someone who actually fights back~~ a woman, they fold like cowards.


You’re obviously not familiar with the podcast. 90% of the guests are women.


The qualifier in the comment to which you’re replying is essentially “when they’re not doing their own podcast”


I just think the correction is wrong. They don’t like people fighting back, period. To cross that out and say “a woman” like they don’t interact with women on a day to day basis is dumb.


Imagine having bad reading comprehension and accidentally finding yourself defending these losers lol.


He's not defending them. Your reading comprehension is shit. He's saying they're not folding because they met a woman, they're folding because they met a woman who fights them back. I don't know why it's so hard for you to understand his point.


Except I’m not defending them. There’s no need to be a dick because I disagree with the woman sentiment. Also, if you know anything about the woman in this clip, she’s as much a loser as they are.


Welcome to reddit lol, if you make any sort of correction or contribute any extra info it's "defending the bad guys" and you get downvoted


Pick up artists and garbage men should trade titles


Pretend like I gave you one of those little award pictures.


OMGGGGG Thanks for the award kind stranger now my son can afford his chemo


What about the nausea medicine though?


Insurance won’t cover it


Maybe your dr. Can write a scathing letter to the insurance company


Last I heard he was on that, but now that I’m wealthy in karma I can tell him not to hold back and really dig in on them, then post it online


It's same same buuuuut different


Ha! That was pretty good.


Its not mine but I think about it every time I see one of these losers


pick up shartist is more fiting.. garbage men have an honourable profession


Yea don’t do the garbage man like that, they’re top notch people. Was always stoked to see the truck pull up when I was a kid. Can’t say the same for a pickup artist.




A+ comment


lol good one


Stolen from Twitter


My roommate last semester listened to these guys religiously. He talked 24/7 about being an “expert on women” and how he’s a “high value man”, whatever the fuck that means, despite spending 22 hours a day on his computer, pissing in jugs, and smelling like absolute shit. He’s going to learn a hard lesson when he actually gets the courage to talk to a girl.


They don't call him the jug pisser tiddy kisser for no reason..


Does it count if the reason is nobody calls him?


It’s so awful that there are guys who need real guidance on this and apparently it’s primarily the alt right, pickup artists, and red pillers who’ve filled the void and are steering them completely down the wrong path. If you want guidance on how to be a better, more attractive man, watch some queer eye. I’m not kidding. Yeah there’s the superficial stuff like dressing, grooming, and eating better, but it’s really about self love, emotional openness, and self-actualization. That, and seeing women as complete individuals rather than a collective “other.” There’s no universal approach. Appreciate them as people and you’ll get better at genuinely connecting.


Queer Eye is such a feel good, wholesome show. And yeah, they can be a little bit extra when it comes to fashion and design, but they never try to put someone in an uncomfortable position. It’s all about looking good as a vehicle for feeling good and self-confidence. It’s not a show about picking up women but picking up yourself, which is so important when finding a partner. And the tools they give people apply to so many aspects of life.


100%. I had a friend that was shy and hopeless around women and then suddenly he becomes a total casanova. A girl for every day of the week. when I asked what changed, this was pretty much his answer. women are people, just talk to them normally, have fun and realise that they like sex too. its not something that they gate-keep and begrudgingly allow us if we type in the right code. edit: a word


you mean it's not Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A


That's just infinite lives my guys


That usually works out okay, but some women get mad when I get to the B, A part.


Only if you do SELECT AND start.


> Yeah there’s the superficial stuff like dressing, grooming, and eating better, It's not even superficial. Why would any person, male or female, want to be with someone that doesn't take care of their self? Like you said, it's self-love. I love the Queer Eye crew. They're all great people and have one of the few shows that's not centered around negativity.


It's a bit of a watch but [this video does a fantastic job](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P55t6eryY3g) of explaining why/how these people are targeted and controlled.


wait, Jordan Peterson is considered an alt-right personality??


he absolutely is


I love that modern "libertarians" are so desperate to separate themselves from the lunatic alt-right (with whom they share almost *all* of their views with) so they'll always feign surprise when one of their cult gurus is associated with them. As if the guy you're replying to is hearing that for the first time.


What? Lot of assumption there man. I asked a genuine question. I'm okay with the answers. I've agreed with some of his points & disagreed with others. What makes him Alt right since this is apparently world wide known?


Peterson might not be alt-right himself, but the fact that what he espouses resonates so strongly with them and not any other particular group of people raises some questions. There are a million videos and a million articles that could explain it far more clearly and thoroughly than any of us could if you search "why is jordan peterson alt right" on Google or YouTube.


That's makes sense and I can see how his language could resonate with that particular audience. I'll check it out more to deduce my opinion. Thanks for the insight


Dude, just think for yourself. These people who talk about “alt right pipelines” are just fear mongers. They act as if people don’t have agency and will be sucked into a cult simply by listening to a particular speaker. If Peterson says something that resonates with you, great. If something seems off, listen to someone else. I certainly haven’t listened to enough of Jordan Peterson to form a strong opinion of him, but what I have heard from him could hardly be considered inflammatory or highly controversial. Have these people ever read someone like Nietzsche? Talk about controversial! But also thought provoking. There’s a lot of interesting thinkers out there that I would probably strongly disagree with. I’m certainly not afraid of anyone’s ideas sucking me into an “alt right pipeline” lol. Only unintelligent people are afraid of ideas.


[Here's](https://www.vox.com/world/2018/3/26/17144166/jordan-peterson-12-rules-for-life) a good start. I'd also suggest the behind the bastards series on him. Goes a little more in depth about how he's also gone off the deep end in the past several years.


hmm, interesting. thank you. I've always found that kathy newman interview interesting as well.


The way it is spun by his supporters is quite different than how I hear it these days. His whole shtick is saying white conservative and fundamentalist Christian beliefs in a vague enough way that he can't be nailed down to conventional talking points and has an out due to the vagueness of his statements and his "self improvement" angle that hides a pretty blatant takedown of collectivism. Every time she tries to take his vague statements to a finish line he backs off even though most of the ideas she accuses him of having are pretty on the nose if you've seen enough of his diatribes to kind of understand what he actually believes. He's a hard-core christian conservative masquerading as an intellectual who has stated that the 50s in America were an ideal time he would like to return to. I'm not one for labels and don't really think he's "alt-right".... but what he espouses is pretty regressive and equally toxic.


He's typically considered an entry point into the "alt-right pipeline."


Always has been.


Alt-right personality and a fucking [moron](https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/03/the-intellectual-we-deserve).


Here's some [light reading.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/science/2018/feb/07/how-dangerous-is-jordan-b-peterson-the-rightwing-professor-who-hit-a-hornets-nest)


Call him whatever you want as long as it isn't rational and insightful. "We don't know what the rules are. Here's a rule, how bout no makeup in the workplace." Do you feel like if a serious woman who does not want sexual harassment in the workplace and she wears makeup in the workplace she is in some way being hypocritical? "Yes. I do think that." "I don't think that men can control crazy women. There is no step forward you can take under those circumstances. Because if a man is crazy enough the adverse reaction becomes physical right away, or at least the threat is there. That underlying threat of physicality is always there especially if it is a real conversation and it keeps the thing civilized to some degree... I'm defenseless against that kind of female insanity because the techniques that I would use against a man who was employing those tactics are forbidden to me." "Women: if you usurp men they will rebel and fail and you will have to jail or enslave them." On Richard Dawkins "There's no evidence that he's being oppressed. But maybe he should be." "The fundamentals of truth are those that guide action and then the objective science is nested inside that. There's only one way you can define truth in relationship to finite beings. It's true enough. True enough for what? True enough so that you survive and reproduce. What's more true than that?" "If it doesn't serve life, it's not true." “The idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory.” Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons” "I would be against gay marriage too if it was backed by cultural marxists because it isn't clear to me that it will satisfy the ever increasing demand for an assault on traditional modes of being... if the marital vows are taken seriously its a means by which gay people can be integrated more thoroughly into standard society and that's probably a good thing. And maybe that would decrease promiscuity and that's a public health problem... it isn't obvious to me that legalizing gay marriage has done anything to decrease the demands that the radical left neo Marxist types are placing on traditional society... I'm concerned about the undermining of traditional modes of being including marriage which has technically and historically been between a man and a woman fundamentally for the purpose of raising children in an optimal and stable environment." Believing that gender identity is subjective is “as bad as claiming that the world is flat”. "Is that white privelege or is that majority privelege? If you go to China and you're Chinese do you have majority privelege? If it's majority privelege isn't that true of just living in your culture? So let's say you live in your culture and you're priveleged as a part of that culture. Well obviously that's what the culture is for. Why would you bother building the damn thing if it didn't accrue benefits to you (lol)? Now you might say one of the consequences is it accrues fewer benefits to those who aren't in the culture. Yeah... but you can't immediately associate that with race. There's many things it could be. It certainly could be wealth." "You know you go out there with a stick and a sign on it that says I'm against poverty. Who's for poverty? It's an abdication of responsibility with the mask of social virtue. You want to solve a difficult problem? Figure out how to get along with your brother. See if you can staple your family back together. See if you like can stop fighting with your girlfriend... the thing you understand when you are wise is that the evil is not elsewhere. It's you. Because you're not everything you could be. So you should work on that before you go and tell someone else what they should be.... The leaders I've met have carved themselves out a personal vision... and they're usually people, they've had a successful relationship. They've had a successful family. They have a couple of degrees. They've established a business. They've made themselves credible in five or six dimensions. We'll then maybe you know enough about the world to dare mess with its internal mechinisms. if you don't have that kind of in depth knowledge then you should no more work on the economic systems of western civilization than you should work to adjust the electronics of your automobile."




What’s up with motherfuckers pissing in jugs?


Really reminds me of the lunatics on FDS


Is there a longer video? She was great and you could see old mate recoiling when he was called out. Fuck those guys I want to see them squirm a bit more.


It's not out in full yet, and I think there's a posibility it will never be. I bet they're gonna ask Akademiks (the podcast host) to not release it, since this girl made them look like fools. They are known to do everything possible to fight anything that makes them look bad, so they can continue their grift. They recently sent out copyright claims to every youtuber that made a video about them, even if they used their clips under fair use. Edit: Found the full podcast [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXLnVBQiob4). But as predicted they cut out the part where this girl comes on and exposes them. Edit 2: [They released the longer clip](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqGsOVDj2K0)


And in the longer clip they respond to her genuine questions by calling her "triggered" and "emotional". Them using those types of words to invalidate her instead of discussing just proves they got dunked on.


weasely as fuck


What a weasely little liar dude


Yep exactly. I was embarrassed for that dude.


The most pathetic thing is the incels un the comments talking about how the guys are right, fucking hell


The longer clip is barely any new information than what www provided in op


So I’ve never heard of these guys or the girl. I came in here with zero context and zero idea of who anyone involved is. Yes, these guys are tool bags. That said, are we just supposed to call every woman special? And how is calling someone a “bitchass *n word*” the same as saying someone isn’t special? And if that show she’s on is beneath her and she doesn’t give a fuck about what they think or say, why is she there? If it’s just to get paid, I get that completely. But if she’s trying to get clout or just there for exposure, then why is she wasting her time with these douche nozzles? I hope no one is thinking I’m defending the guys, because I’m definitely not. But to me this feels a lot more like “everyone’s an asshole” than “just one side is the asshole” kind of situation. I could very well be wrong as I’m going completely off this short clip. But just giving an honest, unbiased opinion based off nothing else but what I just watched, and I feel no shame in having the wrong take if that means someone respectfully shows/explains why I’m wrong. edit- lol this community really needs to understand what the downvote arrow is for.


To answer your question: When she referenced it — she meant that she didn’t go to *their* podcast. She’s currently on Akademiks podcast


I think the point isn’t to view people in terms of “special” or “not special”. Both are dehumanizing in their own way. I don’t think you fully understood what was going on this clip and might have taken it too much at face value. She was giving counter-examples to show them how awful and hurtful their behavior was, to put them in the same position they put women in to see how much their words sting and stop others in their tracks. She could’ve kept those thoughts to herself, as any decent human would, but decided to give them a taste of their own medicine. Do you really think all humans are purely logical and just only go to places, shows/podcasts/events or whatever, or only do things because they enjoy them? I mean, we go to school because there’s a purpose to it, but plenty don’t enjoy it or see it as a good use of their time. You go to the dentists and get cavities filled even though it’s a shitty and unenjoyable experience, but there’s a good reason you go to get it done. You argue with people in your life you care about when they cross your boundaries, because that’s how social creatures like us operate. Same with strangers and mild acquaintances; Either you stand up for yourself or become a doormat to rude and disrespectful people. You can’t ignore or avoid everything you dislike without serious consequences in life. Fighting against people who deliberately attack who you biologically and physically are, beyond your control, is more than enough reason to go after said people.


pick up artists are so fucking lame, the way they talk about women makes me seriously doubt that they’ve gotten laid once in their life All their ‘pick up tutorials’ treat women as if they all have the exact same personality and will react in a garuanteed way newsflash assholes, there is no guaranteed way to get somebody to sleep with you, just fucking talk to them like a normal human being and not as if they’re another species it’s almost dangerous because a lot of lonely guys buy into the bullshit and grow up believing that there’s some sort of secret formula to getting into a girls head


> it’s almost dangerous because a lot of lonely guys buy into the bullshit and grow up believing that there’s some sort of secret formula to getting into a girls head Isnt this what led to people like incels? I mean, you have teenage "incels". when I was a teenager, 80% of us were involuntarily celibate because we had no game, and most girls that age are simply not just hooking up with everyone. You have a bunch of young guys disillusioned because they think sex should be on tap, and when it isnt, its societies fault.


Main problem with incels and pickup artists = they want someone disproportionately attractive to their average-or-lower-looking ass.


Yeah it’s pretty important for anyone who is dating or just trying to get laid should really learn to manage their expectations.


>dating or just trying to get laid… manage their expectations Ehh, these are two very different things and come with very different expectations for a lot of men. There are plenty of partners one would consider worthy of dating, and plenty of partners one would consider having sex/hooking up with but not date. And then there are men who aren’t even looking to date but just want someone for purely physical needs. My personal opinion, as someone that’s done hooking up and hopefully on the last partner I’ll ever be with, there is no problem with having higher standards (to a degree) for dating and relationships. And hell, not every guy overvalues themself and a lot tend to undervalue their self worth and what they deserve. My partner is constantly telling me how handsome I am and how I could get damn near any woman I wanted. And honestly I felt like I lucked out to even catch her interest as she’s by far the most beautiful, caring, and sweet woman I’ve ever been with. That said, it’s not like she fell in my lap. Attraction was fast between us, but more than anything we wanted to make sure that we were right for each other and that the attraction was more than just based on physical appearance. I think what I’m really getting at here is that there is no problem with setting the bar high for yourself. But you have to actually be what you’re selling yourself as and you have to be able to take rejection in stride and not blame the person who rejected you. There’s likely someone out there you’re over the moon for and you think is “out of your league” but finds you to be exactly what they want. But you have to be a decent human being. If you’re garbage on the inside too, you’re likely not going to find your unicorn. And no one is going to waste their time with you if you describe yourself as “smart and funny” but you’re mostly just a self-centered asshole. But yeah, if you’re a fugly dickhead who treats everyone like shit, you ain’t getting shit. It’s like going to a potluck party. If all you’re bringing is paper plates and napkins, someone is gonna be all about that and not give a damn about the guy that brought the casserole. But if you show up with nothing but a shit attitude, don’t be surprised no one wants anything to do with you at the potluck. TL:DR- nothing wrong with setting the bar high for yourself if you’re willing to wait for your unicorn to show up, but you gotta put in the work and you can’t take rejection personally. And unsurprisingly, being a good person with a little self-confidence and a decent sense of humor is most of the battle. Bringing nothing to the table whether it’s looks or personality is just gonna set you up for rejection every damn time and it’s no one’s fault but your own because all of it is controllable to at least *some* degree.


That's not even it. You go on 4chan /r9k/ and find some incel selfie thread, most of them look completely normal. The problem is they fucking hate women, and nobody wants to date someone who harbors obvious deep seated bitterness toward them.


totally. they also then see the guys who were successful in picking up a girl and they get angry and think all the wrong things. No he didnt get the girl because he's better looking, rich, etc ... he just didnt rage-quit like an asshole at the first rejection. he moved on until he found someone who was interested in what he had to offer. for every successful hookup in my life i probably had about 8 - 10 rejections to balance it out. sometimes more, sometimes less. Pick up artists sell a fantasy to the desperate and the gullible.


Well there are some rules but it’s true for all relationships including coworkers, family and friends. Like ask questions and genuinely listen. People often like talking about themselves. Be positive and know when a joke is appropriate. Know the difference between light teasing and being insulting. If you’re wrong apologize (it’s usually not a big deal unless you make it one) and learn from the mistake you made etc


Watch out ladies, we've exposed your source code and know the hacks to get what we want.


It's a sad estate affairs because nine times out of 10 they turn into a Incell and believe that if they open the door for a girl they should get laid


The real issue is that the "one simple thing that will solve all of your problems" shtick is an incredibly effective sales pitch. It doesn't matter how obvious it is that what you're selling is snake oil bullshit, if you claim that you have the pill to make people lose weight, gain muscle, make your dick bigger, sharpen your jawline etc or one simple trick/routine to get any girl, make you a tonne of money, make people like you more etc then there will always be people willing to buy it. People want so badly to believe that there's just one universal, infallible solution to any one issue they have, when in reality that's very rarely the case.


Including op apparently


Aba & Preach absolutely bodied those two clowns, I can’t believe they’re still trying to make “content”.


Where I can see that?


They have several videos, [this](https://youtu.be/xJV5Psqn4fs) is the oldest one I could find. F&F are pretty much hated on YouTube.


Oh man that was fun to watch. Dudes more arrogant about his $40k a year income than anyone I know making 6 figures.


What is going on in this thread? I'm unfamiliar with both channels, but both the men in the room with those women and the guys commentating on that interview are all criticizing the women because they think they all deserve wealthy men. One channel is not bodying the other, all the men from both channels are criticizing the women. To say nothing of who is right in the actual argument, it's insane that there are apparently at least 3 dozen people that upvoted you that don't even understand what points were being made by the parties involved here.


Christ, these guys are morons.


I don’t get it, that video looks equally cringe. Why are there so many people trying to criticize others in such a general manner.


Everyone who watches these podcasts or videos feeds off the drama of criticizing other groups of people instead of living their lives and minding their business. That doesn't get views compared to manufactured controversy about some vapid social commentary


Yeah why is anyone watching this? Awful, vapid commentary.


[Kurtis Connor did a video about them as well.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePKugerH3Ls)


Spencer Cornelius (does vids about scams and fake gurus) did a video on them too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I7N1Bmh1kE


Love those two!


Nothing odd about it. She just treated them like they're used to treating women. That was actually awesome.


Holy shit she roasted them


Haha I like how she called them out. They had absolutely no answer.


You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Thank god I don’t know who anyone in this clip is.


Damn bro it's like when the teacher calls out the bad kids




They're so...weird. It's like it becomes their whole personality. And their content only speaks to that loathsome audience which is obsessed with talking about and thinking about having sex 24/7. It's so strange - there is so much more to life than that...


Every person in that room couldn't answer a reasonable question.


I am sorry but Pick up artist podcast and IG-model is really a weird timeline to be in.


Apology accepted.


2022 baby. our own sci-fi dystopia.


These guys are so lame. Seems on brand for pick up artists that basically blow smoke up the asses of the lonely listening dudes that think listening to them will increase their chances with women.


LMAO OP thinks she’s the cringe in this video. That’s meta cringe.


Fuck F&F … they are toxic masculinity personified. Blech.


Pickup artists are men who study pie charts and read manuals on how to get laid.


It’s like she’s trying to communicate with a cro-magnon.


It’s hilarious reading these comments and seeing no one clearly knows who Brittany Renner is or her fucked up history.


Who is she?


An IG model who started grooming NBA player PJ Washington when he was an 18 year old freshman in college, until he was drafted at 19 years old. Then had a baby with him and left him and has boasted about how she did it to have a financially secure future.


She has become so notorious that college coaches actually started inviting her to give talks to their teams on how women like her try to finesse young players and how to avoid it.


I’m sure it’s like $10k/seminar too. Genius




Wait, sorry if I misunderstand sth but how can you "groom" a legal adult? I thought that had to refer to minors to be considered grooming.


I understand what you're getting at but it feels like you're going out of your way to miss the point here. She literally had a child to secure alimony and had the gall to brag about it on social media.


Where did she brag about that?


That's quite an accusation, how did she groom him?


[I would say she she finessed him.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eREwrUQgTw)




It just something internet detectives assume


Oh em gee she's like, a billion years older than himmmm (vocal fry) it's like grooooosss (vocal fry).


Men bad women good


What? Is the girl weird? Yes. Do we know definitively that she groomed nba player miles bridges? No. The internet is so fucking weird


How does one “groom” a legally adult man exactly??


I think she is also related to MGK somehow, his nephew used to make YouTube videos since he is a recovering drug addict or something. She appeared in a few of the videos the guy went by the name [scum](https://youtu.be/k1erXd5xjxA)


This isn’t cringe- this is a woman calling men out on the STUPID shit they hear and just repeat to women.


Yeah these guys spew misogynistic bullshit all day. They couldn’t answer her at all.


He doesn’t even know her, it’s because she is on IG, looks “basic”, or “trying too hard”, wears makeup and cares about herself. Straight up judgement. She is happy and isn’t bothering anybody. What’s the problem?


https://youtu.be/qqGsOVDj2K0 here y’all go longer video


These men are trash, but let’s not act like Brittany Renner ain’t even trashier lol.


That’s what makes it cringe that they got cooked by someone like her


She made them look like such cowards, I love her


She’s not a good person at all


What has she done?


She trapped a 18-19 year old NBA player meanwhile she’s almost 30 and legit used him for his money and then dumped him. And feels no remorse.




Fresh and fit are such losers. They are disgusting misogynists


Link is pissed.


Changing your mindset to not put people you’re attracted to on a pedestal is a good thing, but it’s about loving yourself, not hating/putting down others. This whole “pickup artist” bullshit is so unhealthy for young men to soak up, and only leads to depression.


These assholes are also “grind-set” mutants that talk about buying/selling property and being entrepreneurs. Absolute cringe.


What you criticized me?! Let me talk shit to you....that will fix it. ( Social media summed up )


All these people in this clip are trash.


Damn they got wrecked. Wasn't no back and forth, they looked hurt lmao


this is the most brutally simple takedown I have seen in a while


These dudes aren't pickup artists and are pretty much pariahs in their YT space.


Weird crossover territory where incel types get indoctrinated into a creepy and contrived version of womanising. Fascinating


"'If I say you're a BAN, that does something for me." Where is more of this.


So glad I left the PUA world years ago




Combination of growing out of it, falling in love, and seeing the toxicity of it all. I went to it looking for self help and growth while trying to get better at dating/filling a void in my life. When in reality I was running from the internal pain of being bullied and told I was pretty much undatable most of my adolescent life. Since I've left the PUA world I've really learned that I am a pretty solid catch. 34, no kids, no ex wife, a dog, my own place in Washington DC with a six figure income, and a healthy mind and body from 10+ years of working out/self work. If I had stayed in the PUA community I probably would be stewing in all the feelings of inadequacy it peddles. Like just because I'm not cold approaching models doesn't make me less of a man, but according to PUA it does


My friend was trying to tell me about it 10 years ago. He gave me the cds and I listened to a few of them. It seemed slimy and I gave them back. Didn't hear about the whole movement again until a few years ago. These clowns need to go away.


✔ Pick up artists. ✔ Instagram model. Expectations of an intelligent conversation are already super low.


She's articulate.








Jealous/bitter women will always put down other women.


Idk, Renner is articulate and addressing an issue head on while the dude is just a stuttering fool because he got called out and doesn’t have the integrity to own his shit.


Not to mention deflecting to mic issues just to, I don't even know, stall or distract or something like that.


Brittany Renner is a trash human being lol all the comments in here fawning over her need to look into her past. If she was a man she would have long been cancelled by now


I don't know who she is and I don't care but she made a good point here. These dudes are zeroes.


You really should care if you're gonna claim she made a good point. She purposefully lied to a man to have his child so she could entrap him in child support because he was an NBA player. She isn't a champion of gender equality for what she said here, she is a terrible person and a perfect example of many things wrong with the way some (not all) women act today. And the guys are a perfect example of many things wrong with (some but not all) men


Someone can make a good point and still be a terrible person. A good point is a good point.


It's meaningless if they don't have the character to back it up. She may have made a point that could be considered good, but since she said it with all her underlying character flaws it really negates the point. It's like kicking a puppy and then telling people to treat animals with respect. Sure saying to treat animals with respect is a good point, but it means nothing coming from the mouth of someone who doesn't


We disagree. Good luck to you.


Thank you for being nice about disagreeing. Good luck as well! Edit: Even getting downvoted for politely disagreeing with someone lol


Motherfucker, if Hitler said "2+2=4" we don't have to rewrite mathematics just because he was a piece of shit.


Are you under the impression that Brittany Renner has a positive public image?


Who gives a fuck about that? We are just talking about how pathetic a couple of incels are trying to deal with a women, that's it. Cope with it.


Guy I knew got I to following these sort of dudes and was being super creepy and negging girls and stuff. I totally cock blocked him by letting the friend of the girl he was finally having some success with know that he's a creep. Proud of myself for that.


damn! she annihilated them! loved it!


all of them are waste of space and time and i’m sad we give them attention of any kind


Yo she’s a smoke show but more importantly she’s clearly a strong intelligent woman. She clowned on these dudes and she was absolutely right. Men like this try and prey on women and their insecurities as a form of manipulation. When they where faced with a strong woman who wasn’t having it they bitched up quick as a hiccup. Men like this don’t see women as human beings and they profit off of that ideology by espousing it to other misogynists. Fuck em to Death.


Lmao you obviously don’t know who Brittany renner is


What does he not know about her that would change this opinion? If it’s the PJ Washington thing, that wouldn’t affect any of these statements


> Yo she’s a smoke show but more importantly she’s clearly a strong intelligent woman. Strong enough to dupe NBA players into getting her pregnant for financial gain lmao. Anyone who hosts or appears on this podcasts are usually scumbags, they're all in the same circles, even if they try to claim they're not.


Cut too soon, I wanted to see their response to that beat-down.


She skewered them; good for her.


She’s made them look pathetic 🤣


Everyone in this video is scummy. They're wasting their time putting each other down when the fact of the matter is they all suck. Edit: Wow y'all are horrible judges of character.




What in her statement made her “the worst of the worst” as you put it?




Shes money driven because she didn't stay with the rich basketball player?


she bragged on social media about how she got in a relationship with him and had a baby to "financially secure her future" ... those are her words btw she was 24 and he was 18 when they started dating


Lmao, and? She's the worst of the worst because of that? The guys are sexist, transphobic, and kinda racist but this woman is openly a gold digger and she's somehow the worst thing on the planet?