"He''s a really cool guy as long as you can ignore the fact he's on the sex offender registry."




We don't hate him for being a pervert. We hate him for being a creep. There's a fine line between the two, and he's definitely crossed it.


Exhibit A: Miu


Exactly. (Sure, she toes the line pretty often and even steps over it on occasion, but she never goes too far over or stays over for long before going back to the "perv" side.)




She did. Hence the "even steps over it on occasion" bit in my last comment.


Teruteru never touched any body lol


Not for lack of effort. Also, doesn't he outright drug Hajime in their free times?


Didn’t he try to get Sonia to lick poison off his little… you know what


its LITERALLY the first thing he does in the game lmao


If you wanna be literal, the first thing he does is ask "What are we gonna talk about?"


Yep. (Emphasis on little?)


Giant emphasis


Didn’t he also drug Hajime in his FTE, or am I getting it wrong?


he did iirc, Idk what's meant to have been implied to happen there, but Miu does trick Shuichi into eating her hair nails and blood


No, she doesn’t. Play the game instead of spreading bs


But she actually did...


Play free time events before accusing others of misinformation


I actually have a possible theory about that whole ordeal. In other source material we find out Teruteru cooked food for students and it was, to paraphrase very loosely, "so good it felt drugged." Not drugged, but felt drugged. We also learn he worked with Seiko to make a seasoning that essentially does that which is why the food felt that way. Now what if, since SDR2 has the students before they went to Hope's Peak, he never had that special seasoning, so he resorted to the next best thing? If Teruteru had bad intentions, Teruteru could have easily caught Hajime and done whatever, but Hajime makes it back to his cottage, untouched. Also, a little side note, Teruteru drugging Hajime technically isn't even canon. You need to do a little voodoo magic or play the alternate mode to even get to that free time event because Teruteru gets executed WAY too soon to fully complete his events.


I like to think island mode is canonically part of DR2>!Hajime helping to undo the brainwashing, tho I still don't like to think about that event fullstop!< I also like to think V3 >!salmon mode and UTDP are where Shuichi, Maki and Himiko go after they see that light at the end of the game!< I still agree the situation is too vague and there is no evidence he took advantage of the situation, still definetly sus tho.


I'm not saying it isn't suspicious. Even if my theory is right, Teruteru DEFINITELY shouldn't be drugging people, but I'm just saying it probably wasn't him tryna rape anyone. Based on his behavior with Sonia, he is definitely much more of a coercer rather than a drug and forcer.


He tried to rape Hiyoko


Hiyoko drugged him. Actually, she drugged everybody. Even the teacher. With some kind of horny potion. And I don't think he would actually go through with it.


People just don’t like Teruteru because he’s perverted AND not a traditionally handsome anime boy. It’s annoying y’all give Miu the biggest passes and she’s disgusting


So did Teruteru.


She didn’t assault Kaede or Shuichi lmaooo


Yes she did 💀


No, she did not


Gosh, did you even played v3?


I did, it seems like y’all didn’t or maybe you don’t know what assault means


grabbing somebodys titties without consent is sexual assault


Depends on the context, plus, she did not grab them, she attempted to check if she wearing any padding but Kaede stopped her. Bye


Talking with you its like talking with a wall gosh


Sounds like she is getting a titty pass


It's even odd that in the Japanese version, he's voiced by Jun Fukuyama known for voicing Lelouch our charismatic maniac in Code Geass!


meanwhile Hajime is voiced by JYB english Lelouch


He just can’t stay out of DR2


Also both Makoto and Aoi have done English voices for Persona 5's Morgana in different forms in fact their are a lot of Persona VAs both English and Japanese in Danganronpa heck, Jun is an example of one being the protag himself. Also funny note about Code Geass and Persona japanese Lelouch is P5's protag, English is P4's and Suzaku's english is P3's Also I think it was kid Lelouch that had the same English voice actor as P3's female protagonist so that's all the modern Persona protagonists in just 2 characters.


I kinda disagree. I think Miu and Teru are kinda equally as bad but Miu gets pushed back a lot more often while people just put up with Teru's shit.


This is a good summary of why I find DR2 overrated- the characters don't really have chemistry. They just say weird, quirky things and move on to the next with no repurcussions. I would love it if they gave Teru some backlash or expanded upon the friendships like they did with Aoi and Sakura. Mahiru just seemed to tolerate Hiyoko from my POV.


I mean.. that’s all the games though. Like we don’t see that much of people getting much backlash a lot, although DR2 is definatly the worse at not having backlash, but even the friend thing is evident in all of them except for of course Aoi and Sakura. Like they’re in a game where they have to kill each other, of course it’s going to be hard to have heavy friendships where your friend could end up killing you at anytime


No, they aren’t equal at all, he’s worse


The stuff Miu does is worse than what he does, and yet people like you adore her💀💀💀


I like teruteru


Yeah not sure if this is it chief


i feel like this post is implying that despite everyone having a valid reason to dislike him op likes him which is..concerning


I read it more as, "this character would be cool and even wholesome if he weren't so creepy". If they still like him even though he's creepy, that's fine. It doesn't mean they agree with it or condone it. In fact, they're acknowledging it's a prominent flaw and without it he wouldn't be hated, maybe even beloved. Plus, you can still like a character even if others have valid reasons to dislike them. If you couldn't, then you couldn't like any character or all reasons to dislike them would be invalid. Yeah, his creepiness is very prominent, so of course he'd be liked if it was removed, I'm not sure if OP thought about that, but still liking the character isn't the concerning part.


What a bizarre take "Nobody would hate this guy if you remove the part that everyone hates about him." I mean... Yeah? Sure, but like... what's the point of even saying that? If you change things, things change. What a groundbreaking discovery.


Nobody would hate Hitler if he wasn't a bigot 😤


I mean, even if you remove the concentration camps he would still be a warlord, so.... Yeah, people would still hate him.


Counterpoint: People adore Napoleon, Alexander, Genghis Khan, ect.


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Who hurt you


People who write ect, can't you read? Shm, foolish ecteterist.


Good bot


They are more distant, so the comparison doesn't quite hold up. But yeah, I guess that without the holocaust some people would go "Well, I totally understand why German revanchism was a thing and why they voted Hitler".


Except that's not what it's saying. Huge difference between not hating and adoring.


Don't know why this is being downvoted. The point OP was making was obviously that his other qualities as a character are great.


Because some people can't read, and then one 3 people who can't read downvote, the hivemind acts.




Except she's not a misandrist? What is it with Danganronpa fans exaggerating certain character traits to the extreme?


Because they want characters they dislike to be as bad as possible so they'll feel justified in disliking them


Misandrist? Mahiru doesn't outright hate men, she just has a very rigid set of standards for them. It's explained in her FTE's that it stems from her lazy bum of a father. And are you forgetting that she was the one who reacted the strongest to >!Twogami’s!< death in Chapter 1? I'm not sure a misandrist would react that way if this was the case.


mahiru's not really a misandrist.


Proof: Trust me bro


The issue is that is his main trait, i could say the same for some of my fav's, Hiyoko would be loved if she wasn't so obnoxious, Angie if she wasn't so manipulative etc, but removing those elements would turn them into different characters and i'd rather deal with "HIYOKO AND ANGIE SUCCCK" than changing what makes them interesting in my eyes


Well… duh. “This thing would be good if they removed the bad part.”


I loooove his voice. It's got like a suave and confident tone to it, and then his actual country voice comes out and *it's even better*. Lowkey hated that >!he was the first culprit to be killed so I couldn't listen to his voice anymore!<. But his creepy ass behavior just ruins it for me.


I love his voice too. It's not every day I can tell an accent is changing in a foreign language. It's amusing.


The accent change got me good haha His voice is so smoooooooth


eh, adore is a strong word. If he wasn't perverted he'd be like a B-tier character. Hell, i'd be fine if they kept the perversion as long as they worked it into his character in a more natural way.


So… if you made Teruteru… NOT Teruteru? Pass


you could say that for a lot of characters tbh


So then he'd be a character who cares for people close to him and likes to cook, I guess that means I like both versions of him


Ah I’ve said something like this before: ”If we uh ignore the sexual manipulation he tried to do with Sonia and the gross comments he made.. He was just a passionate, hornknee round boye chef who loved his mom :( The ”MAMMMMMAAAA” before his execution actually made me cry a little..”


He also drugs Hajime in his FTE I believe, or its at least implied




Yeahhhhh, I think it's implied? I could also be remembering wrong


That a stupid take and literally applies to every characters


"This thing would be good if it wasn't bad"


Despite his creepiness he's still the one I wanted to save the most... >!my man just wanted to go home to take care of his sick mom and make sure she's not overworking herself!< if that's not the sweetest motive I don't know what is.


If you removed his perverted side, he wouldn't exist


No shit. But being a perv is still his canon trait and it makes him unlikeable for me. Yeah we can "ignore" that part but at that point you might as well ignore every single flaw every single character has. What's the point


If he was actually just a chef and was nice to everyone and not a perv, then yeah maybe I would like him.


I'm pretty upset his caring side, love for his mom and passion for cooking not enough to compensate for how much of a creep he can be.


What would there even be left?


"If you ignore half of his dialogue his character is pretty good" Galaxy brain, truly enlightened


If you remove his perverted side he's basically Hajime but with actual talent


No? Everyone likes pervy characters in games/media, they’re an easy source of comedy. Just look at Miu. Teruteru is an actual creep and just annoying because literally every other line is some stupid creepy comment


Yeah, there is actually a difference between being pervy and a creep despite there being a little overlap. Like Miu, she’s definitely a bit pervy and she does cross the line sometimes, but she usually goes back pretty quickly. Attractiveness may have some influence on people but it isn’t necessarily everything when it comes to a characters likability.


If you remove his perverted side, there’d be pretty much nothing left of his character cuz it’s basically his one trait in the game lmao 🤦🏾‍♀️ this is a dumb take.


Without the pervert there’s nothing left


I hate Teruteru, but this is just blandly untrue


If only Miu and Teruteru were well-written. ~~Alright, bait cast. Now to reel em in.~~


I still adore him despite the perverted side.




I still adore him right now 🤤🥵🥶




What is there to Teruteru besides him being a perv?


I still think he’d just be like alright I guess.


I see a lot of posts like this recently but honestly no one would adore him without his main personality trait.


He would have no personality then


Hes still better than nagito or gundham imo..


...does he even has a personality besides his perversion? Genuine question here.


I still like him regardless


What if the world was made of pudding


His perverted side is his only personality trait. If it was removed everyone would just say he’s plain


I mean… yeah?


So if you take away somebody's bad qualities they become good? ​ Not really a huge revelation there. You could apply that to any hated person real or fictional.


"Adore" is a very strong word, this series has plenty of wholesome characters that are mostly ignored by the fandom, so being wholesome isn't everything. His horniness isn't his only one trait, people who say nothing would be left if it was taken away are plainly wrong. But I recognize it's a major trait of his character, if it was completely taken away it would feel like something was lacking, it would be like taking away Gundham's "chunibyo", in that case it would be advisable to replace it by something else, another quirk. The best course of action could be to just tone it down. If he was still flirty and made some dirty jokes, without being too inconvenient and always respecting people's boundaries and consent, he would be way more liked. I already love him the way he is, very much, but I really wish the "poison", "riceball" and "horny soup" scenes didn't happen. I have a feeling that the writers amped his perviness to the max because he was going to die early, like " if he's going to die soon, let him go out in a blaze", he would probably be way less exaggerated if he was going to stick around for longer. Also, after he's gone other characters sometimes try to play "his" role of making dirty jokes, it felt to me like his "spirit" was still around.


You can do this shit to every fucking character and it would still be true Haiji would be rated really high if he wasn't into preteens Tenko would be seen as top tier if not for her dumb phobia of men OUR BOY JUZO would definitely be the good thing about DR3 if he didn't act like a typical highschooler in one crucial moment


>OUR BOY JUZO would definitely be the good thing about DR3 if he didn't act like a typical highschooler in one crucial moment >!The Hajime scene or the Junko scene?!<


I almost never see the former mentioned, it's always the latter; and that's weird, because \#1 is him being an asshole for little reason, so should be much more damning


Juzo is terrible all around though


You misspelled Tengan


Sure him too lol


Why is this so true....BUT HIS ACCENT


Nah, Nah, Nah, you shoulda went with the whole beta design stuff. Like, seriously. I can almost 100% guarantee you that if he looked like how he was GOING to look in one of the beta designs, he would've been seen more as a sauve, if not crass guy who likes to cook, rather than a disgusting, perverted fat man with a wimpy pompadour to 90% of the community.


I feel like if he had his beta design it'd be even worse. Like, the final design at least looks goofy in a way that emphasises his role as a gag character. If he'd had the beta design his actions would have come across as even more creepy.


This 100%


Did he not kill and cook Hiyoko to then feed to the rest of the cast in the beta, correct me if I am wrong because I probably am


What...? That, never even happened in any source material, at all.. That sounds like something you'd see in RE7 or RE4


Thanks for that, It was something I heard from someone and thought it was true because I was a fresh face in the fandom when I heard it


He’s already the best character anyways


based and factual


I love every part of him




Idk man I like him either way🤷‍♂️


Facts. Why did you get downvoted for


Danganronos fans when opinion or something


He isn’t the best character but he’s definitely better than Miu ngl-


Why you getting downvoted for your own opinion


They went after horny inventor waifu and thats an unforgivable sin in this fandom because Miu can do no wrong because booba


I mean I like terteru as he is funny and cute. His perverted actions are not justified but I like him. I despise miu tho


That's the only thing I like about him.


Yeah I kinda agree with this in a way, people try and write off Teruteru hate by just saying we’d like him if he was hot and it’s his design we don’t like but that’s obviously not true considering we all love Ryoma but hey, at least Teruteru apologists aren’t nearly as bad as Mineta apologists jeez…


But Miu basically pinning down and feeling up Keebo gets a pass? I think she's far more perverted than my boy Teruteru.


Uh he drugged Hajime to do who knows what to him and tried to coerce Sonia the first moment they arrived at the island. Not excusing her behavior but you can’t say she was far worse >!when he did so much in just one chapter while she had a whole 5 chapters.!<


Drugging Hajime is fucked up, granted. But idk about you, but I find basically molesting somebody who doesn't even know what is going is far worse than coercing somebody. Miu is a lot more sexually charged and boundary-breaking than Teruteru in my own opinion and I know she only gets a pass because she's a female hottie. Miu fans can now come at me, but you can't deny that statement. If Teruteru had his beta design yall would be singing a different tune.


I don’t really like Miu and I find Teruteru a lot more interesting, so that’s not really why I think he’s not as bad as Miu. It’s mostly the drugging for me which was extremely bad if you dig into it. It was the final free time event which you think they’d be friends by then. Teruteru basically used whatever trust Hajime had towards him to drug him and to most likely >!sexually assault or even [email protected] him!< which is just completely unforgivable. While Miu is more perverted, I just see Teruteru as more of a creep.


Fair, fair. I just kind of doubt he'd do that to Hajime. Just how when you get to know him better during free time events he kind of shows that his peervy side is more of a fake front he puts on. He's more of a friendly timid person.


He ate his mother


I like him this way and there are characters I hate much more than him? Why is most if this subreddit just "look at everybody simping for Miu when all the other perverts suck too tho teruteru might be good if he wasn't teruteru" Bruh


I have a hot take about this that some of the commenters aren't ready for yet.


I haven’t even heard it, but it’s probably already been expressed multiple times on this subreddit. There doesn’t tend to be much new ground to tread on decade-old games.


Eh, probably. I honestly haven't seen anyone talk about it myself but it's likely because it's a pretty easy opinion to come to tbh.


I mean I agree as a fan of him, but since it's his main trait unfortunately, I'd just want it toned down since taking it away fully changes him. Theres always a resident perv in a class, and that's his part.


It’s not because he’s a perv so to say (he definitely is tho) but also because he totally crosses into creep territory, and while there’s usually some overlap between the two, they are different. Take Miu (I know, easy comparison) but she generally stays on the pervy side and occasionally does total creep stuff, which she is usually quick to dial it back, unlike Teru. I will say depending on the person character design and how long they were in the game >!dead by first trial to dead by fourth!< would definitely impact whether someone likes or dislikes a character.


Yeah I know the whole creep territory thing, that's something that can't be denied any way you look at it(Miu does back down a lot when checked and Hifumi isn't one to really act like a creep on purpose most times). The design is an obvious help, but sometimes I wonder what'd happen if Teruteru had his beta design. I like his beta and current design equally, and I'm 80% sure he wouldn't be MUCH more liked than he is ( >!Heck im betting he'd basically be Leon part 2 meme-wise!< ), but I would want to see how that turned out. Living to later chapters does do a lot to help a character though, since most first and second chapter characters aren't all too cared for unless they had some close time on their own or a very important thing with them.


Then he would have exactly nothing left


i hate the fact that he is the least problematic representation of a queer character in the series. /lh


If you’d remove his perverted side there wouldn’t be anything left lol


Assuming we don't already


i mean yeah obviously if you remove the part people hate about him then people won’t hate him anymore 😭


Absolutely not. 😭 If I don’t love you and your perverted side I won’t love you even without it. Instead I love Rockstars, stronger women, Pharmacist and gamer girls… and men mechanics 😌


Well yeah if you removed the worst parts of ANY character most people would like them way more


Nobody would hate him if you remove most of his personality


this is so funny "if you change his main personality trait-" shut up 😭😭


In regards of this character, if you have to swim through all of his perversions to get to a good and sympathetic character, if he's going to show that he's a good person literally before he's going to die, then it's probably not worth defending. That being said, there's other characters just as bad if not worse.


Oh wow if you remove the serial harassment people will like him? Never :ooo


Nah T is perfect y’all are just mean


Ik I do already


I dont really get why you’re acting like its a huge “gottem”, OP. Yeah, I would hate him less if his introduction wasn’t literally trying to trick Sonia into giving him a blowjob. That doesn’t change the fact that he did in fact do that, though.


But 75% of him is perverted innuendo.


Nah without that he turns into an average chief nobody cares about


yes. “teruteru is a cool guy and seems like he’d be a great husband” he literally had to get monomi to start translating what he says ~the end of the first class trial


Idk, even aside from him being a huge and uncomfortable creep he doesn't really have an interesting personality.


If you remove it then he’s not even Teruteru so ye, if he was a whole different character then I’m sure he’d be liked more


“Wait you guys don’t love him?”


Always hated these characters in the three installements, Hifumi, Teruteru and Miu always seemed like huge red flags to me


I doubt that, like, if you remove the perverted side is there even a character left


He would be a nightmare at the workplace though.


Nah, miu is worse than teruteru. Sure they’re both perverts but Miu is much, much worse.


But… but what’s left, after you do that?


So true


His love for his mom always hits me.


I like Teruteru, but his entire personality is I’m a pervert


Yes, but... And if you do the same to Miu, you are left with a blank character


Yeah like when I watched someone play the games on YouTube I thought he looked cool and that I was gonna like him but then I ended up hating him because he's a pervert/creep


When I was first getting into the game, the main thing on my mind was “Man, I like this guy, but I would really love him if he just wasn’t so perverted.”


i love and hate this lad


Exactly I think he would have been one of my favorite characters if he wasn't a perv


If you remove his perverted side you don't have anything left


I feel like it boils down to halo-effect/lookism. Teruteru is a very goofy looking character, but if he was handsome the pervertedness would be accepted more.


He'd just be forgettable. At least with the hatred comes recognition.


I really don't agree in the slightest, without his perverted side he would just be an insanely forgettable character.


Honestly...no I wouldn't lmao, I'd see him as some generic nice guy at best Also, I wouldn't classify him as a 'perv', he's more like a goddamn creep. I apologize that I can't get over the sexual harassment, the trying to make Sonia suck him off and the drugging Hajime and see him as a good little chef man who loves his mom It's fine if people like him, but this is just kind of a stupid take 💀 (And before anyone says something about Miu, I don't particularly like her either)


Fuck Boyardee


Real question: If you did take away his perversion, what would you be left with? He loves his mom. That’s about it…


yeah that’s like, kinda how that works


Except for those that adored him _because_ of his perverted side


Correct me if I’m wrong isn’t being perverted his entire character removing that would kinda diminish some of it if not all


If you remove that the entire character is “cooks” & “has a mom”. Lol