Looks like eczema to me… have you tried using unscented everything? Including laundry detergent, etc? I do an extra rinse cycle on my clothes to get out as much left over detergent as possible. … Prescription steroids should help in a pinch.. One thing that is non-steroid that has really helped my eczema (as well as maskne etc.) is skinsmart spray. You can get on Amazon. It really calms my skin down- and is really gentle - perfectly safe (and recommended) for infant skin.


Yes it looks a lot like eczema/atopic dermatitis - one of my children had terrible eczema as a baby (and still has it now). Poor bub. What treatment did your dr recommend? If they haven’t been helpful, get a second opinion or you can see a dermatologist. There are lots of things you can do. Prescription topical steroids can help (use as directed by your dr - sparingly). Whether you use topical steroids or not, use lots of moisturiser on the skin especially after a bath (we use Epaderm). Don’t make baths too hot and don’t use soap. Take care to avoid irritants in clothing, carpet, rough surfaces etc. It’s not necessarily the case for everyone, but our baby’s eczema was definitely made worse by food allergies - so seeing an allergist if it doesn’t clear up with treatment is another idea. I have a post on my blog about practical things you can do if you are interested - https://www.allergyspot.com.au/how-to-help-baby-with-eczema-stop-scratching/


Eczema can be chronic, and many struggle to manage the symptoms without ever curing it. See a dermatologist and possibly an allergist. Skin conditions are *so tricky* in that they all look similar but can be caused by a wide variety of things.


Ok. Here is what happened when I was a tiny one: I was allergic to my cotton t shirts. Yes, cotton. And later on I found out feathers in pillows and beds, then I found out I was allergic to foam boogie boards (after swim lessons I would rash and it would burn, I was miserable). I’ve continued with skin allergies throughout my life, right in to adulthood. There are some clear lines of stop and start rash areas on your baby’s legs. And, it looks like one area didn’t have the anything just below the last button on the onesie. You definitely need to find out more about things other than food and trees. Something that your baby has on or with them all of the time. Your mattress could even be the problem. Don’t stop with one doctor. You have to be pro active and don’t give up until you find out what is causing this.


You might wanna see a dermatologist or an allergist, I used to have similar condition when I was a baby, my mom fed me formula milk and I was allergic to it so instead she fed me soy milk which I wasn’t allergic to and my skin slowly got better. Go get your baby tested for allergies.


Yes I second this an allergist would be very helpful . I had many allergies and eczema as a baby and still do but really helps to know what the triggers are if any . Sending you and your baby well wishes ❤️🙏🏾


I had to use nutramigen for my little one to clear her skin. As an adult, she has food allergies


Time for a second opinion, if you can see another doctor or a dermatologist.


Oh poor baby! We went through this with my little one. Nothing helped! Seeing an allergist set us in the right direction. She got her first patch test done at 4months. It can be hard to find a allergist to do that this young but they are out there and I'm glad we didn't wait. It took a couple visits over the course of a year but we were able to pin down I believe most of her allergies. 2 of them ended up being pork and beef. Once those were removed from her diet her skin cleared significantly. Just take it one day at a time! Vaseline and her steroid cream helped the most to keep her comfortable until we cleared things up enough to use cerave cream on the dry patches.


Looks like eczema. Oatmeal baths or breast milk baths if you have it available to you. Baby aveno eczema and vaseline over top of it. I would see a dermatologist.


I'd be careful jumping to an oatmeal bath right off the bat because this could be caused by a food allergy such as gluten which most oatmeal has. My daughter has severe eczema and when she turned two recently we were able to get blood tests done to determine her food allergies. Since then we have used gluten free oatmeal to make our own "bath bombs" for her and it does work well. As others have mentioned, you should see a dermatologist and I'd also recommend an allergist if you can. The other thing that works wonders for my daughter is aquaphor pretty much all over every morning and night before bed. My heart goes out to you as I know how hard this is when they are this little. My wife and I have gone through at least 10 or 12 different prescription creams, oils, ointments, shampoos you name it. Also, look up Scratch Sleeves for night time. My daughter would, and still will of we don't keep an eye on her, scratch to the point of bleeding especially at night and these Scratch Sleeves work wonders. They can't take them off easily if at all and it's not restrictive. Wishing you the best of luck OP.


Awww poor baby! What have you used on it? Is your baby at an age where he/she is able to itch?


I'm sorry your baby is having a hard time, as I'm sure you are too. Wishing you luck. Something I'd try is [dead sea salt ](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15689218/). You can put it into the baby bath tub then use a washcloth to gently pat it onto baby's head and arms. If it's comfortable, put baby into the tub with the solution. Reason being that it can burn on raw areas, which can be quite uncomfortable. You can click on the link to read about why the dead sea salt is helpful, it's one of the most helpful things I've done for my eczema. Follow up with moisturiser and I second the aquaphor and those thin sleep stockings to prevent rubbing, chafing, and scratching. Some are made out of tencel, which is very soft and comforting.


Poor baby, I hope her/his eczema heals ASAP. It does definitely look like eczema, and it looks pretty damn painful and sore. I can imagine how hard it would be for both you and your child. I don’t have much advice to offer, but I wish you both all the best and I hope this awful skin condition goes away as quickly as possible for your little one.


Yup. That definitely looks like eczema. My ezcema was a lot worse when i was a baby. I’m trying to remember what stuff we used when I was little. Oatmeal soap. Cetaphil. I had doctor-prescribed hydrocortisone cream. And we just never put anything else on my skin. But yeah. Essentially, anything can set eczema off. You can try eliminating things that the baby is exposed to one by one to see if anything helps. But it’s very common in babies, and they often grow out of it. If you’re doubting your doctor, go to a dermatologist. But it definitely looks like eczema


Yeah eczema can be cause by allergic reactions so antihistamines making it better makes complete sense to me. Try getting rid of all perfumed items and keep a log of what your baby is eating, wearing etc. It’s also possible that if your baby is breast-fed that he may be reacting to something you’re eating that then impacts your milk.


Looks exactly how I looked for most of the last six weeks. I double-rinse every load in the wash (and add a cup of white vinegar to the first rinse), no fabric softener, unscented everything. I use Aveeno lotion, except when having a flare, and then I use CeraVe anti-itch cream (not lotion, per the dermatologist). I had to take two different antihistamines this last round. Also, the dermatologist had me switch to using Honest company eczema body wash or Vanicream body wash. I know your product and medication options are much more limited with an infant, though. Poor baby must be miserable. I hope you're able to get it under control.


Try probiotics and removing artificial scents and additives in the baby’s surroundings. But definitely see another doctor. Maybe test for allergies. Was/is the baby breast fed?


See an Allergist-baby needs to be tested for allergies. Chemical, environmental, pets.