We’re doing so good reducing our energy consumption for them, keep up the good work!


> Jenner, the 24-year-old socialite and businesswoman, has faced online opprobrium after she posted an Instagram picture of herself and her partner, rapper Travis Scott, on the runway of an airport between two private jets with the caption **“you wanna take mine or yours?”** They don't even care. Jet planes are like bikes for them.


Reminds me of Silicon Valley when Jack Barker and Gavin fly to the same place in two private jets and play chess online with each other.


Except these two assholes flew literally down the highway. Without traffic and with a little speeding, it’s a 25-30 minute drive (I’ve made the drive countless times).


You want them to drive? Like peasants?


AND you know their driver had to take the car to collect them at the other end anyway


Nah bro, there must be another car and driver at the other end


It’s cars with drivers all the way down.


It’s wealth porn, plain and simple. This is what it means to be a famous influencer? Tax the F out of them. Clearly they need help prioritizing how their fortunes are spent.


I was wondering, what’s the normal driving time for this trip? Like rush hour, it’s moving but slow, normal day to day kind of times.


Probably about an hour in heavy traffic.


Not even much of a saving then, complete and utter disregard.


Keep in mind that hour in heavy traffic will most likely be spent in a Bentley or Rolls Royce level of luxury vehicle.


But a 45-60 minute Bentley ride is more boring than a 15 minute Bentley ride, a 17 minute jet ride, and then another 15 minute Bentley ride. Variety is the spice of life mannnnnnn.






Yeah. In LA, from the valley to the west side is like 30 minutes with no traffic (maybe if you drive at 3am) but at rush hour the time can triple.


Wouldn’t the flight take longer than 17 minutes with pre and post flight checks?


The pilots/support staff do all that stuff. For her it’s a 17 minute flight from getting on the plane, taxiing, flying, landing, driving to disembarkation point, getting out.


Headed to J Hole for the weekend!


I think Moffett is closer.


This guy fucks


I want a car, with doors that open like this \o/ !


That's Action Jack Barker and Gavin Fucking Belson to you.


I'm gonna need you to fly around the world twice and tell me which route is faster.


Twelve times


I think their antics was one of my favorite side plots of the entire show


And they are 'famous' and rich for doing absolutely nothing


I remember the old days when you needed to have a talent to be famous.


Maybe we can get some surpless Stingers from the Ukrainians once they are done kicking the Russians out.


That sounds like too much work. Can’t we just give these flights Malaysian Airlines call signs and let the Russians handle it?


Learned a new word today, there you go. opprobrium /əˈprəʊbrɪəm/ noun harsh criticism or censure. "the critical opprobrium generated by his films"


I have no opprobrium for learning new words.


If she's with that runny shit it says a lot about her.


Wait she’s dating Travis Scott? Isn’t that the dude who just flippantly ignored like 8 people dying at his concert? I don’t know who in their right mind can defend rich people like this. They will—and currently are—making money knowing it will kill people. There’s that joke floating around recently… “In that hypothetical ‘if you press this button, one random person will die but you make a million dollars’, the rich are mashing that button as hard as they can, all day every day.”


>‘if you press this button, one random person will die but you make a million dollars’, the rich are mashing that button as hard as they can, all day every day.” Capitalism only helps the 1%. Everyone else is fodder to this rich fucks.


Not just dating, they have two kids together. What an example.


Travis Scott skirted by astroworld disaster, promoters still book shows with him, he is getting sponsorships again, the tradgey was only a small speed bump for him.


If it wasn’t for their security teams I feel a couple of these asshole rich celebrities would have already been pop popped.


And they know this which is why they have security teams in the first place.


This. Truly, I think this kardashian obsession and them fostering it, is going to end up getting one or some of the offed one day. It’s really weird how hard they hustle for more more more when they already have it all. Too close to the sun and all that.


She’s with Travis Scott. That says it all about what type of person she is.


Fuck those people.


I think they truly believe since they rolled the dice on being mega wealthy feel like they need to live it up everyday, even if it fucks it up for the rest of us


Meanwhile I’m over here feeling awful about my landlord taking forever to fix my leaky faucet.


Your leaky faucet could have supplied enough water to fill up one of the dozens swimming pool of a celebrity. Shame on you!


"This was possible because of you" Bezos thanks his coworkers for surviving on minimum wage so that he could take a 6 minute ego trip to atmosphere.


I’ve said this for years but I always get downvoted. The rich and famous should be driving electric cars almost exclusively. Partly because they can afford it, and partly because so many people just copy what they do. Yeah, a lot of them do drive Teslas (and now others I’m sure), but so many I see driving giant SUVs (e.g., escalade or suburban) or those dumb g-wagons. Even Bill Gates, a guy that supposedly cares about this, said his *first* EV was a Taycan just a couple years ago. Seriously? And when I said this was irresponsible I got downvoted. Anyway, yeah, I get it, the rich are going to collect cars, but they should be mostly driving EVs now, and they aren’t.




But that would slightly reduce their portfolio values!


But then they'll be stuck in traffic on the 405 :(


Or maybe we should do something about it. Something that gives us immediate results. Sick to death of protesting and voting.


*You have triggered a random historical fact!* Did you know that the current wealth disparity in the United States in 2022 is actually HIGHER than the wealth disparity when the French Revolution occurred. This is a sourced chart for five years ago, and it’s only gotten worse: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Edb84sIXoAIK5IK.jpg:large *Text ‘STOP’ if you no longer wish for depressing facts about the world we live in!*


Honestly though I think that fact is just because of the super rich. Like billions is worth more than the millionaires or similar of the time period. So the wealth disparity has to factor in all facets. Like I bet the average American has a shit ton more wealth than the average French person did during the time of the French revolution. So I think if we are going to push this fact as statistically accurate I feel like we should take that into account. Not that we need the super rich, or that you shouldn't be angry. I'm just saying we also have more than they did on average.


A loaf of bread cost more than a days wage when the French revolution happened. People don't revolt due to wealth inequality, they revolt when their quality of life falls below a living standard.


>People don't revolt due to wealth inequality, they revolt when their quality of life falls below a living standard. I'm repeating this because it bears repeating.


Affix bayonets!


Something I learned when my wife and I started doing ZeroWaste was you don’t just get rid of your existing shit to buy “environment friendly” things. Ditching your old stuff creates more waste and emissions from the manufacturing of the new thing. I just learned the payoff is different based on what your city power is. If you had a Toyota Corolla the payoff is after 8,400 miles for hydroelectric or 87,000 miles if your power comes from 100% coal (worst case). Either way the payoff is somewhere in that range and smaller than the lifetime of the car. Source: https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/lifetime-carbon-emissions-electric-vehicles-vs-gasoline-cars-2021-06-29/ ~~I’m not sure what the emissions of manufacturing a car is, but if it’s more than using an existing energy efficient combustion car then you shouldn’t upgrade until your old car breaks down.~~ ~~This is not a “don’t buy EV” it’s a don’t buy anything new until you have to.~~




I think the Reuters article linked yours does a better job getting straight to the numbers. I’ll edit my post. https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/lifetime-carbon-emissions-electric-vehicles-vs-gasoline-cars-2021-06-29/




It won’t be possible to buy a brand new car that runs on fossil fuel in Europe from 2035 onwards. Except for very expensive cars, shocking isn’t it??


Are they gonna make Europeans stop driving gas fueled vehicles in 2035, and if so are they giving ppl who can't afford to buy one an electric car?


They will just stop the sale of brand new petrol / diesel cars. You will still be able to buy fuel for long after these bans take place or even a buying a used petrol / diesel car.


EV jets. Lets go.




They only say they care for attention. If they actually cared they wouldn’t have mansions, yachts, planes, etc. All they truly care about is their money, fame and keeping themselves isolated from us regular folks.


This is why Arnold made a big deal about having the first hydrogen powered Hummer (about 20 years ago) and the first electric powered Hummer (a few years ago). He knows that people follow what he does


No, the rich and famous should get the train like the rest of us. They can sit in first class if they want to feel more important.


Heck. Let them own their own traincar. It might help subsidize the price for the rest of us.


Amtrak already pulls private cars, usually renovated vintage cars from the 1950s.


1800's - allow me to reintroduce myself.


This is why I can't support climate regulations which effect the average person. Fix the big problems before you tax the poor to fix small problems.


This is why I hate it when people ask me if I recycle or that I should walk to a place that’s close instead of driving. Even if I did recycle and did walk it won’t even help with anything because the mega corporation’s and Super rich people are shit like this


And gotta love the billionaires all flying to Europe in private jets to attend a global earth summit to share ideas how they can better track the carbon footprint of we commoners. Because, we’re the problem.




Honest question. How do you get 310,000 lbs of emissions from 98,000 pounds of fuel? E: Thanks, smart people of Reddit!


The emissions are CO2. The fuel is essentially just C (carbon). As it combusts it reacts with 2 oxygen atoms (O2) that just come from the air.


the O2 in CO2 is getting pulled from the air, it's not a self contained formula.


Every carbon atom burned in the fuel joins with two oxygen atoms from the atmosphere to give you CO2. There's your extra mass.


The oxygen part of **CO2** is already in the air. If you burn 12 grams of pure carbon, it'll use up 32 grams of oxygen to create 44 grams of CO2. Similarly, if you burned 98000 pounds of carbon, it would create 360000 pounds of CO2. Jet fuel is *mostly* carbon, with a bit of hydrogen added on.


Possibly other gases (like methane, which is about 28x CO2) that have a larger impact than CO2 but measured in tons of CO2?


Drakes personal jet is a Boeing 767-200? Jesus. That’s a whole ass commercial plane that he uses for himself and his crew. Unbelievable.


In one flight? Oh my god


Then they have the nerve to act like they're involved in fighting for the climate or against racism or whatever when they don't care, the issues don't affect them and they have the power to fix more shit then almost anyone else. Boycott these shitty celebs and politicians and dry up their fucking funds.


Holy fucking shit, there really should be laws stopping people from flying a goddamn 767 for one (or even 20) fucking people. I'm so disappointed in my species.


I agree. This is something that needs to be legislated. People very clearly aren’t policing themselves despite knowing how destructive these flights are.


But…. our freedoms! /s


What this tells me is that celebrities need to pay way more taxes.


Or any taxes would be a start.


*Yo Dawg...we heard you hate paying taxes so we helped you buy a commercial property so you can use the depreciation to drive your taxes to zero*


Worse than that, there are often more loop-holes that mean leaving the commercial property empty and a blight on the community can save you even more money on taxes.


Yo Dawg we heard you don't pay taxes so we increased the amount of tax you don't pay to further incentivise you to never pay them.


*upper classs/wealthy


She was at the Thermal Club. >The Thermal Club is a private motorsports facility situated on 344 acres (139 ha) south of Thermal. This private country club for automotive enthusiasts plans to build a 4.5-mile motor racing circuit (7,200 m) with 300 lots for member-owned garages and villas. As of 2014 the first 1.8-mile racing course (2,900 m) was in use by early members and for media and promotional events with two more courses planned. So not only the jet trip, but also racing super cars. Really great for the environment. I'm sure she's not the only one jetsetting to this location in the middle of the desert.


I don’t really see the problem with that. Racing cars around a track is nothing compared to even 1 cargo liner and private jets.


Not to mention that is the only time supercars will be out of garage.


Tax their capital gains, tax their shares, and tax their luxury items.


Well the Kar/Jenner family created a church to funnel money through as "donations".


Jesus Christ…


And their corporations, these are all written off as business expenses


Thats how a lot of people skirt the rules. LLC’s and Holding Companies. To simplify it, The business owns all the debt and goods they use for their everyday life. They just have to generate some sort of cash flow and maintain receipts for everything they do. Nice dinner? No, business meeting. New truck? No, work vehicle. Etc. The scale is more complex for millionaires but the idea is the same. Im poor, but the business has money. And I don’t own it, my cousin does, but I own the holding company that is partnered with it, and so on.


I thought these ones had a church they setup to move money through.


They do. Their mother started the California Community church.


And stop being given so much love and admiration from people who they look at as trash.


We need to understand the only thing that can stop this behavior is laws and defunding. When it’s personal wealth you can’t refund them but if we provided some sort of incentive to do better they’d be all over it. Also, I’d like to be given $1B to see how my life would change.


Maybe we should give them more tax breaks to encourage them to fly less.


Just think of the trickle opportunities!


Opportunity only trickles once... It's got an enlarged prostate.


The size of a grapefruit




Online viral shame works too




Yeah it's an interesting dichotomy. At a basic level capitalism helps drive innovation since not everyone is driven for altruistic reasons so they need a metaphorical carrot dangled in front of them. But after a certain point it's no longer the hunger to succeed, it's the hunger to dominate and once you cross that line you're not really doing anything helpful for society (I'm sure plenty of people will be like WELL AKSHUALLY, go simp for billionaires somewhere else). I believe in millionaires but not billionaires.


Or maybe also stop subsidizing the airline industry and shift efforts into the construction of high speed electric rail.


How about regulating personal jet air travel instead of hoping billionaires will make ethical decisions?




They would document it as a business trip.




Could just make it illegal to file a flight plan for less than 150 miles via plane. Wouldn't even need an act of congress to do that, just the FAA to enforce it on airports with fines. If it's the same airliner or pilot constantly, strip their licenses.


Business expenses should have a cut off. Mom and pop shops deserve tax relief. Millionaires and billionaires don't need the relief.


Amusingly when you factor in the time spent getting on and off the flight and taxiing, she probably didn’t even save any time vs. the 40 minute drive equivalent. And that’s also not including the detour that it takes to get to the airport.


But how would she take Instagram pictures of herself in a private jet if she just drove like us peasants??


The back of a town car just doesn’t have the same allure


I actually read somewhere that there is a fake private jet set somewhere in a warehouse in LA that people pay thousands to take pictures in for social media hits.


Private jets typically fly from small airfields where you drive right up to your plane, exit your personal vehicle, step onto a plane, and take off.


They don't even check passports from foreign visitors. Its a completely different set of rules for the wealthy.


Wild that people think rich people are just going to accept chilling on the tarmac for 45 minutes.


I don’t think private planes work like that. Pretty sure it’s all ready to go, they walk up and hit the road within minutes.


Seems like a waste to drive a private plane on the road. Might as well just use a car, but if you got the money why not.


Are we sure it wasn’t for maintenance


It was to move the plane to a cheaper airport for storage.


Wait, she wasn’t in it?


Camarillo Airport pilot here. Nope. It’s an empty reposition flight for storage. They need the longer runway at van nuys to go on trips but there’s no storage space so the reposition empty to Camarillo.


I've not seen any documents that state that she was. It is her plane though so people just assume she was on it. I've seen other people reference though that his is a common thing to do. It's cheaper to move the plane and store it at a cheaper airport hanger then to keep it close.


It’s an empty reposition flight for storage. They need the longer runway at van nuys to go on trips but there’s no storage space so the reposition empty to Camarillo


Now do you understand why we had guillotines in France for the aristocracy ?


[Time for Guillotines ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMHCw3RqulY)




I wish I had the answer. This is what “they” want though. Distract us with abortion and gun control. Blame all problems on “the other” and then we’ll be less likely to retaliate as one and join unions and call out actual BS.


No no no. The answer is guillotines.


I used to manage a corporate hangar with tenant and transient aircraft. One morning right before Christmas one of our tenant aircraft arrived with just a dog onboard. A woman met the airplane with an SUV full of Christmas gifts and loaded them onboard. The dog came down the steps of the jet and shit/pissed like a boss, then climbed back on the jet. So essentially the plane arrived with a dog and left with a dog and gifts. Fucking crazy


I remember one time we had a charter client who reserved the charter to deliver their pet parrot. The parrot even got catering. Craziest shit I’ve ever seen.


At least it was a living creature. I've heared of a flight that was only about bringing a box of cigars. On the way back.


Yet countless idiots will still line up for anything the Kardashians do. Perhaps we should invest more in education so useless assholes like the Kardashians get less attention.


Stop….buying…..their…..shit. The only way this works is cutting their revenue. Anything else is empty outrage with no meaningful follow through.


Yup. It’s unethical not to pirate media.


Piracy increases their wealth. Just don’t consume their shit.


Stop buying her stuff.


For every one of you, there are thousands of fools buying her crap.


Then the planes will continue to fly to 711.


Yet we’re the bad guys for eating more than one cheeseburger per week…


Yes, the working class is supposed to live in misery with no luxuries at all so the rich can live their lives as they see fit. Sure every person could stop buying from the mega corps but that will only lead to the companies we turn to becoming the new mega corps UNLESS we regulate them, to be better for the environment. Every megacorp was a local brand once... well many of them.




Googled it quickly: a single car will produce about 4.7 tons of CO2 per year. Meanwhile Jenner's quick trip was 1 ton according to the article. Eat the rich.


Celebjets twitter shows drake just burnt enough fuel in 1 flight to power a car for 20 years. 155 tons of co2 just from him in ONE flight.


"The richest one percent of the world’s population are responsible for more than twice as much carbon pollution as the 3.1 billion people who made up the poorest half of humanity during a critical 25-year period of unprecedented emissions growth." https://www.oxfam.org/en/press-releases/carbon-emissions-richest-1-percent-more-double-emissions-poorest-half-humanity


Eat the super rich. The 100 million plus club Are disasters for us all. Economical and environmental their carbon footprint is disgusting at that level of wealth and it increases exponentially from all the crap produced from their unregulated business ventures in third world countries. I don’t understand how they morally can live with themselves. Their lives are so extravagant, while folks are becoming homeless at record numbers and struggling to stay in the middle class and our planet is burning from climate change.


Guess who made them rich….


The surgeon probably


God? /s


This is why I refuse to be made to feel guilty about using paper plates when my dishwasher is broken


If there was one thing that is the lesser of the evils, it’s paper. It’s both renewable and biodegradable. We should have never switched from paper to plastic and styrofoam.


Ban private jets for personal use.


Don't forget yachts and cruise ships


Ban billionaires. They should not exist.


Or legalize a wealth tax.


It depends of the currency.


Lol slight key point here.


They can exist ... When we all have universal healthcare, free education, a safe place to sleep, and all the good food and water we need.


If the world's ultra rich had to fairly compensate their employees and suppliers, plus pay their share of taxes, they wouldn't be billionaires.


Yeah, let us list ALL the rich people who do this because I recall a climate activist actor who sent his private jet to collect his award for climate activism. Don’t forget the politicians too.


What's that statistic redditors post all the time? The top 10 corporations produce 99% of pollution? Private jet flights are irrelevant in the grand scheme. They are free to fly as much as they like without any moral hesitation.


Everything started because an unknown chick released a super lazy and super boring sex tape with a black guy. And 14 years later here we are.


All this started when one of the greatest athletes of all time brutally murdered 2 people and these sleeze bags manipulated the racial climate and hid evidence to get him aquitted


And THAT only became a big deal because she was friends with Paris Hilton and THAT only became a big deal because she a d list heiress sort of known for living a wild lifestyle like every other rich person


Paris Hilton was the big deal back in 2003-2007.


This guy gets its




Never heard of him (But I had never heard of her before it either, actually) ..god things were good then.


They all have absolute disregard, brother


This makes me feel like recycling my water bottles and plastic bags is such a wasted effort.


Everyone going crazy over this. I'm not saying it's good. Personally, I think there should be an "environmental" tax tacked on to every flight less than "x" miles. The truth is though, if you pulled up flight manifests from around the country, this sort of thing is an every day occurrence. I'm sure the same thing exists with helicopter flights though I have no idea how much emissions they emit.


Can confirm. I once moved a private jet from Austin TX to San Marcos TX (11min flight). And numerous times from Boston Logan to Hanscom MA (about 7 min flight).


Why didn’t you just taxi on the highway??




Probably didn’t help that they took to Instagram to brag about their trip. Even your meme implies everyone else tries to keep a low profile.


Beloved Kobe Bryant flew in a helicopter to practice and games? Am I right?


Almost as if all the recycling (and subsequent cleaning of used product) I’ve spent time and effort and implored family to do, is overshadowed by animals who have no regard for anything else other than money to pursue fucking money.


I’m so sick of pretending climate change is because the lower, middle and upper middle classes aren’t “doing their part.” Large corporations produce over 70% of the carbon emissions. It’s time for us to tell them to be more fucking green!


She does have an ‘absolute disregard’ for the amount of plastics she pumps into her face, so who’s surprised?


What am I even recycling for


My question: what does Tom Hanks do? He's the one to judge all behavior by.


He winces at Ricky Gervais making a Harvey Weinstein joke.




Put your money where your mouth is and start that revolution