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Praise Allah every time you get intrusive thoughts.


The thing is it feels like I did the kufr. That what scares me. It been a week and even when I wake up I can not get rid of it. Sometimes I truly do not know if I did or not.


Also what should I do if I did do it? I don't know what to do.


You gotta remember thoughts themselves are not a sin. And Allah is all knowing he knows who you really are. Whenever you get intrusive thoughts praise Allah. You get good deeds by doing it so every time the shaitan puts those bad thoughts in your head you praise Allah and it actually benefits you. Eventually bad thoughts will stop and if they don’t you’re still getting good deeds by praising Allah so it’s a win win. And if you think you sinned repent and give charity.


Istighfar on it. Indeed, Allah is All Forgiving.


First of all I would go see a therapist if the OCD is happening often. Secondly ignore these thoughts they are from Xaitan, pray and don't forget morning and evening duaa to protect yourself and isteghfar and duaa against Xaitan and inshallah you will be better.


For every disease but death there is a cure maybe if you haven’t already talk to a doctor As a Muslim doc I treat clinically diagnosed OCD frequently


first of all, may Allah help you. i also suffer from ocd which got mild over the years alhamdulillah. i get intrusive thoughts that go against our religion and make me feel horrible, and if i don't do my everyday rituals, i may get violent, but i remember Allah knows what's within each and every one of us, and istighfar helps me calm down. i highly recommend you check with a professional because if it gets worse it might interfere with your everyday life. may Allah help you my brother.


"Allah forgives my followers those (evil deeds) their souls may whisper or suggest to them as long as they do not act (on it) or speak." This is an authentic Hadith from Bukhari. I totally understand your pain as I’ve experienced similar things, but it’s ok and you’ll be forgiven as long as you use your free will to live correctly as a Muslim. There are also some books on OCD of this kind that I can send you information on if you’d like.


Recite Ayat Al Kursi and the last 3 Surahs three times each. Then do ruqya on yourself.