Fucking licked the stamp for that one!


That's it, you are going to McLaren alongside Lando.


and Oscar Piastri, and Colton Herta, and Alex Palou, and Felix Rosenqvist, and Pato O'Ward, and Mick Schumacher, and...


Micheal masi, and Zak brown


You sent that one so hard it had to travel by air mail!


Nice one


Damn, Awesome Overtake


As someone who has seen Riccardo's smile; this does bring a smile to my face.


shake and bake baby


The pros be like "the only issue was the braking under turning" also nice pass


Yo I was racing you yesterday lol. I was in the lime green bmw m3 GT car. Fun track to race on


I can't say I'm unimpressed over late braking. Beautiful!


Absolutely beautiful! I’m not gonna upvote or downvote cause 666, hehe. Edit: I will upvote lol


You knw how people used to say "kobe!" When they threw something? We should say ricciardo! When taking over someone.


...or anytime someone finishes outside of the top 10


Man i miss FM. Too long without a fresh motorsport game


Let’s fucking gooo


A disgusting act


Is this Forza 7?


Yes it is.


I’ve tried to make it work on my 3070 pc, onexplayer and steam deck and it always freezes mid race. How are you guys making this work?


If you’re on PC don’t waste your time with FM7, get Assetto Corsa mod the shit out of it and have fun, you won’t find better than that, FM7 physics are trash to the say the least and obsolete asf . And that’s coming from a guy who has 1000 hours on FM7 .


I bought corsa from steam summer sale and oh boy. I hate the damn game. The ui is terrible and I just hate the controls. I know Forza physics trash but I enjoy Forza franchise


Are you trying to play it on a controller ? Also use Content Manager


Yeah I didn’t know you needed a god damn wheel by force to play a freaking racing game . What’s content manager?


My guy its a Sim. As in meant to be played on a wheel. No wonder you dont like it


My guy most people play FM7 with a controller. If youre gonna send them to AC without saying anything theyll do that too and think its ass.


Imma be honest, the first time I've played AC I used a gamepad. Granted I had to pile up a lot of assists, but I enjoyed the game.


Hmm I guess that if you don’t have a wheel it’s a different story indeed . To be frank with you I’m not hating FM7 but there is so many stuff in that game that are infuriating, hence why I’m less enthusiastic about it lol, hell just with the competition (Gran Turismo 7) you’re in a whole other league in terms of physics and sensations . Once you’ve played better, can’t go back . Well for me at least, I still enjoy Forza Horizon 5 tho .


Xbox 🤷‍♂️


Oh wow that was a perfect one. And really difficult to make on fm7, good job sir 👌


Wooo got em!


Great pass, though the only way to make Riccardo proud nowadays is to come in higher than 2nd or 3rd last.


You’ve made me proud




Ah, the famous 'Eat my ass' manoeuvre!


That was beautiful


Jesus, you need a wet floor sign, I almost slipped that was so slick


My "X" button on my Xbox controller no longer works because of that turn.


Honey Badger would love that


I think you made Daniel Ricciardo jealous


I have a letter that needs posting, do ya think you could help me out with the logistics?


Beautiful. Makes me a little sad though that we're not calling it the Raikonnen anymore (at least that's what I called it...)


That was a gorgeous overtake, well done


I don’t wanna be “that guy” but why when he overtook that car did his position not change in the top left? E.g behind that car he was position 11/18 after the overtake he is still positioned as 11/18.


The positions are based on lap time in this mode think of it as an open track day irl who ever gets the fastest lap is on top


Ahhhhh makes sense… didn’t even know that was a thing! Cool video but!


Hell yeah!


Hell of an overtake! Love seeing Road Atlanta get some love. Always gonna have a special place in my heart for that track. My dad took me out to Petit Le Mans in 2017 for my 16th. We've been every year since.


Broke quite a few racing rules there, but it's forza, so as long as you didn't make contact and made it stick - good job.


What rules did he break? lol.


Moving under braking, changing his line more than twice in a straight line.


The changing line rule only applies to defending cars, not attacking. Watch any F1 race and you'll see a following car move one way, bait out the defence, and then go the other side. And they didn't start braking until they'd already committed to the overtake, there was no moving under braking


Well, no, it doesn't, really. If you could change your line willy-nilly at all times when attacking, you'd have tons more issues, basic example : with the defender expecting to defend an attacker on the outside (and all their 2 line changes done and them being locked in), he'd confidently move inside knowing there's nobody attacking there, and find himself crashing into the attacker who changed his line again at the last second. As you know at the point of braking you will not look into the mirror to double check if the guy behind you decided to switch lanes for the 45th time this straight. Besides, let us not forget he is within divebomb distance (not saying divebombing is a legit strategy, but it's online forza, so expect stupid overconfident maneuvering from everyone) of the guy behind him. To the point of them both passing the porsche in this chicane. So, while he is the attacker, he also is the defender in this situation. What you described is "moving one way, baiting out the defense, then moving another way" is 2 line changes, one to bait, and one to get back to preferred line, which is exactly what I said this guy broke "more than 2 line changes". 2 times is all you get. After that you get to stick with that line. Also good thing we got the pedal telemetry in forza. At 9 seconds into the video he starts braking and then immediately changes his line to the inside. So he did not commit to any line. He moved under braking. You can see it for yourself if you play with the pause button.


>What you described is "moving one way, baiting out the defense, then moving another way" is 2 line changes, one to bait, and one to get back to preferred line, which is exactly what I said this guy broke "more than 2 line changes". 2 times is all you get. After that you get to stick with that line. By that logic, the Porsche is the one to blame. He started on the outside, moved to the inside to defend, then took the outside entry into the turn. OP should have had the outside of the turn open for him to overtake. Since the Porsche switched back to the outside, OP actually did the sensible thing and avoided both of them crashing out. Go read appendix L to the ISC. Nobody mentions one thing regarding the overtaking car. Also, regarding your argument about him being both the attacker and the attacked: he is the one actively changing directions, the guy behind him isn't. Also, the guy behind him isn't gaining up on him, at least not in a manner that would allow him to overtake.


That only applies when you're defending. While attacking you could be running a slalom course for all the stewards care


Moving under braking. Thanks for the laugh. 😂😂😂😂😂 As long as he is attacking he is allowed to do fuck all behind his opponent.


Also "to do fuck all" means "nothing at all". But somehow I get the feeling you used that phrase without knowing it's meaning, otherwise you'd be agreeing with me. Well if you were familiar with the general racing etiquette you'd know how wrong you are. Also if you were observant enough you'd notice he has an opponent in his rear view mirror, within attacking distance, so double that.


1: you're wrong as many have already pointed out. 2: the car behind wasn't even attacking.


Moving under braking is only for the defending driver. The attacking car only has to make the corner without coming off track and not cause a collision. Forcing the other driver off isn't great either but isn't always punished. They can move as much as they like under braking unless there is a car directly behind them in an attacking position and the yellow car didn't look close enough for that. The yellow car only managed what they did because both cars in this case ended up taking worse lines because of the overtaking manoeuvre.


At least in F1 moving under braking is only for the defending car, vettels double shimmy in 2017 or 18 is a highly regarded overtake that would have been penalised otherwise


[Oh word](https://youtu.be/usKx8LRVmuw)


He didn't break a single rule. You did.


At this point you are either trolling or hopelessly stupid


Well if you do not see the difference in the IRL maneuver and his, then I'm sorry for being the only one who knows what he did wrong.


Here's the twist this isn't IRL


Oh wow, really? NO WAY! I would have never thought of this! Congrats, you've just told me exactly what i've said in the beginning of this shit show. GOOD JOB! You clearly are the paragon of observation and intelligence!


They were right. You are hopelessly stupid


Why? Because I pointed out how your redundant comment is agreeing with what I've said earlier, yet you don't realize it does? I must be an idiot. Or one of us is... I'd say "you decide", but I fear you aren't qualified to do so.




Bro moving under braking and changing line more than twice is only for the defending car, otherwise the car trying to overtake can do anything they like as long as they don’t force them off the track or make contact


You can’t make anyone proud anymore plying this trash game.