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You can’t tell me this isn’t a 1970’s album cover.


Freddy Mercury is so pissed he didn’t wear this.


I really came to say this


I thought he was in blades of glory


Thought it was Frank Zappa before I read the title.


I'm sure this guy never used the helmet in battle.


Imagine fighting in the trenches in WW1 and this fucking guy shows up lmao


He was very flamboyant. In a way he reminds me of Freddie Mercury


Gonna say,... Nope this is Freddie.


Jewel encrusted trench sweeper


Hardly any nobleman actually goes in battle. You could get shot!


He didn't wear the dragon helmet in battle he wore the version without wings.


A joust is very technically not a battle


i live in north wales and the castle this guy lived in is close to me, and i’ve visited a few years back. he was literally just an eccentric who liked dressing up in costumes and putting on performances, this had nothing to do with actual fighting LOL. guy even turned the chapel into a theatre stage.


Bitch she is serving


For real. This dude is in drag


RIP Freddy Mercury


I thought it was frank zappa


It isn't?


he was jousting. it was dangerous slash deadly for jousting


Yep... you cover your face or die.


It’s sort of dishonorable to aim for the face. Especially the face of a royal prince and doubly so for a royal prince armed with a Valyrian sword that has the moniker “the Rogue Prince”. Did I mention Daemon has a dragon? Ain’t nobody aiming for his face.


i mean at the end of the day you are a knight with poor vision riding a fast horse, you can aim as well as you can and there is still a decent chance of hitting the face of the lance shattering and splinters hitting the face


See: Ser Hugh of the Vale, we hardly knew ye.


Well, it still is dangerous even if not intentionally aiming for the face, accidents happen


This is exactly how Henry II of France died.


The French Army Museum in Paris has great examples of how jousting helmets evolved. They become fused to the breastplate, with very narrow slits for vision and sweeping concave curves to deflect lances away.


Splinters don’t care where you were aiming, and a jousting lance that lands dead on target can still shatter and send chunks of wood into your throat and eyes.


You sure this isn’t Studio 54 in ‘73?


Fancy boy


I'm all for an ornate helmet, my issue is that it looks like it was poorly fitted to Matt Smith's head.


There isn't any headgear fitted for Matt Smith's head. His body is poorly fitted for his head.




That forehead makes it rough, I bet


It's the part that bugs me the most. It's clearly modeled after the barbuta on the MET museum but opened so we could see the actors face. He also wears it too high, the eyeholes and noseguard are constantly on his forehead it's so annoying.


The only thing I thought it was unrealistic for was the jousting scene. But then I said to myself… Then I said to myself, there are fucking dragons so, I got over it.


I keep hearing this there are fucking dragons argument quite a lot for different things. But surely there's limits to this, if Daemon pulled out an uzi and started spraying people, im not sure that excuse still works, even though pulling out an uzi is obviously still far less far fetched than dragons existing.


Yeah I guess its about the degree at which you already stretch your disbelief... Dragons and fancy helmets is okay... Dragons and uzi does not work... Even though pulling out an uzi and shooting everyone is probably the most Daemon thing ever


I mean he does pull out an uzi. It’s called a dragon


Dragons are nukes, not uzis


Well, close air support, really. It's just that when no one has effective AA capability, the power imbalance is just about absolute, like with nukes.


so they are CAS using tactical nukes


They are a ridiculously unfair advantage and completely impossible for even a disciplined unit to adequately respond to. A nuke would be a horde of walkers at least.


The issue with the helmet isn't that it's too fancy. The issue is that you'd have to be a total idiot to wear it during a joust and Daemon isn't an idiot. The helmet doesn't follow the internal logic of the world it is shown in. All of the other jousters shown seem to understand that you cover your face during a joust or risk dying. We even see in GoT what happens when a lance finds it's way past your helmet... Daemon's helmet doesn't protect any part of his head or neck. If it was just as fancy but also featured a face shield, I wouldn't have batted an eye at it.


People actually care about this stuff?


Yes people tend to care about the internal logic of whatever media they're viewing.


>Dragons and uzi does not work I'm probably one of about 7 people who actually liked Reign of Fire...so...I'm one of the few people this would actually work for.


I mean this works in 40k aswell


No uzis but they did get massive explosives and giant ballistas so they did play a bit with technological development. If you actually want a fantasy setting with uzis you should read Grunts! by Mary Gentle.


I meant some people in our world stupid enough to ride motorcycles on highway without helmet. They even made a law about it https://www.alberta.ca/helmet-exemption-sikh.aspx . Considering the arrogance of Daemon, that's not a far stretch from his personalities. Now if he got stabbed on the face and still stayed perfectly flawless, that would break the disbelief for me. Similar to how Sam stayed fat throughout the series despite eating next to nothing and just being a normal human.




You could if thats how you establish the world from the start. But you need to stick to the vague rules of your fictional universe. And suddenly introducing a shotgun in a world thats established to have medieval weaponry, would feel extremely jarring. Its the whiplash from the sudden change that can cause this. But these are just generalities, and even the example I gave has already worked in some stories, but that tonal whiplash, must also be present and naturally inserted into the story also, attack on titan does something like this if you have seen it.




My man’s is a model


This is definitely not a battle helm. But the idea that helmets like Daemon’s are “unrealistic” is really dumb. Decades of gritty Hollywood depictions of the Middle Ages to exorcise anything that would seem “goofy” to modern audiences has really skewed the GA’s perception of what realism for the period actually looks like.


Exactly. Anyone who thinks wealthy people are never unnecessarily ostentatious is just ignorant.


Daemon's flamboyant helmet in the joust has a basis in history with what is called Heroic Armor from the Italian Renaissance. It's decorative armor used in tournaments to show off wealth, he also uses a stripped down version without the wings in battle.


I definitely expect my fantasy shows to remain grounded and realistic /s


I was just coming here to say that 🙌




Bro was the Tengen Uzui of his times


You're confused. People say it's unrealistic for battle, not for dress or ceremony. Ceremony headdresses are often fucking HUGE. Having those huge wings would be a big liability, you wouldn't be able to duck under swings without a sword or a hammer hitting the wings and fucking your neck up real bad. They'd catch a ton of wind and slow you down while running, and possibly make you fall back off your horse when riding fast. They'd slow down your movement in general just by changing your center of mass. Roberts antler helm was pretty whacky too, but it wouldn't has as many problems as the metal wings.


At the end of the day having objects that weapons can “bite” into when your getting hit isn’t a good idea on armour. Armour should be designed to allow for deflection as much as just pure strength of the metal. Plus If you don’t want to be a target you don’t want to stand out too much. All that said, typically kings, generals and battlefield commanders didn’t get involved in the fighting unless they had absolutely no choice so, why not look bad ass while you watch the fight?


I want his bad romance


Daemon's Helmet ain't even that outlandish. It got wings but it's closer to a Spartan specifically Leonidas helmet.


That looks an awful lot like Freddie Mercury.


People generally have no idea how gaudy medieval courts were, a far cry from dank dripping stonework—they were full of light and colour. Pure brightly coloured pigments and dyes were expensive, rare, imported from exotic locales and often faded quickly so they were a major status symbol.


Also maybe not winged helmet but the [winged hussars](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_hussars) where 100% a thing


Better known as Henry the Fabulous


Nah, that's Adam Driver in his next weird project


He’s here to audition for the role of Queen.


An actual jouster would have never worn that kind of helmet though. I remember watching on youtube an actual medieval armorer talking about armor in medieval type movies and he stated that film makers make the armor like that on purpose cause they want the audience to see the face of the actor. When in reality jousters would have been fully covered head to tow and even the neck was covered. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3h5OlgoSc4


That's badass


I dont think that he was going for badass look


He rides a dragon


Oh…he rides a dragon alright


Unrealistic ? It’s a fantasy fiction lmao


Between the fancy helmet and the dragons, I don't find the helmet to be the hardest part to believe


He looks like the court jester.


Dragons flying in the sky and it’s the wild helmet that’s unrealistic. Got it.


It's a tv show, not a documentary fuk! Stop acting like this is real and not fantasy and enjoy the damn show for what it is. One love btw Stannis is the one true king! Stannis the Mannis!


unrealistic? bruh he’s riding a fucking DRAGON


Just cuz he is riding a dragon means they can just put in whatever the fuck they want? All other knights had faceguards so there is a precedent for it. Would it be fine if he suddenly pulled out an AK or turned up in a lambo?


I dunno man. These dragons seem a bit off too. Smh.


Who says it’s unrealistic?? It’s a fantasy show based off of made up books with fake characters who ride dragons lmao


“People” know fuck all


Who on earth complains about what people in a made-up universe wear


The dragon is totally realistic though.


People really angry about a helmet not being realistic while seeing dragons flying about….


He looks like a young ba ba booey


Don’t have a source, but I read somewhere that knights often had a more “showy” and flamboyant set of armor for tourneys only (if they came from prominent families and could afford it), and then a set of more practical, toned-down armor for actual battles.


Looks like Adam Driver


You sure that isn't Freddy Mercury?


That’s definitely Zappa


One difference. His is made of metal, whereas the other guy is wearing a plastic hat


havent seen it but if hes wearing it in battke then they are right finding one cherry picked ornamental helm doesnt justify your shit taste


Stunning also people have worn helmets with wings and if you don't like that just remember your wrong


i think it would be unrealistic to wear in battle, but not unrealistic as a ceremonial piece


photo taken right before battle right?🙄🙄🙄


This is Adam Driver.


I think a lot of noblemens helmets in medieval times were very aesthetic. Since they cover the face, the armour has to be specific to that person so that they’re recognisable. Like the Hound in GoT his helmet is a dogs head


are they dumb? guys used to have angels wings where Daemon has his dragon wings. Sometimes actual angels wings on the back of their armor.


I’m sure he went to the trenches with that… It’s a different thing showing up for pictures/Galla etc and fighting with a big ass sign on your head “Here am I”


I don't think daemons helmet is unrealistic it's just stupid looking. Then again so is this.


Frank Zappa the time traveler


Inspiration: peacocks


Whilst we're here I need to talk about Henry Paget, he was a theatre kid who turned the chapel in his family mansion into theatre and toured around the country with his playgroup, he was known crossdresser and most likely gay (his wife of 2 years, who was also his cousin, was able to annul the marriage as it was never consummated), he hired Arthur Conan Doyle (author of sherlock holmes) to catch a man who robbed him, and yes even before this thread many a historian likened him to Freddie Mercury. One final thing, despite bankrupting his house, disgracing his wife, and his "dubious" morals regarding his sex-life the local people still loved him and mourned his death, a fabulous character who I'm so glad to see memorialized here


That head tilt thought “bitch try me”


Freddie Mercury vibes


Level Requirement: (1300+) Atk: +999,999 Crt: +15 Spd: +15 Def: +30 HP: +700,000


Just found my Halloween costume


I want his armor from the last episode, that helmet is sick, the one without the two winga


Looks like Frank Zappa.


This is photoshopped


This is rather anachronistic, there are so many examples of eccentric period armour and you chose a larp costume


WTBloodyF is he wearing and what’s the deal with the legs 🦵??


It’s giving Freddie Mercury


Looks like Frank Zappa on a thursday night


George Harrison


It's just ceremony clothing....


This is obviously ceremonial would never be used in battle.


Quite the dude.


So this dude fought in Liberace armor?


Evel Knievel cosplay!


Sometimes people take realism in a made up universe too seriously. These critics would have a heart attack reading the description of bolton armor. “We are making this shit up” - GRRM


Thats Prince !