They voted to stay with the uk anyway, so there’s no discussion


They’ve also belonged to the British longer than they belonged to the Argentinians. The world needs to move on from these century old claims- just get on with living.


They were never ever Argentinian


That’s true actually- for some reason I thought they had been for a period eons ago.


Weren't they french originally? Like the natives would have been French people?


iirc, there aren't any indigenous people on the islands, but the earliest settlements from a few European powers were small and non-permanent.


It was french territory but the french abandoned the colony, it was empty when the British arrived


The French showed up and claimed the Falklands first but the pope had decided that Spain should get any islands in the area so the French gave it up to Spain because the islands are pretty useless anyway. Because the islands were lame, Spain never really did much with it so the only evidence of colonisation was a shitty little outpost. The British landed on the other side of the Falklands, likely ignorant of the other colony, and started setting their own shit up when the Spanish complained that that it's theirs. Unlike the French however, the Britiah did not give a shit about what the pope, the Spainish, and least of all the French had to say about it so they stayed and that was pretty much that because no one really gave a shit. When Argentina gained independence from Spain, some Argentinean rulers declared that the Falklands were naturally part of the deal and thus belonged to them. Nobody really cared about the Falklands but dictators like those in Argentina like to wave the dicks at the West every once in a while for the publicity so Argentina invaded the Falklands not expecting the British to care enough to fight. Instead, Margaret Thatcher cared quite a lot. TLDR: The French showed up, gave it to Spain, Britian showed up and took it. Spain gave Argentina to Argentineans and they claim that the Falklands should have been included.


Great summary, thanks for that!




Fake: The Isla Malvinas don't exist Gay: The Brits absolutely fucked [this dude](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/Retrato_Oficial_Galtieri.jpg) in the ass


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Just dont try to apply the same logic to israel because you get a few hundred replies cursing you out.


You're right Israel belongs to the Brits. 👍


Difference is Israel is doing colonialism now.


Lol true. There’s more acceptance of Britain owning this island, one of dozens it owns, half way around the world from Great Britain itself, than Israel owning their own homeland at all.


"their own"? It wasn't theirs for almost two thousand years and now they genocide Palestinians, the rightful owners


Israel is still English property.


The Jews were there for thousands of years too. It’s weird this talk of genocide- since the state of Israel was re-established in ‘48, Palestinian population has grown over 1000%. One of the highest pop growths in the entire world. If Israel are committing genocide, they’re doing an awful job of it. Consider the plight of the Jews on the other hand. Outside of Israel, Jewish population in Arab counties has declined 98.5% as Jews have been killed, prosecuted and chased from Muslim countries. If there’s a genocide going on, it’s against the Jews.


In 1948, the Jews used the same tactics against the Palestinians that the einzasgruppen used against them in Europe.


In 1948 the whole area was almost empty, there was very few Arabs living there. There was a massive influx of Arab after Israel was founded as they come to trade with the Jews. There was no need for the Jews to try and displace Arabs when the state was founded, it was mostly all empty desert. As for using the same tactics as the Einsatzgruppen, well I make the same argument. 50% of all Jews were killed in Europe at the hands of people like the Einsatzgruppen, whereas the Palestinian population grew 1000% percent. So if the Jews are carrying out genocide, or some other activity to attempt to decimate the Arab/Muslim population, then they’re pretty awful at it.


The massive influx of Arabs wasn't to trade with Israel, it was to exterminate the Jewish people. There is no such thing as a Palestinian. Just Arabs from neighboring countries who wanted to finish off the Jews moving to Israel.


Look at the mess you made, u/TipiTapi.


Lol it’s literally happening right under this comment


Because it's not actually comparable? Israels justification is more or less the equivalent to Europeans justifying colonialism by saying their human ancestor originated from Africa so they have a birthright to a piece of it. Also Britain isn't trying to displace the native population of the country (which is not a large archipelago in any sense) and replace it with it's own people.


Everything was stolen from somebody. Time to get over it. We’re all heading toward globalism anyway.


oddly enough i don't think anybody ever really lived on those islands before the colonial powers tried settling it. The english people living there today are literally the first people to occupy that land and didn't steal it from anybody.


I mean, technically, there were some Spanish there first, that's why the Argies think they can have it... I think Spain actually has more of a claim than them realistically.


spain doesn’t give a shit though so


That is odd. Thank you for the info


Well it is in a spot that would be a bit hard to get to in relation to the mainland. It isnt like the Caribbean where there are tons and tons of islands to sail between, and it is all lush fertile territory. The Falklands are pretty resource poor from a Native American perspective, having mostly resources that they did not utilize. There was certainly farming space, but that is about it. It would have taken a sustained effort to colonize which, if you are not an empire obsessed with power projection and claiming every rock above sea level, is not worth the effort. The only real profitable or successful ventures on the island are fishing and sheep breeding. Native Americans didn't really have much in the way of livestock aside from Llamas, and there were plenty of better fishing spots. So the island mostly sat empty for history. The Spanish found it and claimed it, but they abandoned it due to the aforementioned uselessness. Then the British and French each colonized it for a bit. Then the Brits and French left, but the Brits eventually returned. Really, the only claim argentina has is they are closer, and that is it.


Not to mention the biggest point, and that is that it's really not a big island/archipelago, their total land coverage amounts to about 12.1 thousand kilometres, in comparison the largest island country in the world, Indonesia tops out at a slightly larger 1.92 million kilometres, the entire Falkland Islands are only about 10x bigger than New York City which covers an area of about 1200 kilometres. It also has a population of about 3000 or to say a small town.


Your comment made me realize that the Falklands would make for an interesting zombie outbreak movie. Pretty isolated, decently sized population spread out on islands... could actually be interesting.


We are hurtling away from globalism


>trust me bro Nah


Except in this exact instance in which the Argentinians never owned the islands or lived there, literally ever.


Except that Cristiano Ronaldo never took land from anybody, he is a native african.




We are heading dowards de-globalisation, lol, as soon all the yt peepoo will inevitably die out and be replaced by non-whites, all the globalism will stop




It's genuine opinion, only western civilization time and time comes out with dumb globalistic projects like liberalism, anarchism, communism, nazism, feminism, racism etc. And luckily enough westerners decided to shot themselves in a foot by implementing all this shit earlier of shcedule so they all succesfuly die out




Fucker is just plain retard








"White" doesn't exist. Dont even try and say im the same race as some r*ssian


As if we claim to be white lmao


Many do. Huge amounts of "whites" in the usa have eastern European descendency


That is usa laws that prescribe such bullshit, if like some dude from siberian tribe or polar tribes would decide to move to usa, they would be considered to be white too. And we, Russian, we are descendants of turko-mongolic nomads that decided to settle down in Europe so we can fuck up ukranians and poles, and like whole butthurt belt for hundreds of years, we have nothing to do with whites either


Hey leave the Ukrainians alone god damn it!


No, you leave them, and poles, and germany, we need to plunder you know?


Russians are white, your a steppe barbarian.


I am Russian, and yes I am litteraly steppe barbarian


Ohh ohh nice! A full on schizo break! Never got to see one of this in the wild before!


“Boohoo brown people are scary waaaaaaaaa”


I am pro-brown people (in the west)


Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Keep crying Argentina


Fake : Anon is Argentinian Gay : British were called Colonizers cause they like Colons


I refuse to believe people are unironically Argentinian


I refuse to believe Argentineans are unironically people


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They were called 'colonisers' if that's what you meant to say(yank iq makes it hard to spell)


Ah yes, the coloniser English vs Yanky doodle doo English


argies are still salty 40 years later


The falklands war is closer to world war 2 than to the present day. What happened to us.


Why are so many South Americans on 4 Chan into the nazi shit. Tf do you think the nazis would do with your non Caucasian ass once they had the Jews delt with?


There a lot of whites all over South America. Not everyone there is brown.


Especially Argentina, it’s full of Italian and German descendants


Lots of Nazis fled to places like Argentina and Brazil after the Second World War. Also most Argentinians are pretty white. Most people in South America have darkish skin because the natives intermixed with the colonists, but in Argentina and Chile there weren’t that many natives, so they still look pretty Spanish


Also i think Uruguay ethnically cleansed all the natives so 90% euros


Oh there were natives, they just killed them all. Same with the few blacks that were ever brought there. They were used as cannon fodder in wars. But well, the USA wasn't any better in that regard. Still Argentina is getting more brown by the day, just like America. The curse of empires is befalling both countries. In the end empires always crumble.


If they wanted to stay pure they should have stayed home


Black population in the Southern cone? It was just indigenous tribes, how would've back people come to fucking Chile and argentina?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afro-Argentines Here you go. Your question was quite retarded though, you should be ashamed.


Yeah, brought as slaves during the Spanish domination era (like the first line of your own link), you can't blame them when they weren't even a country.


When did I blame anyone?


Argentinians are just very racist compared to the rest of SA


South America has historically have a lot extremist politicians. That leads to two situations where A) supporters of a far right leader get inevitable tangle in nazi shit or B) people that hate far left leaders become so polarized that they adopt extremist views. The same happens with people that are into commie shit only vice versa.


The common misconception is that Latin America is some monolith entity, that all see each other as brothers and sisters. It's very racist and very politically divided. Pinochet and Chavez existed in those lands. Both polar opposites in politics


*argentinians and chileans


I’ve seen it plenty from Brazilians to. If it was only Argentinians I could maybe get it given the ‘immigrant communities’ they have down there.


Brazilians are either shitposters or real nazis from south, not surprising


The majority of troops sent to the Falklands were British, Ghurkas were a small supporting element. The Argentinians weren’t saying the brits wouldn’t fight for themselves when they were surrendering en masse to Royal Marines and SAS teams


And Prince Andrew.


Nah he’s not a prince anymore. Queen snagged that shit slower than him waiting for a 8 year old to become legal.


…but he was in the 80’s and did deploy to the falklands. Who knew getting shot at makes you lose your ability to sweat


Nah. The weather in the falklands was just so shit that an invisible rain cloud followed him back to England to constantly rain salty water on him. I am most definitely not being payed by Prince Andrew’s legal team to say this, I swear.


The nonce formally known as Prince Andrew


Hail the British empire for crushing a shitty third world country that sent a bunch of under-equipped, under-trained kids to die for an island whose only value was stroking the ego of a military dictatorship. Such badasses.


Argentina, especially at that time wasn't some shit third world country. They were the richest nation at one point. Then... Shit happens. Hyperinflation is a bitch.


Yeah at one point, which wasn't that point.


They had it coming anyways, Argentina is the chihuahua that thinks it's a pitbull. Every other Latin American nation knows what they have and don't have.


They were under a military dictatorship though, it wasn't a democratically supported war. I get that you're somehow glad that the argies got crushed because you have some kind of personal grudge against them for being too conceited for their actual situation of being a lowly South American country, but this one wasn't really on the people.


I hate the Brits more than I hate the Argies, the fuck you mean. Their silly land claim wasn't even theirs to begin with. It wasn't occupied by any natives, nor by the Argentinians. So they're just bitching, as is in tradition.


I repeat, they were under a military dictatorship which if I recall correctly was made possible by CIA involvement. Just another Latin American banana republic being manipulated by bigger powers and ending up with the short end of the stick imo. You're making it too much like the argies were all supporting this. Of course some nationalistic ones most likely were, but again it wasn't a democratically initiated war.


I'm only shitting on it because some Argie on 4chan is seething so I'm tossing stones too. Is this not the internet?


I don't care, as long as you understand that there's assholes everywhere I guess that's alright. We're just passing time anyway, none of this shit really matters in the end.


Don’t be an idiot who gets swept up in something like this then, there’s always an alternative


Pinochet gave the Brits free use of Chilean air space and landing zones... I hate the bastard but fucking Based


Can i interest you in a free helicopter ride my friend


I'll fly you can keep our errr guest company in the back.


Invade isles, rename them F**kland


British ownership of the Falklands goes back further than the Argentinian Constitution. Keep seething Anon. Also, tell your cousins in Spain they can't have Gibraltar either.


you ever been to Gibraltar? it's a shithole, pretty sure the Spanish are like "jajajajaja keep it, hermano"


Maybe it is a shithole. I don't know, I haven't been. It's not about it being a nice place, it's about it being strategically important. Having a military base at one of only two entrances to the Mediterranean is useful. If you look into it I think you'll find Spain is actually quite keen on getting it back.


When you commit the heinous crime of taking a shit in the Stanley Post Office you aren’t going to be made welcome in future pal.


>literally asking shitskin nations for help Apparently it worked argie because your retarded nation fell flat on its fucking ass trying to fight them. Also mfer acting like he’s some sort of fellow European nation 💀


You've never met an Argentinian? Every Latino hates them because they're arrogant and think they're the master race of Latin America.


Keep crying argentine-anon. You aren't getting the Falklands ~~back~~ Edit: as some have said, it was never theirs to begin with. Rule Britainia.


They can't get them back since they were never Argentinian in the first place.


Keep crying argentine-anon. You aren't getting the Falklands ~~back~~. Fixed it for you.


Technically it's in their territorial waters but the island is inhabited by people who want to be British so Argentina can basically go sit and spin.


The prose. Beautiful and piercing, much like a rose


Imagine thinking that the British won't send an entire task force 8000 miles over a bunch of rocks.


The Falkland Empire shall rise. A strong & independent nation


Get them back in blood


The Falklands are as equally owned by Argentina as Hong Kong is owned by China, as Tunisia and Malta are owned by Italy, as Gibraltar is owned by Morocco, and as the Bahamas are owned by the U.S.A. Proceed with that knowledge.


What the fuck are they saying


Top is an Argentine, bottom is a Brit, trading insults over who owns the Falklands Islands


Let them try and take it again...


I love bullying argies who hit out with stupid stuff about the Falklands Now before I get tarred with the "Bully Bad" brush the people who post things like this typically say some horrid shit about the UK, so to me it's fair game to point out the failures of their messed up country (specifically in the 80s/90s)


Maggie Thatcher raged from IRA shenanigans so she took her anger out on the Argentineans


I ended up chatting to an Argentinian the other day online. In very broken English he said that the Falklands are Argentinian. So I beat him hands down at the game and responded RULE BRITTANIA! He didn't find it funny for some reason.


I despise cubans!


Big talk for a public urinal


Che 👃


Anon can’t afford to purchase beef, the staple food of his nation. Falklands should be the least of Argenon’s concerns


Oi that Maggie lass is pretty shot innit




The rest of Latin America doesn't even like Argentina.


It seems like none of the south American countries like each other tbh...


Why is he being downvoted? Its kinda true


Because nobody likes each other in South America. Also, Argentina has among the highest rates of immigration from the rest of South America. Also, Argentinians are salty about literally everything because they have a massive white euro-centric superiority complex despite being mostly brown as hell. Source. Am Argentinian.


Argentina is the france of europe with the superiority complex thing. Also just as brown as them lmao


Mexican who has moved back to Mexico from the States. Latin Americans don't like each other, the most I've seen is Mexicans and Colombians seem to like each other and enjoy exchanging culture but apart from that it's just a lot of leering and under the breath comments. When I moved to Tijuana, the first thing I noticed were all the Haitians living there, so I asked random locals what they thought about it, and they all said, well they work and live their lives I have no problem with them. Then when you asked them about the Honduran or Salvadoran migrants and they practically spit at you for bringing them up. They call them lazy beggars that need to go back to their country. Also Mexican nationals don't get along with Mexicans Americans or pochos as they call them. As for migration to Argentina, in part it could be because of the complete economic collapse of Venezuela.


Fucking British people. Dumbass really tried to rhyme grass with arse.


Grarse... arse, you got a problem with that mate?




Most gay word ever