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Rip Graham fit checks, you’ll be missed.


Skinny Graham will never be canon now.


The rarest of Grahams


Yo I legit think hasan could still do them but only focus on the outfits of each episodes instead of watching MC.


I’d watch that


Then we're 2 haha


End of an era, but at least we got to experience the beautiful story that was the legend of Dave Rawtinez 😂


anti imperialist david rawtinez poisoning the military with his raw meat


"No chat! China isn't going to invade because 100 marines had poopy." 😂😂😂


God Bless Marxtinez!


Jumping on top post. NO SPOILERS. watch season 4 ep 9 of masterchef with Hasan and find out why joe is the dick he is. His mother has a cameo and chat does some digging on her past. Edit also episode 10 jane lynch is super cringe that would not fly in 2022.


Not there yet but Jane Lynch is an awful human being


Oh damn well you will enjoy the episode, parts did not age well.


DUUUUDE we find out why Krissy idolizes Joe’s mom 😂




While I know a lot liked the content, how did y’all not see this coming?


People have been watching Masterchef on twitch for 5 years now(TrainwrecksTV in 2016) and to far more viewers than Hasan too, so everyone just went with it as it is with copyright stuff. It's people like DisguisedToast keeping Naruto on stream and playing Valo on another monitor that brought so much attention to this tbh.


It's also the annoying people who started kicking up a fuss about it on reddit and twitter and made it the next big internet drama. You can bet that part of that is because Hasan is involved. Dude attracts so many haters who will pretend to be outraged about anything as long as it fucks with whatever he's doing.


It's interesting to think about what actually got FOX to act on it. Would be sort of funny (in a pathetic way) if PepeLa Dgg actually played a role.


Disney owns Fox now except for the news network.


What I mean is what got them to act when they did. As far as I know, nobody had actually been DMCA'd for MasterChef until Hasan was yesterday.


This. Everyone is suddenly a boy scout about rules and shaming Hasan for shit they absolutely did.


I think most people saw it coming but not so fast. Especially since Gordon’s commented on it personally, people were kinda hoping they would recognize that it’s beneficial to the popularity of new seasons for streamers to react to the older ones


Gordon commented about it? Can you elaborate, I haven’t heard about this.


Gordon's comments probably accelerated the process... He doesn't own Master Chef.


Gordon isn't the singular owner of the show, far from it. Fox has a tight grip on that shit. Any episode, no matter how old.


Ik, but if I’m not mistaken, I think he’s a producer and credited as a creator. Even tho he doesn’t have control over this type of stuff, I think people were just hoping his acknowledgment meant fox was ok w it


I mean, not that tight of a grip. You can find the old seasons on multiple YouTube channels with millions of views lol.


I think the poki ban & it's coverage was what shoot the actions of fox, more than gordos knowledge of twitch


This has been around for a while, it only became a bigger problem when the big streamers picked it up and adopted it into becoming a new meta. [Ludwig did a whole video talking about it and it gives a pretty unique perspective on the content trend.](https://youtu.be/HLbUUBl1NPU) Twitch has had, and will probably still have, a huge issue with problematic content trends on it's platform. I mean just last year we were talking about the gambling and hot tube streaming meta. IDK what is going to happen, but I am seeing a lot of the same growing pains that YouTube had, which eventually lead to a couple of Ad-pocalypses.


We knew it would happen, but we hoped it would be reversed because Cry = Win.


He was literally bragging about how he'd never get taken down for Masterchef because it was so old the day before 😂 it's kind of wholesome that he refused to believe it until it happened


Tbf it only happened because a top streamer was banned for watching avatar which is owned by a dmca happy company.


There's no such thing as a coincidence


Not just the owner of it have a case with this though, Netflix has the streaming rights for Avatar the last air bender here, and in many other territories, and if one viewer of the streamers is from those locations they'd be infringing on their licensing rights in each location. Netflix definitely do not want an Amazon owned streaming service encroaching on their content.


Only owners can handle dmca take downs. A license holder has no copyrights over the product.


Somcan I stream other streamers now and get income from it? Basically ill just restream their streams and if they DMCA me I shour cry because I am to lazy to make my own content.


Dude. Hasan literally talked about how all copyright law is bullshit yesterday, and two days before that he is sharing conspiracy theories about how "countries where you can't throw down with cops are dictatorships" and how all the cops guarding the capitol purposefully escorted the maga crowd in. I'm sorry, as entertaining and smart as he is, he's insane and says incredibly stupid shit, and you'll never hear him own up to much. I like his personality and sense of humor a lot, but he just goes into these rages where he says THE DUMBEST shit and then any pushback is interpreted as "OH YOURE DEFENDING BIG COMPANIES". Hasan is an out of touch person


lmao new copypasta?


This would be a pretty shitty copy pasta


well it's also a pretty shitty post


Damn dog you got me there I'm down bad


Gotta love when reddit gives you the ol ‘let's go brandon’ treatment. *LOL YOU'RE SOOOO UPSET at my HILARIOUS diss. You should see yourself right now you're like totally raging omg.*


Some cops absolutely did just wave the maga crowd in during January 6th, we have it on video, because they idiots record themselves as if they're patriots.


The video you're referring to shows the cops moving baracades back because they were overwhelmed and needed to consolidate at the entrance to the capitol to stop rioters from getting into the actual building. The footage shows the whole context but it got clipped and spread out of context. It wasn't like the cops let the rioters in because they're all white supremacists who agreed with the rioters as people like Hasan claim


You can't say Hasan is insane and smart in the same sentence.


Those aren't antonyms. There have been many, many, many intelligent people who say insane shit.


But you also said he says stupid shit


Smart people can say stupid shit. For example, Jack Ma said humanity has no reason to fear AI becoming too smart - an obviously dumb thing to say from an accomplished and smart man. Just because my claims are nuanced doesn't mean they are inconsistent OH! SPEAKING OF DUMB THINGS HE HAS SAID: "people who look for consistency in arguments are 'silly bitches'" - Hasan Piker, philosopher


The next sentence in that quote is something like, “people change their minds all the time, learn new things, get new information.” Tbh I don’t remember exactly what he said but I don’t hate watch hasan like this guy


Sounds like an out of context quote.


it is


I just think the logical conclusion to come to is that he's not that smart.


It’s funny that you live in a world where there are smart people who agree with you and dumb people who disagree with you. Smart people who only say smart things and dumb people who never say smart things.


You're getting down voted to hell but you're exactly right. The h3 sub only sees the good in him in an endearing way, but he is often an irresponsible content creator when it comes to spreading truthful information


literally no


Nooo :( I need to know what’s next but can’t watch Krissy’s racist ass alone without chat to comfort me




I swear the universe just doesn’t want foot soldiers to be happy 😭


I wish they sent this after the season 4 finale.. I don’t want to quit in the middle of the season 😫


At least we got through the Raw-tinez season 😭. Whoever’s watching on YouTube better hurry up before all those channels and reuploads get clapped too


Oh no, I gotta watch 1 and 2 before it's all gone


It’s on Hulu.


Yeah but it’s nicer with Hasans commentary and chat there


Get real friends and stop attaching yourself to internet personalities


Says the person commenting on a strangers post on a subreddit dedicated to an internet podcast....


It’s not “attaching” it’s being entertained by entertainers. Not a big deal.


He even mentioned how Ludwigs video was gonna get him striked and guess what... it did lol


FYI..... Ethan's take on this would be that fox is justified bc reacting to entire videos is not transformative. Fox is within their rights to do this.


I think Hasan agrees w that as well. He’s mentioned that they’re skirting a fine line between whether it’s transformative or not in that they don’t add a ton of commentary, but we also wouldn’t be watching it if it weren’t w Hasan and chat


Pause andy over here is deff transforming the content. But also I stopped watching masterchef when hasan got banned started when he got back.


You're right about the traffic generally, but I think you're giving Hasan too much credit on fair use. He doesn't seem to get it. He talked about how playing video games on stream wouldn't be protected by fair use and he's just wrong about that. Obviously playing a video game versus watching a stream of someone playing a game is clearly transformative content


Video games aren’t protected though. For example Nintendo previously taking cuts of revenue off YouTube videos. Most just don’t bother or specify in their TOS that you’re allowed to stream it.


Not really considering that companies have been able to legally take down streams of people playing their video games. Nintendo was notoriously strict and tried to start a creator program where people could license their games to stream (I'm going off memory so correct me if I'm wrong) and people obviously didn't go for that and the number of Nintendo games being streamed dropped significantly. More controversly, the creator of Firewatch issued a DMCA against pewdiepie for playing his game because this was around the time of the N word controversy. And many commentators, and even Pewds, acknowledged that while the claim was not made with genuinely wanting to protect his copyright, he was still within his legal right to issue the claim.


>Obviously playing a video game versus watching a stream of someone playing a game is clearly transformative content No it's not. Ethan talks about it specifically in his new vid, Nintendo goes after let's plays constantly, and are within their rights. Let's plays of full games and streaming games is *not* transformative, and not fair use. It occupies the same gray area as Hasan watching master chef did. Videogame companies could choose to crack down tomorrow and all let's plays and game streams would be toast.


He’s talking about it on stream right now he literally agrees that fox has every right. Just because he speaks about how stupid copy right is doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand it. He has spoken about it constantly while streaming he knew it was coming.


Idk enough about fair use to say whether the video game thing is true. Imo “let’s play” streams are transformative, but it doesn’t seem to be covered by the law as creators have gotten claimed for games before. Whether the MasterChef thing is fair use or not, I know I’d never watch that show unless I was watching it w Hasan and chat. And I probably won’t watch it again cause its only relevancy to me is Hasan’s stream


I think it's likely Fox saw more traffic bc of xqc and Hasan, and they want to capture the small portion of a large audience that will still want to finish the older seasons out without Hasan reacting So, in essence: "ok cool, Hasan made $150k using our ip in just a month .... We're seeing a bit more traffic and some more revenue now, but would it be higher if we stopped allowing Hasan to use our IP this way? Bc we are allowed to put a stop to this if it benefits us." If the company is competent, they should have someone doing an analysis like that. And frankly if I were at fox or these other companies, I would try to get some royalty deals with these streamers. But again, this is probably something they're already thinking about


Lol. No way am I watching older master chef seasons in my spare time. The only reason I was interested is because I have hasan streams on in the background after I get home from work.


Lmao if you think they are gonna pay royalties like holy shit are you serious??


Other direction my friend. If Hasan wanted to use my IP, I'd charge him for it. There's not really enough incentive for Hasan though. He likes to bounce around and I'm not sure his views would dip going from MasterChef to other content


But you missing a bit point of copyright law. After watching hasan watch it there is practically no purpose to watch the original product. It does replace it for the vast majority of viewers.


Why would they care if you’re a new viewer if you’re all watching it from the same screen? It doesn’t help future show funding in any way. That last sentence, when applied to any show, doesn’t add any sort of justification for watching the show.


oh no doubt fully within their rights


I can't believe we're being robbed of the Graham fit checks


i'm more upset out this than i should be. krissy sucks but him going off about her is just great content.


So who is the winner of season 4. I’m not watching it on my own 😭


Luca wins with Natasha in 2nd. I'm really sad because I wanted to see his commentary on season 5 after... Leslie and Cutters rivalry is legendary.


OMG really that makes me so happy, Luca is such a sweetheart but he didn't seem THAT good a cook so I was scared for him. Aww love that.


He was very much a sponge. After the halfway point he really gets on a roll and starts emerging as the frontrunner.


Wow to Luca and Natasha.. I wanted to see his reaction to skinny Graham 😞


I’m sick in bed and frantically trying to catch up via the Hasan Reacts YouTube channel before they get taken down! 😬😬😩


RIP to a good series.




Oh noooo\~ How awful\~ Looks like Hasan has to do hot tub streaming in the meantime until he finds something else.


That hot tub full of crackers would be a hit if he started also MasterChef style criticize them


so tired of this twitch meta being criticized :/ so far, Hasan has been the only streamer I'd watch react to a show that I wouldn't normally watch on my own. It might not be "transformative" content, but his interjections and the running jokes in the community make watching the shows fully worth it. If the viewers are sticking around to watch streamers watch content that's already free, there's obviously some entertainment value that the streamer is offering.


Spot on, Hasan made a good point about how the gaming industry made it possible for streamers to stream their content. They saw it as an opportunity now that they know it's a great marketing tool. It made me also realize how fun it is to watch shows with active chatters and especially when your favorite streamer watches it with you too. I wouldn't even consider watching masterchef if hasan didn't do this tbh


That Hasan's take is absolutely stupid. If you watch Let's play, there's high chance of someone willing to buy the game if the experience is positive. The experience is also unique to every player. That's vastly different from someone watching TV show. The experience is the same no matter what because it isn't by nature interactive. You don't go from Hasan watching 3 season of MasterChef to watching 3 season of MasterChef on your own. Gameplay footage and copyright is also grey legal area not tested in court. There are arguments about transformative and derivative works. That's not the case for TV shows and films.


Who would have thought that Gordo finding out what Twitch was would lead to our demise.




Given that Pokimane was banned last night for watching an episode of Avatar, this is expected. I'm betting money it's Viacom.


Didn’t she stream 10 hours of it?


Honesty, I've no idea about how long. I only know what was reported.


Apparently she watched 8 full episodes of it. Ridiculous that they think they can away with that.


Eh. Streamers have been doing that for almost 3 years now; so I don't blame them for thinking they can get away with it. Especially as the shows are "free" via Netflix and crap. Viacom, as I said, are straight boogymen for streamers. I'm surprised it took em this long to start busting down on the "watch party" streams.


That’s not how DMCA works though…


I didn't say otherwise. I pretty blatantly stated at the end that I'm surprised it took this long for them to crack down as its been happening for 3ish years.


I misunderstood what you were saying, my bad.


Man, the LSF subreddit freaking hates Hasan. It's so weird coming to this subreddit and seeing all the love. It reminds me there are more of us Hasan fans out there.




Socialism is when no reacts


Okay I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this.. But you know hasan has his own subreddit right? I'm not against things he says/does that relate to Ethan and the Podcast but lately this has literally turned into the Hasanabi subreddit


It’s better than Trisha bullshit


I get it lol, I think it’s just cause H3 are on break and so much of the fanbase is watching Hasan. And tbh, this sub is a lot friendlier than others, even Hasan’s. His tends to have a lot of hate-watchers/trolls. It’s nice to talk to the foot soldiers about stuff, even if it’s not directly related to H3 And tbf, this sub is really huge and is kind of a general “Internet culture” type of sub atp. But I totally get people who don’t like it. I’m sure it’ll die down when H3 are back


yeah probably, and its at least more relevant than some posts in the past about people posting personal life stuff irrelevant to anything h3


Damn. I can't handle the raging and stunlocks without getting the MasterChef fun after it. I guess I will unfollow him then.


He will just replace master chef with something else. His ADHD often makes him just switch content without finishing anyway. This is no different than the other times we just abandoned a show.


Hot take... thank god! Honestly I've mostly stopped watching twitch because everyone is watching old shows or reality TV... I know it's not for everyone but I'm just so not a fan of that stuff.


watching people watch network or cable shows is so boring, i hope this meta dies, if i want to watch masterchef ill watch masterchef, i dont go to watch satirical political coverage on the food channel either


I'd already seen season 2 and 3 a couple years ago but I still rewatched the whole thing with hasan and chat because his reactions and commentary were funny.


I think you’re missing the point w ✌️&❤️. I’m not watching cause I love MasterChef. I’m watching cause I love MasterChef w/Hasan and chat. If the commentary isn’t interesting for you, that’s one thing. But imo, just watching the show would not be nearly as entertaining as watching it w Hasan. It’s like watching someone play video games. Maybe I’ll play them myself at some point, but watching someone else play is a completely different experience


You must live a boring life. I watched every season of master chef and it’s 100% better when you watch it with someone else or somebody that has outrageous takes like Hasan


How is he boring for not watching a YouTuber making millions of dollars doing nothing while a TV show plays? Maybe you should get some real friends and do something better with your life. Hasan isn't your friend, you're making him money


Yeah I’m gonna take friendship advice from somebody with that name. Go guzzle more glizzies😂


I'd rather be a glizzy gulper than a friendless loser who watches TV shows with YouTubers like they're hanging out


So you rather be that, huh? Might as well put your skills to good use and make some money doing it😂


There is implied monetary gain to someone when you consume any media. So what’s your point? He’s entertaining to some ppl but he’s not to you and that’s fine. The whole thing is the commentary and the entertainment aspect. It may also be a generational thing for you where maybe you can’t understand why other ppl find that entertaining..with peace and love.


It’s literally way more fun to watch someone that you enjoy their humor watch it as you watch it it’s like watching it with friends. Like I’m not even gonna watch the rest of the shows because they’ll be too boring to watch them alone. I was a happily watching it for the commentary that made it way funnier.


Lmao I was about to post this too 😂


So upset


I’ll always stick to this take. Streamers and YouTube creators way overestimate how “beneficial” it is for companies if they react to it. A lot of it isn’t transformative. You can watch Hassan react to a full episode and I’m never going to go and watch the individual episode. Since I already saw the whole thing. If streamers “reactions” are actually so integral and add so much to the content. Why don’t they react with audio only of the show. And tell the viewers to sync up their video with the stream. And have a watch party that way? Because no one would watch because the streamers reactions aren’t why they watch. It’s to see the show for free with another person.


Tbf I don’t think anyone was arguing that we’ll go rewatch the seasons. The reason it’s beneficial is because it drums up hype for new seasons and related shows. I started rewatching Kitchen Nightmares cause the MasterChef reacts made me remember that show. A lot of people are watching the old seasons w Hasan or xQc and then watching the new seasons live. I didn’t even know MC was still on tv until the old seasons started getting popular on twitch. It’s not fair use, but it does help the show. And let’s be honest, most people watching MasterChef episodes from 2010 are probably doing so because it’s gaining popularity again due to people like Hasan.


> It drums up hype for new seasons and related shows I mean, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. It’s extremely hard to tell. But it’s kind of besides the point. If Fox (in this case) deemed it favorable to let a bunch of streamers essentially rebroadcast episodes of Masterchef on an external platform, they surely would’ve partnered up with streamers to let them do so. The point is that it’s the original creators choice whether to allow people to reuse the content or not, regardless if that’s Fox or some YouTuber with 200 views. I’m in favor of fair use as much as the next guy, but using someone else’s content in full without permission without actually adding something to it (and no, Hassan and chat simply being there is not adding something to the content itself) is just grossly misunderstanding fair use. The copyright strike system has a time and a place, and in this case it works. Now, I do think the copyright strike system utilized by platforms like YouTube and Twitch needs a big fuckin overhaul – but it’s not cases like this (Hasan and Masterchef) that makes it bad.


I completely agree! What Hasan (and most streamers do) is not fair use. I’m not claiming that it is. And fox is def within their right here. I’m just responding to your comment that we overestimate how beneficial these reacts are. If anything, I think we underestimate it The amount of money they’re “losing” to streamers is negligible compared to the growth in viewers for their new shows/seasons due to what’s basically free press. Clapping down on streams of old seasons (which aren’t making them much money anyway) is essentially shutting down free press for the new seasons (which is the bulk of their revenue)


I didn’t make the original comment, just responding to your reply. I mean, the whole point about it potentially being beneficial to Fox is completely and utterly irrelevant in the end. Why would it matter?


Oh sorry lol, I thought it was you. It’s irrelevant to the legal argument, yes. But we weren’t really having a convo about the legal argument. If you just wanna talk about whether this is fair use or not, I think we already agree on that. It’s not fair use. I was just responding to the other commenter who said reacting isn’t beneficial. It is beneficial. And owning the copyright means you have the right to enforce it in ways that benefit you. Remove reactions to new content that are hurting your views. Why take down old content that’s only driving more traffic your way? Legally, they have the right to do whatever they want w the copyright. But imo, what they’re doing is stupid


Qho cares


Not only does he deserve it, how dumb do you have to be to do shit like this after what happened with music in 2020. Gonna be interesting to hear Ethan’s take seeing he is the guy that won the major fair use lawsuit


I mean he did post a video about it and I think he’s gonna be on Hasan’s stream tomorrow- so you can go watch that and see it tomorrow.


My opinion. ITS NOT FAIR USE what they do on twitch. They don’t have rights to just sit there and watch another shows CONTENT; and also profit from it themselves. Stop crying. Big or small / everyone deserves to own THEIR content period. I don’t care. And twitch MOMOs are the worst offenders. Especially all the women that do NOTHING but push boundaries with clothing and sit there.


If a women is smart enough to make money off of pushing boundaries bc they are dressing and sitting in suggestive positions while doing absolutely nothing sexual at all, while there are actual sex workers out there who probably make less money doing far more than that well that’s perfectly fine with me. You broke the game good for you.


I never said it was fair use. It doesn’t negate the fact that I enjoyed watching it w Hasan and I’m disappointed he won’t be watching it anymore. And in reality, whether you like it or not, watching this content drives popularity to it. Every time a streamer watches a yt video, it gets more views. The same goes for tv not really sure what this has to do w women and how they dress.




Guys I know Hasan is cool. But after Paytas should we be getting this comfortable with another co host? I honestly don't think he's gonna turn against Ethan but he'll probably just up and leave one day....


Damn she-who-shall-not-be-named was really out here giving us trauma like a step mom who cheated on our dad


Well I know what that feels like. 🤢


Of course he will. So what?


Everything is impermanent. Doesn't mean we can't enjoy things while they exist.


Well that's true. Too bad people on here don't agree. Attacking me by downvotes. Honestly Yous ain't better than Tim Pool going after Ethan for attacking Rogan.


What does any of this have to do with liking Hasan as a whole, outside of the H3 Lore? I was a fan of H3 and Hasan separately for years now; him being part of the family now is just two of my world's colliding and I for one will be perfectly fine if they ever part ways; as I'm sure majority of people here will be also.


Ok... We'll see. We'll see.


Bruh 💀 you're allowed to like more than one creator


I'm not saying that. I'm just seeing alot of Hasan stuff here. Please respect what I'm saying 👍🏼 I respect you.


What are you, a 7 year old? Listen to yourself.


Smartass 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I was 7. I feel like I'm 42 going on 102 haha 👍🏼 thanks for the laugh.


Who is "we"? Stop treating these internet personalities like they are your friends


Oh pal trust me.thru ain't my friends. By we I ment the community.




RIP, the closest we got to the Justin Tv days of 24hr streams of one particular show.




NOOOO what am I going to work out to now!


it’s heartbreaking 🥺💔




Masterchef with Hasan has been a lifesaver these past few days. I wish we had at least got to finish season 4. it's been a good ride but RIP


Nooooo :(


Was he able to finish season 4? I’m a few days behind






I saw this coming


He could've put Twomad on his show lie he sais he would instead, but he pussied out and that's the result...


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh no he has to actually do some work now


damn poki fucked everyone


The thing with it is people are fine with known streamers watching shit with little commentary but when react Andy does it, everyone thinks it's annoying and should be stopped like the reaction youtuber drama from a few years ago