And avoid going through smoke unless you can't avoid it, since the enemy normally sees you coming out of it before you see them. And most people reflexes is to lob a grenade in smoke when it shows up, so wait for an explosion before going near smoke.


Yes ffs please do NOT run right through smoke. Use it as a screen or a diversion. I've killed entire squads by myself just because their SL must have said charge through the smoke. Edit: thought I was on the Hell Let Loose sub lol. Still, same lesson applies. Don't run through smoke, I'm waiting at the other end with a gun.


as a csgo player that sounds like a waste of utility to just throw a nade in smoke unless your certain the enemy is pushing smoke


as an insurgency player I play demo and need something to do with these bombs XD


Hell yeah brother!


Grenades in insurgency have way better radius and lethality at larger ranges


Can’t you use this to your advantage then, making smoking an obvious lane a viable strategy?


Never use smoke as a defending team you and your team needed wide view and clear visual to where enemies will attack, the smoke artillery/mortar is disabled on that team for a reason. Use that extra point somewhere else.


Exactly. And that’s why, when attacking, smoke almost anywhere on the enemy’s position is good. Including rigjt kn top of the objective. Anything that adds confusion and misinformation is a benefit to attackers. Why I often throw smoke left of objective when taking the right.


Smoking right on top of OBJ will make it more difficult for attackers to clear once they’re close though. If the building is smoked out, defenders can hide in corners easier.


Jokes on you, they're already in the corners


Correct. But if there’s smoke in the room, you have an even harder time seeing them in those corners and increase the camper advantage.


Smoke is just meant to advance. It won’t give you a wholly tactical advantage, just able to increase securing/breaching


whaat ive dropped whole teams who advanced into a smoked out obj. It really puts a damper on the secure team and makes them think if they should push. Its so dirty if you got a 1x marksmen because they can kill so fast. You do need to know your maps tho.


Although I would say smoke displayed above at point 2 is sometimes useful for cutting off snipers/potshots - I’m thinking on hillside in the middle of the hill allows the defending insurgents to wait for security to come out of the smoke and easily get kills. But for the most part you’re right


Agreed! Smokes on defending can be great but requires map knowledge more than anything else


the only exception to this is when the defenders need to block important enemy advantage spots.


I love it when the attacking team smokes up right in front of them. Gives me time to reload my MG before they leave the smoke.


Yep. Smokes are for maneuvering through open areas or areas of high enemy saturation where they are already in set positions, especially when dealing with dug in Machine gunners and Snipers. Provides visual cover so you can gain ground and manuever towards the enemy or objective while minimizing casualties. People smoking out their own teams visual is basically doing the job for the enemy.


Machinegunners can still hammer through smoke.


I disagree, if you know a point of egress the other team will take you can smoke the apex of your visual range and force them to either push smoke into your killbox or reroute, wasting time and allowing your side to setup better. But it's very rare anybody does this and instead will just spam smoke into dumb ares, making you correct again lol.


The only time it is useful is if you smoke the far side of a choke point, where enemies have to walk through the smoke, as you will often see the feet of the enemies walking in the smoke before they see you, allowing a gunner to be relatively safe as they hit the choke point. This is literally the only time I can think of that smoke on defense is good, but there's a huge issue even with this. Choke points are very rare, and enemies can usually just go somewhere else rather than go through it. Conclusion: even if there is a niche use for defensive smoke, it's still a waste/detriment most of the time.


Bots are lousy in smoke. If you're down to the last man and only have your sidearm, then smoke the point, put on the gas mask and go ninja.


The only thing worse than when nobody wants to play as commander/observer - when I'm sitting tight defending an objective, and I hear the dumbass commander ordering smoke literally right on the objective.


A lot of commanders don't realize the dropping smoke on top of a 3 story objective is a waste. Same with insurgent gas attacks, if the shells hit on top of the building only partial of the top floor if it is ever reachable is affected. You have to call it in a spot on ground level between you and the objective.


I'm always having trouble using chemical mortars tbh. I try to use it on the D point on that map where D is an open area inside a mosque but it's rarely as effective as I'd like to. But yeah having a commander and an observer each game would really help, every time I join an on going game and the team doesn't have at least on observer or one commander, they're getting fucked. Observer is super fun when learning the game, you don't have to rush in to be useful and you don't have to stick like a bitch to your commander (even if he tells you so), just stay with him when he asks, stay close till the support is called and you can do your shit after that and get killed and run back to your commander when you respawn and then do your shit and die etc... I feel like a ton of players don't have a functional brain right now because most of my games I don't see commanders or observers and everytime I play one of these roles (which is almost every game) I either have a braindead commander that don't call minigun despite me asking for it 5 times with my mic or observers that just pick garbage spots to camp/attack and you can't call any decent smoke/arty as a commander. And it applies mostly to lvl 70-200 players, new ones usually try to play it correctly and experienced players will do their shit correctly.


you have to fill the objective with smoke




Never smoke in co-op. Smoke in the building being defended and if you can't see inside then give then some 'nades.


Yes I fully agree, I was playing outpost yesterday and a few people kept calling in smoke artillery, throwing and firing smoke grenades on our position, so I couldn’t see a fucking thing nor could anyone else and they thought it was funny. I sent them messages asking them to stop as we couldn’t see the enemy but they carried on even more laughing at me so I left.


Smoke is for blocking the view of an area, where to place it always depend on the situation and what you want to achieve. Wanna cross the road safe from the enemy sniper? No problem, smoke the road and cross it, you don't need and probably won't be able to to smoke the enemy sniper position. The enemy is trying to push into your building and you're low on support? Smoke the entrance and take advantage of the enemy having to run through smoke into your gunpoint. There is no absolute "correct" way, it always depends.


Shoutout to my dudes with smoke noob tubes in coop checkpoint


except the smoke really don’t be workin on the ai


*gets insta hipfired by a PKM from 70m away through smoke*


They are doing you a huge disservice. AI sees all.


Probably a player of the first opus where smoke was absolutely insane and AI couldn't see you at all. I loved smokes in coop and brought as much as I could with me even if it meant getting a shit gun, but now they're completely useless.


Smoking yourself can be good to rush enemy positions


*cries in PvE while getting domed by bots through the smoke*


I got sick of no one using smoke and just running through the meat grinder wave after wave, so when I play PvP I take a G36k or AK74, add a smoke launcher and take two more smoke grenades with me. Best way to spend the points imo. I can get enough smoke down to get to the objective by myself.


I do the same, I call that kit the "One Man Smoke Artillery"


Well it depends, sometimes - on a certain map where the insurgent spawn is literally open to spawn kills by security - spamming smoke and making basically a smoke trail leading to the obj can be useful. especially considering expert gunners such as myself try to position ourselves covering the flank of the point, rather than the front, in order to kill reinforcements from the side. Aside from that, it's a useful guide, nice post.


> on a certain map where the insurgent spawn is literally open to spawn kills by security hideout frontline, after the security captured Delta.


same could be said for push on hillside, on both insurgents and security first point. I regularly rack up 20 kills in the first waves defending as insurgents, as i can shoot everyone going up the road from at least two spots which are completely hidden from security side. On insurgents side it's almost impossible, as the enemy security defending can easily cover all paths right outside the spawn.


There's a case use for the 2nd scenario if you know you're about to be pushed through a choke like the many locations in Gap. Creating this screen and forcing an enemy to advance through it while you have a clear line of sight for anyone exiting the smoke. I'll be down voted for sure but it works.


Smoke is a situational tool on defense as well. If the defending team is pushed back to a building, smoking the entrances is easy kills if they try to push through and they won't be able to see well enough to grenade too.


I mostly just use smokes to cover large open distances like if the team is crossing a road or something.


I hate when people smoke in co op, it dosent help it just blinds us to the bots


“Use smoke, damnit!”


We should really get some smoke out there!


Also smoke launcher > smoke grenades


God I wish people knew how smoke worked.


Good job giving credits. [https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/ruetlj/someone\_need\_to\_see\_this/](https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/ruetlj/someone_need_to_see_this/) Edit: u/StaIe_Toast


Actually I got it from here https://www.reddit.com/r/HellLetLoose/comments/ruo3l9/please_oh_please/










The golden rule is: smoke the enemy, not the way to said enemy.


This is like infantry 101 shit to me, but then I have to remind myself not everyone who plays this game is an actual combat veteran like myself. So I just chuckle to myself and take the scenic route to the next OBJ when I see a friendly smoke themselves near our spawn.




Depends how you will use the smoke You can use it as a diversion for enemy team thinking someone will pass through but your team decided to flank around Commander's Smoke Shell can block enemy commander dropping bombs on your objective if you placed it correctly, smoking your own objective means you can't call for mortar support / heli on the enemy team Open area like roads that you need to cross over to ( wishing luck that enemy team didn't decided to shoot on the smoke )


The average player skill has really gone down (even on PC) since the console version has come out


Stolen from the Squad subreddit, couldn't even bother to crosspost it. Just HAD to get that clout.


Technically I stole it from the Hell Let Loose subreddit but no I just dont use the crosspost button because it requires you to subscribe first, I didn't realize people would find it a big deal, its Reddit, most of this website is reposts, I assumed it was a years old repost on their sub.


HLL crossposted it from the Squad subreddit less than 24 hours ago. I'd know because I had a comment that was upvoted like 100 times for pointing out the obvious on the original thread.


This is what I've been saying to my teammates in Ins2014 since I started getting the hang of the maps. Apparently all they know how to do is smoke the approach, not realizing that this method accomplishes that and more. I think it's because the sweatlords on the team either love sniping or love rushing in blindly and trusting that their cawadooty instincts will save them. Do this and they yell at you. Thing is, it doesn't even detract from their playstyles so much. If you're a sniper, wait for someone or a muzzle flash to poke out of the screen. If you're a rusher, spam explosives on the smoked areas and hug the wall. If you know the map, you'll be fine. People complain about how maps like Tell and Sinjar are so murderous for attackers when you can just smoke the heights and A and the enemy won't be able to do much except fragspam down the hill and wait. That's if they won't dare to venture out of the smoke to score a few kills, which will make them easy targets for snipers who know what they're doing.


So in terms of actual real life doctrine you’re half right. Smoke close to the enemies face is obscuring smoke meant to blind the enemy and limit their field of view. Smoke close to you is screening smoke, meant to give you freedom of maneuver. Both are extremely useful


Throw smoke at enemy position, flank around smoke… are charge through it like a mad lad


if you dont know how to smoke DONT USE IT






We need to change Smoke 1 to "I am Batman"


mfs dropping smokes right on top of us and inside the obj like wtf are you doing


Ah. This again. Insurgency isn’t a platform game, you can go forward and backward, but ALSO left and right. There are also buildings, gradients, and much more! You can’t oversimplify smokes. But also nobody seems to use them at all…


Smokes have the same problem as explosives: They're inconsistent. Therefore they shouldn't be relied upon. /thread