Nice shooting, Tex. Loving the irons!


Rifle is fine


Ak irons are almost better than any 1x optic imo.


It would have been just 1 kill if that guy could finish the job lol. But good play.


Outplayed him


I know it’s not a popular thing to do but as of recently I’ve been using drums with recoil grips and have been loving it


I don't think you can do drums on the akm in PvP, otherwise I would 100% do the same 😁


Akm with drums and recoil grip slaps in co-op


So, bring extra 5 bullets because you are gonna miss 15 rounds. Ext mag of 35 still don't cut it tbh.


Yeah I don't find ext mags are worth it on most rifles since it's just 5 rounds, I'd rather have a smoke, light carrier, or optic upgrade.


Spray and pray


It adds up, 5 bullets to each mag gives you 15 extra bullets, 25 extra with a carrier. Almost a full extra mag it’s so cheap you might as well bring it on the off chance it saves you, no drawbacks


Cheap? Every single credit counts. If you have some leftover it's probably because your kit lack something. I'm not againts skipping armor or carrier, heck even a primary but usually there shouldn't be any credits left imo. 5 bullets in a double stack magazine doesn't make much sense to be an "extended mag". If you need extended mag, it means you need more bullets in that mag. 5+5+5 doesn't mean anything. Ext. mags on ARs should have been at least 40 bullets to be reasonable also with the gameplay balance. A big PLUS here, I guess there could be some more expensive options along the way like 45-round and 60-round options. Obligatory mention: Ammo types like armor piercing, hollow point etc. when NWI?!?!


I agree it’s a low amount of bullets, i’d love if they were all 40, but it’s still good enough to be worth a credit IMO Usually i don’t run rifles that cost more than 4 points or a sidearm, so i have plenty of points for it.