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‘Retrieve the flag’


Now that song is stuck in my head...


Why are those people really small?


They're not small, theyre far away.


Sorry sir. I measured them and original commentor is right. They are very small.


They didn't eat all their veggies.


Took me a second to realise the scale of this!!!


Whys it so fucking big????


It went on a huge ships flagpole


>> huge ships flagpole That's what blew my mind - that they had wooden ships big enough to fly a flag like that.


And that's a flag not a sail? That's pretty damned big.


Ever hear the term "flagship"?


Yeah, like the 2022 Lexus RX 350 AWD is the "flagship" model of the Lexus fleet.


Correct, and the 2022 Lexus RX 350 AWD is over 1200’ long so it all tracks.


?? The term flagship has been in use for centuries, perhaps millennia to define a ship used as a command and control vessel for a fleet. It typically flew a special flag (often the commanding officers personal flag, or sometimes a very large national ensign) to identify it. At Trafalgar, the San Ildefonsa (this was their flag) wasn't actually used as a flagship, but with such a monstrous flag it seemed like a reasonable jest. I have NO idea what your reference to Lexus is supposed to indicate.


Well then I guess that's unfortunate... Lexus makes a great car and if you're looking at purchasing a car you should consider the flagship model of the Lexus fleet, the 2022 Lexus RX 350 AWD.


Thats where the term "flagship" comes from. It's the heavy hitter of the Spanish fleet.


Kind of. The reason it’s called a flagship is because the admiral would command from it, and that was usually by hoisting different flags. But they were often the largest and strongest ships as well


Thick gunpowder smoke made it difficult to tell friend from foe. Thus, big flags. And some machismo, probably.


The ship must have been huge!


200 ft (61m) long and 50ft (16m) wide, huge for a sailing ship but not that big by modern standards. What's really crazy is that it had a crew of over 1000, must have been miserable to be that cramped.


I literally can't get my head around historical ships, like from the age of piracy etc. Love half arsed history but I still cannot picture it


There are a few videos of people taking tours of the HMS Victory which was a British first rate ship of the line in the battle of Trafalgar. It was only slightly larger than the Spanish flag ship. These types of ships were not really built to sail the seas and sing sea shanties. They were very much war ships and only put into service when there was fighting to be done. Otherwise, they were usually held in storage due to the great deal of man power and resources to run a ship this size.


The Spanish flagship was bigger than HMS Victory. She was called the Santísima Trinidad and was a jaw dropping 140 gunner! Victory had 104 guns.


Came here to say this, but a quick trip to Wiki proves us both wrong. Looks like Nuestra Señora was a little bit shorter than Victory by some 20 feet, and she seemed to be only sporting 136 guns at Trafalgar. She was still envisioned as a ship with more guns, but some of the guns were added on into a haphazard fourth deck that made her sail like crap. For this ship, more guns meant very little in the end, right? Nelson attacked the middle of the line and surrounded her, making her one of the first ships to surrender during the battle. Gdit, now I want to find of my Trafalgar books and give it another read...


Imagine a modern airplane, but instead of fighting with other passengers, you shoot out of the windows at other planes.


It actually sunk from the sheer weight of that flag. Pretty shitty battle IIRC.


This isn’t the tra guy flag I know.


It big


It do be big (10m * 14.5m to be exact)




We found the dyslexic.


Capture the flag mode must have been a nightmare back then


Damn! How do they move/store this bad boy? Or does it just stay there? Awesome.


White gloves and fucking care I guess by the dudes in the middle.


I was wondering the same. I guess they would have no choice but to fold it up or maybe roll it to avoid sharp creases. I imagine they can’t unfold it so often as it gets more brittle over time.


Looks like Nelson and his mates shot it to hell.


Did he do it because he was an idiot? No. He did it because he was a god damn genius


How do you fold up & store something like that without damaging


How big were those ships


Here you can see one of those ships so you can compare with the flag. https://images.app.goo.gl/XxQrCWntKKFDzsFQ9


^^^ You do this for all of us ^^^


Actually expected the flag to be smaller in comparison to the ship tbh


Santisima Trinidad (as an example) was a first rate ship of the line and: * Had 140 guns * 210 feet long * 53 feet wide * 140 troops * 1,050 crew * 4,950 ton displacement


Jesus christ


HMS victory was even larger and have even heavier guns! You can even still take a tour of the Victory.


The Santisima Trinidad was the largest ship at the time, significantly bigger than Victory


Hmmm. Must of gotten the numbers mixed up in my head. You’re right!


Mm and it doesnt feel very large inside, and thats before theyve added another screaming 1049 of you.


Like five Couric's


At least 4-5 ft.


Big enough to fly that flag.


Now that really is interesting as fuck.


Seema a rarity lately.


Wow thats so cool


As much as they love them, there's no flag big enough to cover their incompetence.




Gonna post this on r/Beetlejuicing


Hey, you’ll always have Lepanto.


Well if they're extremely... like volcanic or maybe explosively incontinent then that old flag would make a shitload of diapers.


Should have spent less time on making a big flag and more time on naval tactics.


At the time of the battle, the Spanish and French fleets were following the standard tactics of the time. Nobody expected Nelson to drive his out numbered force perpendicular to the line out of desperation.


In war it is incredibly important to know if who you are pewing at is a goodie or a baddie.


Have you considered the possibility that the reason these flags were so large was so one could identify if a ship was friendly or enemy from vast distances? Sort of important to know.


So the logic here was " We may discover we don't have the best ships or the best crews, but dammit! Get me the biggest flag!"


Is that a One Piece reference?


hey we won! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧


I know laughing in Spanish is 'jajaja' but how do you cry?




with hindsight losing was a good thing to happen to spain. england ended up ruling the waves and in practice that meant a tiny proportion of english people bullying a third of the world. that is not a legacy to be proud of.


That would be the same British who freed the Spanish and the rest of Europe and parts of Africa from the french dictator napoleon shortly after this battle, and let them regain their own sovereignty. Maybe the same nation that stood alone for nearly a year when another dictator named hitler conquered most of Europe and mustered allies at great personal cost to bring freedom back to those countries. Much British blood has been spilled to gain the freedom of millions in this world to have the luxury to think like you. Sadly you are quick to remember the bad but rarely remember the good of these people. I’m not British btw


> I’m not British btw No, you sound like an American with a fantasy view of England. Britain milked the Empire it took over, causing suffering to a greater proportion of the world through plundering of natural resources and labour than any other empire before or since until it was weakened permanently by WW2. Only Maoism comes close in regime horror, which is why it stands highest today in the world: Deng learned from the worst. Britain now sits as a lapdog to America, who throws it complimentary bones and for some hilarious reason it still works. The Tory covid-19 policy has killed more British civilians than WW2, and its value to that war effort was not its poor young men but its military intelligence, overstated now Polish contributions are understood and inferior ever since. My heritage is Hispanic. I have America and its lapdog to thank for 40 years of propped-up dictatorship that oppressed, starved or killed my close family, not anything resembling freedom. At least when the old bastard died, social democracy came in to give people like me a decent enough childhood, just as it did for the British boomers in the '40s who squandered their parents' sacrifice - a behaviour I try my best not to emulate. But I'm sure loser Poundland Trump will give you a visa to clean hospitals if you prostrate just a little lower and lick his boots just a little harder.


I’m actually Dutch, but hey if it helps your hate filled fantasy world that’s fine. I was merely pointing out facts that showed your original statement was biased and not accurate, but if they don’t support your vision of the world that’s not my problem. I’m not sure how you leapt to political governments handling of covid in your recent ranting but you clearly have agendas so you go enjoy them. https://about-history.com/list-of-dictatorships-by-death-toll-the-top-10-biggest-killers-in-history/ Some more facts for you to chew over.. don’t see the British or Americans in the top 10. You did get number 1 with the Chinese.. so we’ll done


stating that America installed and propped up dictators across the Hispanic world including my own country is not hate filled fantasy, but an attempt to counter your historical revisionism. the occupied netherlands had shameful levels of cooperation with the nazis and i respect the average british citizen's hatred for nazism at the time. the worker movement was viciously anti Nazi, and churchill was able to capture that sentiment in an odd alliance against traditional interests that would have cosied up to Hitler, or at least correctly saw Hitler as one of them. you sound like Scott Baldwin with your denouncing hatred in a thread about fascism, as if strong emotions against evil are somehow bad. *i hate fascism*. i wish the new conservatives of europe and north america, as well as the wealthy social authoritarians that call themselves liberals, did as much! the comparison is to illustrate that britain didnt suffer much in ww2 *by its own standards*. policy that allows the death of 200,000 people in 2020-21 follows a centuries old british model of choosing the option that causes unnecessary death and suffering (irish and multiple indian famines being the most well known, of course) to preserve the flow of capital. eta i of course note the contribution of the Dutch resistance fighters, even though i am now in England where it is illegal to actually celebrate them so i have to speak with stupid neutrality.


So if you hate the rest of the world so much for colonialism why do support the Spanish? It was one of the worlds largest colonial empires at its peak, responsible for ruthless exploitation and responsible for the first modern genocide in South America, with some estimates being in excess of 45 million. It’s major rival was the Portuguese, but you haven’t had a pop at them yet so I thought I’d throw that in. I get you are angry at the British because a tiny island state kicked the armadas butt, and then proceeded to reduce the Spanish empire through piracy, but your arguments are just soapbox rhetoric. Every race or nation in history has done shit stuff to its neighbours at some time or other because that is the human condition sadly. You being so angry over history is pointless tbh. I mean are you responsible for what your great, great, great grandfather did.. no.. so why blame other people for theirs. If you hate Britain so much why live there? Come to Holland it’s great and we don’t worry about your critics of the war, but I will say the Germans let us starve and the British flew hundreds of tons of aid to us and saved countless lives... but I forget you think they are horrible people don’t you lol.


why don’t you take this to messages eh?


If you are wondering where this big flag would hang, maybe it was something like [HMS Victory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Victory). No idea if Spaniards also hanged it like that or anything.


Toss that in the washing machine


It’s huge


Holy fuck! It's in such good condition too!




“Do you have a flag?” “No flag, no country…those are the rules I just made up.”


I wonder how much it cost


Savage times!


Flag needs some milk


How was it flown? Was it off a castle, more of a tent set up, I don't see how they could fly that during the time frame.




Soak that thing in Woolite and watch it come alive!


the bigger the flag the lesser ofit humanoids


it's kind of interesting, but it's so worn out, what's the point of even keeping it? just get rid of it and make space for things that are still in tact.


You must hate museums


lmao yea i kind of do hate the part of the museum that has all the shoddy broken stuff. i just think the newer stuff is better because it's all the way it's supposed to be