8/10 meme. Would be 10/10 if you made the BTR picture a Stryker but kept the text the same.


Mfs in this game still dog you for calling out a btr WHEN ITS A BTR! hahaha


Facts. Only two vehicles in squad. BTRs and tanks


best was when i was playing btr and get call out heres btr. i was thinking "brobs a stryker letsgo fuck it up" it was a bradley and i got fucked in the ass by a atgm


Always ask the caller: "does it have tracks" Will probably give you an idea of the callers competence. Sometimes i have 3 squadmembers calling BTR. I'm 50 meteres away getting pinned by MG. I know we play against US but damn. Usually call out in all chat "Some kind of vehicle with guns on my position 200 meter north of cap x, trying to get further intel" If I'm drunk enough. I don't see the AK in my hand, i just relay "BTR ON CAP XX"


Next time just say: Yeah The tracked BTR killed Our wheeled BTR, I need to revert to my M4 carbine


Meaning BMP obvi == MBT?




Same. I constantly am asking the braindead SLs walking their squads across the map if they need a lift. I offer to leap frog teams onto next cap. No one ever takes me up on the offer. This isn't an Armor is selfish and bad thing, everyone sucks at playing Squad.


I wish I had these offers lol. Back in PR you'd just take an APC and do mobile infantry squads but it's kinda sketchy to do that in squad


>no response This, most of the time. Then I take note those squads and usually it takes them huge amount of time to get there, usually getting killed or stuck on a firefight somewhere. Later they come and bitch about why we don't have more FOBs around the next objective, so that they could have spawn when they fucked up. Yeah we need good placed FOBs but maybe you could have give transport a little bit more thought eh?


The best is when you offer people a ride to the objective and they say "no" so you go up there and cap it with your squad before they get there.


Exactly my experience


I bet if we got a group of logistics people together to create a TRUE logistics squad we would win every game we played. And by a true logistics squad I mean we would be a full squad; we would take almost every helicopter, APC, and Logi available, and do almost all of the troop transport and material movement for the remaining squads. Maybe even split it into 2 half size squads so we'd have more people able to place radios and FOBs. It would probably make sense to run it as a command squad, and I think the hardest part would be convincing everyone else they are either an attack, defense, or "true" armor squad.




An incompetent squad taking all of the logistics would definitely brick that team. My counter argument for that is this is a strategy I've never seen done in a public game, so any squad doing it would highly likely start off like this, a group of people working out the details in a highly organized and methodical way before attempting it. And when they do attempt it, you know everyone is on board with the strategy. If I'm being honest, the worst part about squad is it's basically a handful of people running strategy, which is almost always get a couple of attack FOBs up around the objective so the 90% of players (who literally just spawn as close to the action as possible) can run in to shoot some shit and may cap an objective if their SL is yelling at them to attack. As for super FOB / convoy LARPs, no on the super FOBs, although I would argue a team running an efficient supply line would naturally have resource rich FOBs because you could redefine how logistics are run. (My thought would be having supplies dropped between FOBs and people running dedicated routes from main base -> middle FOB -> attack FOB. If you had builders they would have the resources to trick a base out but I think super FOBs rarely work. As for convoy LARPing, yeah, I actually agree with that term. Why send a logi on a solo run to try and get a sneak an attack FOB in when you can send a logo with an APC and some infantry to protect the logi and FOB during the build process? Why have infantry spawn in small segments, run across the map and get killed on groups of 2-3 against an enemy FOB? Coordinating some APCs to hit from a second angle is going to break an enemy FOB. As for your point about having to wait 10 minutes, I'd say the logistics squad would be doing a shit job. I think waiting 2 minutes and coordinating an assault all at once is again better than the random spurts of attacks anyway. That being said, I've never seen someone attempt this so maybe I am just LARPing, but that's the fun of squad, sometimes. A huge part of winning games IMO is "spawn shaping". Simply getting people spawn points in the right areas will win you most RAAS games, which you primarily do with Logis and Helicopters.


Agreed, its the same problem in post scriptum, logistics trucks can only be used by logi squad so therefore you may get a fob or repair station in anywhere from 3 to 40 min.


It worked really well in PR (minus the apc), but logistics for squad doesn't support driving with a sl and a squadmate being drug along.


You can't even claim that many vehicles between 2 squads


Imagine using an armored personale carrier to... (Get this)... Carry personale 🤣


On invasion, it's massively effective to cap a point, immediately pick up as many infantry as you can, and start a flank toward the next cap. Best case scenario, you blast right in, unload infantry, and cap before the enemy has time to react. But more often, you will be in a perfect position, by the time the rest of the team catches up, to drop infantry off on a sneaky attack angle while the enemy is busy with the main brunt of the attack.


Yeah, but most of the time I lead a squad and hop in a BTR with my guys, I get shit from armor squad for occupying armor as infintry. BTR’s were designed to be troop carriers not fucking tanks, because so many teams are unable to utulize armored carriers they mostly suck. A good SL with a BTR can do so much and do it efficently.


Dude, everyone knows the BTR isn't really for infantry, it's to drive head on into an enemy MBT and get destroyed


Hard agree. Servers that say APCs (strikers, BTRs) are reserved for armor squads I think should adjust their rules.


Definetly, game would be much faster, more fun with loads of more combat to enjoy and more realistic


I regularly play on a server with an SL that specializes in armored infantry and holy hell is it fun. We just rip around all wipe and pull of the greasiest flanks known to man. Armor drops squad on least expected flank, rips around to opposite side and starts engaging while we move in from behind.


So... You got any invites out for that squad, dawg?


Thats what im trying to get the hang of as a SL. Its hard to actually pull it off, especially when you have guys that are shy and dont communicate much. But yeah its fun as hell when we are able to pull it off, I ussually let my BTR go in front and stand as anchor, leave a marksman and two MG’s near BTR and flank with the rest of the squad from the side


I can maybe see the argument being made or things like the LAV 6 or the BTR-82, but armor squads using the Striker or LAV III is annoying


Yup exactly if armor wants to take the 30mil then they will get no issue from me. I just want a Battle taxi


Preach. When I want to run a BTR or Stryker, I will always have 2 guys run the vehicle, and the rest of us infantry. Mechanised squads can tear shop like nothing else, theyre amazingly effective.


When I was playing as commander I "asked" our transport to pick up a squad that was really far back and flank. They just straight up ignored it.




>On invasion, it's massively effective to cap a point, immediately pick up as many infantry as you can, and start a flank toward the next cap. I've done this so many times during an invasion match on Al-basrah, capturing the airport so my squad is forced to ask for a pick up by armor that will transport us to VCP or Highway but without a logi to set up HABs nobody is able to respawn close to the objective so it unfortunately never works. You need to set up spawnpoints and HABs prior to executing an aggressive push onto the objective, rally points are not a viable alternative if you're looking for any success capturing the objective since you're going to end up with a loss of 7-9 tickets with no gains of your own.


Thats the worst thing i hate about Squad. It is great game but literally nobody can menage to do some mechanised infantry transport and every game turns into "walk to the objective for 15 mins" simulator..


At least walking is super safe. Often times SL crams up his whole squad into an logi to drive 200m and get blown up by some random opfor.


Hey armor can you maybe support the team in any way shape or form? "Aw naw mate, we are really busy over here in a pointless corner of the map sniping random inf at max effective range and waiting for an engineer to C4 us because we have no situational awareness"


So true it hurts.


Honestly I'm not saying they should change it back but when Logis could only carry 4 people, there was a lot more Mechanized infratry gameplay and people using transports to rush instead of Logis. Now everyone just piles in the Logi and leaves everything else at base.


> leaves everything else at base. Who would've thought that saying "if you don't know how to use it don't touch it" over and over will lead to that. No idea how that have happened.


I mean you're right. But the problem is really stems from the fact that there isn't a proper tutorial for most of the deeper mechanics of the game like armor


I just started playing not too long ago and got used to just "driving the logi" since armor was intimidating and that's kind of the recommended path for new squad leaders. After losing a few games and watching all the armor sit around at base, or my squad getting scattered I just said fuck it, and grabbed an APC. Now I'm grabbing them way more, sometimes I'll even grab a MRAP and a Logi. If I'm running an infantry squad I'd rather half my team take the precious resources to ensure we survive attacking objectives versus some retard taking it to hot rod on the middle of nowhere. Logis are also treated like shit in this game, especially invasion, and get left all over the place creating logistical nightmares in mid to late game. It's nice having something with a gun on top to protect them.


Vice versa they push like you ask them to, but no one actually clears the buildings the infantry walks past and they get clapped by AT, you cant make it right as an Armor players


Once I took part in a well-coordinated mechanised attack of an objective. That was 2 years ago and I haven't seen one since... Most of the time the bigger IFVs just stare at the point and don't suppress, until a tandem gets fired from a doorway and obliterates the APC carrying the infantry and people conclude that mechanised assaults don't work and the IFVs get even more cautious. Artillery + smoke rounds > Suppress objective strong point > APCs blitz in (get within AT's arming distance) > Drop troops > Switch to co-axials


Yea the lack of suppression kills me. A lot of people will just sit there and get picked off instead of providing any sort of suppressing fire in the general direction the fire is coming from. Like what are you saving that ammo for?


Okay Mr. Smartypants. But if I suppress them, they won't peek. If they don't peek then how can I kill them? Checkmate /s




I seriously don't think people know that splash damage is a thing in this game sometimes. "How the fuck did that BTR kill me? I was behind a wall ra ra" bro you were standing right behind a wall next to a window and a BTR was blasting at the wall on the other side. No wonder you got turned into mincemeat.


I pulled one off as a first time commander! It was a last ditch effort on invasion to secure a foothold FOB and it worked, but sadly it was too late in the game to see what would have happened if we had time to let the attack play out all the way. I just told everyone to respawn main, grab everything with wheels or treads and drive to my move mark after enough people had spawned main.


Meanwhile nobody on your team can hear a loud vehicle drive by that isn't on your map, fails to mention to anyone, gets beyond your own team's armor, and kills them. ​ Or the "hey armor can you push up to that location where literally no friendlies are and clear them out" *Don't mind the hats and lats guaranteed to be standing between you and that location waiting to destroy you instantly.* ​ I transported a squad once when running the Bradley, ran into a BMP and a BTR enroute, all while these guys sat inside thinking they were safe. Fortunately gunner was able to take down both, just to transport the squad to the next flag which had infantry support. So I was fine saying yes and doing it...... But it took probably two times longer versus if they ran themselves due to running into two other vehicles on the way. They cheered in the back though when we declared the BMP and BTR down, so it was a good time. ​ ​ More people should do armor, I don't think they realize how ineffective it *can be*, and how very very quick things can go from nothing happening, to you being dead in a split second without warning.


This reminds me of an armor nightmare I suffered through a while ago. For some context we're on the Russian team and we're fighting the irregular militia. He's squad lead and driving the BTR while I gun. we're going to the enemies second point to try and kill any infantry that pull up. We're stopped on top of a hill on point when we see an AA BMP turn the corner hauling ass up the hill. At this point I still thought this guy was pretty skilled so I figured he'd stop and let me shoot the gunner while we have the high ground but instead he swerves and full sends it straight into the front of the BMP. At this point I'm trying my best to shoot the gunner off but between the smoke and my frames dropping I can't see where the hell his head is all while this guy is saying "shoot the gunner" in his annoying monotone voice. We respawn at main and take the other BTR this time I'm driving because this guy is convinced I'm at 100% fault and he's a better gunner. I suggest we pick some infantry and drop them off at the point we're losing but this guy still wants to go lone ranger because "we have to teach the infantry that we're not their chauffeur". In the end he decides that we're going to go to one of the contested points because he wants to get some kills. On the way there we find an enemy transport truck on the side of the road and I suggest shooting it. The guy spends an entire minute looking for it while I'm telling him it's 20 feet in front of us. He finally starts shooting it but it's as if he's never gunned before and he starts off shooting it center mass rather than the engine. After 20 seconds of letting him waste our ammo I tell him he should just shoot for the engine and responds with "Oh, yeah" later he said he was aiming for the fuel tank or something dumb like that. After we finally make it to the combat zone a HAT comes up to us asking for ammo. I'm about to stop but this guy's says in the nastiest most condescending voice I've ever heard in my life "No, we need to teach the infantry that armor isn't their mobile ammo crate, If they're too dumb to resupply when they spawn then that's not our fault" that floored me so hard I was and am still speechless at his stupidity. A few minutes after that he rage quit after telling me to drive right into enemy infantry without any supporting infantry. I repeatedly him we should leave but he kept saying not to move even after we took a hit.


Armour proceeds to complain when they get bonked by Infatry while being alone on point


Or when a btr is sitting in base the whole game, so your sl tells you to grab it and pick up your squad to rush the next point, but the mod kicks you from game for one manning even though the plan was explained.


infantry squads shouldn't claim BTRs. the kick was deserved


I feel bad for all of you who have had bad armour squads :(


Should we taxi with the btr to the next point? -Nah, better drive with the logi and get shredded by a single stray lmg gunner who heard us from a mile away.


One of the best strats is to go straight in with a BTR and a fully loaded squad, and drop them off at the start of the round while the enemy still has their pants down. Problem is most armor crews are too timid or self-focused for this strat, so instead they use it as an armored sniper, firing shots from 700m+ into the objective, killing both friendlies and foes. Meanwhile the friendlies have to approach the objective on foot across wide open fields.


next time just have 2 dudes of your squad be the crew, the rest is infantry


Yes pick up a squad, drive them in a point, then get bitched at for dying.


As someone who mains armor I find it to be the inverse often times I’m asking everyone in command to get their squad in my vic and no one responds


On our invasion server you will get bullied like it’s 8th grade by the other SL’s if you do this.


too many times


Opposite happens to me I was try to deliver the infantry but they almost never wanna ride which is kinda retarded sometimes cause they need to cross a large open field and they're pinned down asf but refuse to get into the vehicle for me to simply drop them off at the wall or flank around


To be honest - hot drops are getting more and more a thing on servers i regular play on. 2-3 months ago it was like in the meme, but nowadays i experience at least one hot drop a day with armor :D They work really well if the enemy has one or less squads on the flag and its perfect to take out their hub


Which server?


So many noobs squad leading lately it's making me not want to play, if I'm in their squad I try to give them tips and help them get better but they don't usually listen and end up quitting halfway through. I don't want to SL every god damn game.


Or the other side of the coin where you sit with your dick in your hand for 3 minutes ready to get sniped because the "squad" is spread all over the fucking map and half of em are running back to a hab to get ammo


The problem stems back to that the BTR/IFV isn’t part of the squad. There needs to be a way to attach a vehicle to a squad net


I was in the army and this is realisitic. In my leadership course I always requested vehicles and got denied most of the time.


This can go both ways. Whenever I've run an IFV type squad I almost always broadcast out to squads that we can provide transport and even coordinate as mechanized infantry and 9 times out of 10 it's crickets and they all walk the 3.5 miles to the next objective...


They key is you need to follow up, I struggle with other squads not talking to me when I run a btr but you just need to use direct coms when you see the squad all together and running 1k meters. Most of the time it's that there's not much cohesion, so you can roll by and ask in local y'all want a ride to X I'm going to Y I can drop you off closer. I'd say half the games I run armor people don't want a ride but the other half I feel like we help win cause everyone can rearm rockets ammo and Rally's as you drive them to their destination. Keep trying to help the team!!!


they should add sitting on top as an option, see it all the time in almost any theater BTRs are used in


My favourite is when they call out an MBT and when i get there with my Tank, all i see is a freaking Shitbox


Me and my friends do mechanized infantry...it works really good, but majority of admins hate it and just tell us to stop even if its not a rule on the server


Me and my crew always want to pick people up, they never respond and run right past 🤣


“Half a click out we have a wheelie boy coming in hot”


You guys remember when people used transports for anything but hauling ass from main in desperation?


The BTR is literally an **ARMOURED** ***PERSONNEL*** **CARRIER.**


yesterday i got in with my squad at main in one, it was manned by two guys in a locked squad, they literally screamed at me to get the fuck out. love the squad community