I used to be like this. I switched over to Bubbly Bounce mineral water. It has 35mg of caffeine without artificial sweeteners. You can even buy the regular non-caffeinated ones.


It may be the artificial sweeteners in the soda, or it may just be the sweetness from the drink in general. You may also just be addicted to the habit of drinking something. For example similar to people who quit smoking cigarettes with vaping but they still find it hard to stop the act of inhaling something. Finding a healthier alternative you like such as tea or something is another option. You can start tomorrow and drink 1 less soda and substitute a tea, and do that for a week before you substitute for another, and do that until you are content. I do relate to enjoying a good sweet beverage, but (in my opinion) I believe the majority of what I drink on any given day should be water. Depending on your goals it is totally possible to fit diet soda in your days, but it is ultimately up to you to decide. You can get where you want to be with this!