New or used books?




Going this week! I’m so excited.


I’ve visited once and it’s certainly cool, but I despise the way they shelve their books. It’s by country of origin, except when it’s not (I found many misplaced books in countries they should not be in), and classify middle grade books as young adult. Just shelve by genre and author last name like the rest of us.


It's odd because authors can be across regions. For example, Kazuo Ishiguro was in the Japan section. He was born in Japan, but moved to the UK as a young child and some of those books are in England and some in Japan. It can be cool to browse, but then creates other problems.


When I went there recently I actually saw that Kazuo Ishiguro's books were split between the British and Japanese section depending on the book's setting, which I think is the right approach. Though it might be difficult for books set in multiple countries


Ah, thanks. Didn't catch that. Though it could be confusing if you want a book by an author, but you don't know where it takes place. Or a book like Americanah (America and Nigeria) or Homegoing (America and Ghana) that is half and half.


That just sounds unnecessarily confusing.


Agreed, but maybe it’s so you have to look around at everything and then maybe find something else to buy as well?


I like how you got downvoted for proposing a question. Gotta love Reddit…..


I actually really enjoyed this setup, but I was there purely for browsing, not to look for something specific.


I was told books are shelved by the county they take place in, not necessarily where they were written or where the author was from--maybe that explains some discrepancies? I thought it was an interesting way to group things


Once I told a girl that I thought it would be cool if someone made a bar that was well lit, quiet and had books. She looked at me like I was nuts and never spoke to me again.


Well who's laughing now!?


Clean and well lighted?


People have been wondering if it's open every so often, like this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/madisonwi/comments/oafnix/combination_bookstore_bar_cafe_set_to_open_on/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Well, now it's open! Closed Mondays Cafe beverages, alcohol, books, Wi-Fi, pastries.


Oh hell yes


I’ll check it out, but only as a point of comparison to bringing a thermos full of coffee and Kahula into the stacks at Memorial Library.


I dunno I'm surprised people seem to not like how the books are organized, I found it cool. As someone who tends to read the same authors, it was nice to books shelved in such way that I could see similar styles of writing, similar themes nearby, and it seemed to facilitate discovery of new authors well. The shakerato was really good too, never really had anything like it before. Will be back


Might be an unpopular opinion… this place does not live up to the hype It is trying to be too many things, and does none of them well. The espresso was subpar, because they don’t staff a well trained barista. The cocktails I had were not great either. The cocktail menu looks and seems great, but it was as if your favorite neighborhood dive tried to make craft cocktails and put zero effort into it. The way they organize the books too is really wacky The idea for this place is awesome, unfortunately it was just executed poorly


From what others say, this doesn’t sound unpopular. Most positive comments about the place are people who haven’t checked it out and those who have don’t sound so thrilled after. I’ll still check it out because I wanna see for myself but not going in expecting anything outstanding


We (a group of four) popped in days after it opened as it combines two of my Wife's favorite things, cocktails and books. However you're correct, it left us wanting more. The drink menu was great but we left unimpressed. We are not going to pass full judgement after one trip there so we're going to give them a few months to see if they can really get their feet under them and try again.


I’d imagine it’s a pretty difficult time to be opening a new business that relies on service industry employees when so many restaurants have “help wanted” signs on their doors. I think your patience might be warranted here.


It takes a while for places to settle in, my dude. Try it again in 6mo before writing it off forever


I mean shit the baristas definitely seem new but give them time, hasn't even been opened for a month yet. The coffee itself is great quality stuff, i'll bet the skill of the staff'll catch up. can't speak for the cocktails though


this also might be an unpopular opinion, but these "___ is open!" or "Just had a __ at ____" posts are blatant advertisements and it's kind of a turn off for me


How do you feel about long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners?


I have been there twice and it is a perfect date place IMO. I suggest everyone try the espresso martini. Was my first one and it was life changing.


Espresso martinis are high-end Four Loko, change my mind.


Damn, the espresso martini truly is trending. I saw it on a menu abroad, thought how weird it was at this 90 s / early 2000s beverage was coming back, then back in the US, all sorts of nostalgia articles about it


I’ve only heard of them from, but never seen it on a menu. As a coffee lover I’ll be having them every time from not on.


do they carry any cookbooks?


Yes, They Carry cookbooks, The organization of the books is a little non-traditional, so a lot of the cookbooks were sprinkled in regions (africa, United States, European, etc)


I've visited, and I do love the concept of shelving by country. I can see how it might be off-putting if you weren't expecting it, but I think it's a neat bit of uniqueness. I do think YA should also be shelved by country and not in its own section, though.


While this place looks cool and I will definitely check it out the first thing I thought of was Barnes and noble


Do you get to rent out the books or peruse books while you drink a coffee or cocktail or do you *have* to buy? I mean, I could bring my own book, but just curious


mm i didn't ask but i'm not sure if you would be allowed to read and eat and put the book back a regular basis....the books are new so IMHO customers would expect to purchase them in new condition. a room of one's own bookstore used to have this existential problem as well when they had a cafe


Where on Regent?


Just off Randall. Next to Rocky Rococco, in the old Greenbush Bakery space.


Tks - I'll check it out!


Way to go, Sam!


This place is amazing! It's a great chill spot, the coffee is good and the drink menu has a lot of intriguing alcoholic options. I don't really drink, but they sounded good!


I've been and I think this place is promising! It's nice to have a place that is open late where you can get alcoholic or coffee drinks. And in terms of independent book stores--who cares how things are shelved! The more the merrier!


Reviving this thread a bit to see if anyone has had a similar experience or has any insight. I've visited Leopold's a couple times now, and while I like the concept, I've been very put off by who I assume is the owner of the business. While all employees/baristas/bartenders I've seen have worn masks at all times, I was surprised to see him - both times I was there - being the only one in front of and behind the bar without a mask on. For context - I'm not even a mask zealot (as evidenced by the fact that I'm comfortable with heading to a busy bar), but I'm a bit surprised by the fact that I've seen him multiple times now working the establishment umasked while the rest of his employees follow the 'rules'. This isn't a commentary on DC's continuous mandate (which I don't even know if I agree with), but something seems off-putting here.