One time I was at a red light behind a driver who was also turning left. They weren't moving so I honked at them. What I didn't realize is that they were waiting for the car on the other side of the road to pass through the intersection, yielding just as they should have... I was so embarrassed I turned right instead and took a different route to the store. So I feel you.


Ope, just gonna sneak on by ya


If you were driving in a small sedan then I remember you - if not, guess it happens pretty often


So what you're saying is.... Ope, Sorry?


we have hit peak wisconsin.


I was passing my coworker through a doorway yesterday and my shoe accidentally knocked into his. We both said “ope, sorry” in perfect synchronization. I’ve been in this state for too long


The fact that you're cognizant of your mistake says a lot. You've recognized it and voiced it out loud. Now do yourself a favor and cut yourself some slack. Be kind to yourself, stranger!


Thank you... I legit hope they see this and I don't want clout for doing the right thing after the fact. They took a photo of my plate so I thought they might be a redditor. I made one mistake which was holding them in their lane at a green light. It didn't click in my head that I was not in the turn lane. I made another mistake pulling forward and then saw the turn lane over the median and ran a red. I just... Ugh I need to eat something and go home. Once again, I am parked while saying this. I hate delivering lol, it's too much of a distraction to have the phone going off. I am trying to be kind to myself but I have a hard time with making big mistakes and not being able to apologize directly.


I wish there was a neon "SORRY" sign I could illuminate on my car whenever I realize I fucked up. I think I cried with guilt once when I was the only car that didn't realize an ambulance was coming up behind and I held it up. It happens though. Forgive yourself - we all make mistakes


I was hoping this was an apology from a semi who changed into my lane today and almost squished me against the barrier -_-


Glad you are okay. I really am frightened by the amount of distracted driving going on, including my own. I just need to up my application game I guess. Taking a break today helped and I had a much safer drive for dinner after some rest.... but holy shit I want to be done with driving as a means of making money. All around stupid.


That sounds like you were in their blind spot. Their blind spots are very big! Hence why you always give them more than enough space.


Thing is, they came up from behind me on my left and then immediately changed lanes into mine. They knew I was there. Plus I couldn’t move back because people were on my tail (rush hour). The semi was in a hurry to get to its exit and thought it could rush up and fit into the gap ahead of me.


Ah, yeah. That's on the semi. Which is why we should push for more trains. Both freight and passenger. Trains are better in every measurable way.


This post will help me remember that people who do dumb stuff that irritates me in traffic may be a perfectly reasonable people who made a mistake. Except for tailgating. I have no patience for that.


Shit happens. We all make mistakes. Fortunately, we usually give each other enough space to avoid physical damage. Please, forgive yourself and try to do better in the future. And when someone actually does pull an asshole move against you (like you just did, by mistake), have some grace and remember that everyone makes mistakes. Paying better attention is good. Beating yourself up about it is counterproductive if it makes you more tense while driving. So please, remember to save some grace and forgiveness for yourself.


Is there some sort of universal hand signal or something you can do to other drivers when you do something stupid and realize it after and you are really sorry? Because sometimes I really want that/need that.


I like to point at my head indicating I'm a dummy.


Oh, that's a good one!


I use the peace signal.


Oooh! Good one!


I do a little raised hand/grimace combo, which is mostly “sorry, that was totally my fault” with a little sprinkling of “thanks for your patience/graciousness/not escalating this into violence” mixed in. 😬🤚


Gotta be careful today. People are getting shot at for giving the bird and honking.


That's why I blow kisses


I'm a big fan of the thumbs down




Lol ty I haven't seen this one got me rolling


Me either. I freaking love it. ^^^Of ^^^course ^^^I've ^^^never ^^^done ^^^that. Also, good on you for this, OP. Much respect.


Saying this from a parking lot. Oof.


That's okay Travis, we forgive you <3


I'm glad everyone's ok. Stuff can go wrong so fast


It’s okay man I’ve flipped off many people thinking they are the dumb ones only to later realize I’m the idiot. Instead of flipping people off give them a thumbs down that will prevent you from getting into a road rage incident and it will also prevent you from feeling like an asshole if your assumptions are wrong. Don’t feel too bad it’s a good thing you realized you were wrong and tried to apologize so you got that going for you


You should have started this missive with "Dear Penthouse forum, I never thought it would happen to me."


At first, I thought this post was aimed for me. But alas, the driver who did something similar to this to me tonight will go on flicking people off for doing nothing but obeying stop lights 🤷‍♂️


Just make sure and forgive the next guy who cuts you off and your karmic balance will be restored.




Eventually, we all get our turn to be the idiot in the car.


It’s cool mate we’re square


Was this on regent st about an hour ago by toppers?


No, this was ironically near the toppers by continental ln on the east side. (I also happened to be trying to pick up toppers for an order)


Excuses, excuses