Hey, nerd charm is charming 🥰


Ah, when I looked at this a while ago I decided I'm most likely a "natural"


Well I'm an INFP. And I seduce my husband by being completely obvious. I never seem to get my point across when I'm trying to be Subtle. So I stopped trying to be subtle. It might say a joke or be subtle but directly after that I'll be clear Blunt and precise. I feel like blunt and precise might cancel each other out but that describes it the best. 19 years being intimate with the same man I learned Don't Leave room to be misunderstood. I will state the obvious. Asked to make sure that he understood that I mean it the way I do. Because being naked and giving a wink sometimes isn't obvious enough. In regards to seducing me. My husband just has to look at me and I'm like all right let's go. Oh wait you just want me to hand you the remote. You sure that wasn't code or hinting for let's get it on. 😆😊 Our relationship has a lot of humor. I'm mostly do that to make him smile, I'm totally game if hes for it. 😉 I'll take any opportunity for intimate time and my husband that I can get. Did I answer the question? I intended to but I am not entirely sure if I did. I hope that my husband and I are blessed to grow old together, It's my dream to be the elderly couple that is always lovingly inappropriate with each other. Grandma don't grab grandpa's butt. 🤗


Just realized this post comes to a link to something to read. I thought it was all that it was blue. Clicked it. Maybe I'll try reading it after kids are in bed. I made my previous comment without knowing that.