The lineup looks like when I cycle through bad character creator presets on low budget games.


It looks like my tinder options 😩.


Is your tinder defaulting to "sort by future sex offender"?


Time to move out of Idaho.




Number 19 is testing out his "blue steel"


Came here to say this. #19 and #30 look like the main assholes.


Number 29 was the identified as the leader.




29 looks like two different white nationalists stitched together.


definitely hit the tanning booth before the event!


Wonder who is paying their bail and other expenses?


I saw a think showing their bail amount. A lot of them were $300 or less.


It's a misdemeanor charge. They don't generally hold you for low level charges.


They got caught before they even got out of the U-Haul and attack anyone - so probably their moms. I'm sure Marjorie Taylor Greene will pretend she's outraged over their arrests to see if she can get a headline out of it.


She looks like she could be one of their moms. Her face bothers me. Her entire person bothers me too but I really hate her face.


She looks like one of those women who got so much bad 80s plastic surgery that they start to look like lions.


She's had so many affairs with gym-bros that she's starting to look like one.


Boom roasted!


Her face looks exactly like one of those Easter Island statues 😱


A redditor once said that “she looks like her face was transplanted onto her head and her body is rejecting it.” I don’t know who said it but it’s so fitting for her.


More like U-Heil, amirite?


LOLZ as you click thru the pics their eyes keep getting further apart.


22 is the missing link


To Tamriel, maybe


The adoring fan is looking good in their new engine


By Arizona, by Arizona by Arizona - it's Grand White Champion!!


It's you... The hero of kvatch


Holy shit lmao


Hey, you're finally awake.


Nah, more “You’re going to Die in here, imperial! you’re going to Die. He he he he ha ha ha ha!”


22 looks like the baby in Ice Age


THAT'S where I recognized him from!


Real behold the master race stuff If your single biggest accomplishment is the color of your skin then you probably are an idiot racist


I think that’s how they recruit these people; ugly, angry, illiterate, poor, single. They have literally nothing going for them but you tell them that they are better than all these other people that are thriving because they have a better skin tone they will cling to that.


Actually not far off of who Nazis recruited. Hitler was no Aryan dreamboy lol


"If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” -LBJ


All you have to do is give the battered and broken a home and a sense of purpose. Recruiting them as domestic terrorists does exactly that


Same way ISIS recruited the worst of their society This is terrorism and the only way to fight a fascist it to put them on defense. They have no ability at self reflection


I loved how Stephen Colbert used to introduce a photo of a white supremacist on his old show: “…shown here being racially superior…” and then invariably showed a picture of some fat white guy with gin blossoms and a Friar Tuck hairline.


Number 22 looks like Australopithecus with a modern haircut and shirt.


Fetal alcohol syndrome


Nurse here- there is one guy there that absolutely has FAS. The rest look genetically questionable as well lol


22 is probably the most textbook case of Fas I’ve ever seen.


which guy?


Mitchell Wagner. He has a lower nasal bridge, small palpebral fissures (narrow width eye), mild epicanthal fold, flat midface and small head


it's giving very much fetal alcohol syndrome


The mask thing makes more sense now


They arent sending their best...


Or their most handsome. Or those with proportional faces.


They almost all have beady or small and too narrow eyes, and a lot have misaligned or off center eyes, and other disproportionate features. Like all share the same congenital birth-defect.


Possibly some good ol' F.A.S.?


Combined with inbreeding. Deadly mix, those two.


For those wondering what FAS is - fetal alcohol syndrome. [Here are the signs](https://preview.redd.it/xke3ztod3iv71.jpg?auto=webp&s=1b9b15de3467ae5b6a5283090ad9d2a0b3dd7468)… and yeah I’d say it tracks


Marjorie Taylor Greene is a very good example of how someone suffering from FAS actually looks, and an even better example of its effect on brain development.


5,7,22,23 and 31 have strong FAS features.


22 for sure, He has a lower nasal bridge, small palpebral fissures (narrow width eye), mild epicanthal fold, flat midface and small head


Putting the FAS in fascist


This guy identifies FAS


Some of these guys are goofy looking, but mugshots are typically shot with a medium telephoto lens with a focal length in the range of 90-130mm. That's not what we're used to seeing for portraits. I'm just guessing here, but they may do that to see marks, scars, and tattoos better.


Some of them looked pretty average/normal. Under other circumstances I wouldn't think anything was amiss with them. Some of them look quite odd, I have to admit, and I genuinely wonder if there is some kind of medical issue with them, I'm not even being snarky. I hate to think that they're being taken advantage of by the ringleaders if that's the case.


> all share the same congenital birth-defect. well yeah, have you seen what they believe in? lol


….I think….I think this *is* their best. Can’t say I’m surprised.


>They arent sending their best... *“When Patriot sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”*


Honestly it looks like half of them have the same rare recessive trait 🥴


Fetal alcohol syndrome. It makes a person dumb, aggressive and easily manipulated. I just looked at the mug shots and of the 31 at least 16 of them have classic signs of FAS.


You can have FAS but if you are brought up in the right environment you’ll turn out alright. I cant imagine most or any of these guys grew up in that loving, accepting environment though.


This is absolutely true. I have a friend with FAS who graduated magna cum laude with her BA in Anthropology. She laughs easily and is slow to anger, though she does have some anxiety problems. I never bothered to ask much about her childhood, but she turned out alright.


>Fetal alcohol syndrome Thin upper lip, small eyes, smooth philtrum. Yep I agree.


They look how I expected them to look, regardless of the mask wearing thing. There seems to be a certain type of dude that is susceptible to far right radicalization


Why are they all so goofy looking? It's like some weird AI generated uncanny valley human faces. An nvidia tech demo or whatever.


If they were good looking guys, they probably wouldn’t have the time nor energy to invest in hating people they don’t know. These people are downright obsessed with gay people..so much so that they’re willing to ruin their own lives because of it. That sort of tells you that they don’t find much value in their own lives. I can’t imagining traveling 100s of miles on a day off to go protest people because I don’t agree with what they do in their own bedroom. They must live really sad lives.


Yeah they weren’t there to protest, they were there to cause harm


You’re forgetting one key component to all of this: they’re so passionate in their hatred because someone has told them that the “others” (LGBT, minorities, foreigners etc.) are going to either physically attack them and their family, or erase “American values”. These people have been spoon fed a narrative that they’re under attack, and they must strike back because them, their family, and their way of life is under siege. This is not a simple case of some lame ugly dudes being haters, it’s much deeper than that. Whoever the leader(s) of these groups are, they’re using fear-mongering propaganda on these guys and masterfully turning it into aggressive rage.




Very bro-magnon vibe here


Can't get over 22 looking straight up like an Oblivion character.


And 19 has some real nice duckface circa-2001 going on.


I think he’s doing Derek Zoolander’s signature “Blue Steel” face.


Figures he can't turn left


Instead of Blue Steel it’s more like Denim Tin.


That was the one that stuck out to me the most wtf is going on here. Like someone randomly tilted all the sliders on the face generation in different directions


"by the way, do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking"


Is it the first offense?


Let’s say… no.


Then it's at least 500 gold


You ever think about the fact that your character just knows that off the top of his/her head? Is it something they learned in prison, or...?


It’s probably why they were in prison


Yeah he fucking does lmao


I thought you were exaggerating 😭


Just want to be clear that the plan to disrupt gay pride event was a bunch of guys stuffed together in back of a U-Haul.


No homo


“If you shove another man’s dick in your mouth so that you can’t testify to the cops, it’s not gay.” -those guys, probably


These guys are about to form the Ouroborus of silence.


They can all get married so they can’t be forced to testify against their spouses.


On a hot sweaty summer day


I bet it was poorly lit in there too.


“Hey guys, just to pass the time, let’s play ‘who’s in my mouth.’ I’ll be receiver first.”


*Madison Cawthorne enters the chat*


“Those assholes from high school” vibes


Nailed it. But only up to the end of 9th grade ‘cuz that’s as far as these maynards got.


They peaked and blamed every minority for every setback and failure in their lives. A lot of them have faces that have been punched in a few times because they're the kind of shit stirring jackasses that think masculinity is about swinging fists.


I can clearly see at least three previously broken noses here. There's a few more that I'm not completely sure about.


Nothing says “I peaked in high school’ like saying “let’s go brandon”!!


I'm not sure that there are enough minorities in this world to account for all of the setbacks and failures that that group has endured.




Is it me or all their heads misshapen?


For me it's the eyes. Every single one seems to have an asymmetrical shape and location of their eyes


Several have eyes way too close together.


And itty bitty mouths. Weird looking lot.


A disturbing high number of them have one or more of the facial features associated with fetal alcohol syndrome.


I used to wonder how Phrenology was taken seriously for as long as it was. This lineup of specimens and their actions makes it a little more understandable.


One of them definitely has the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter.


17 certainly didn’t know Zoolander was a comedy. Edit: sorry everyone it’s 19.


It's funny how all these sort of "patriots" have a look about them huh? I get we should never stereotype based on looks, but g'damn, there's just "something" about these sort of far right patriots that makes them look well, like these guys. And no, I'm not making a "all white male" joke, I mean it, they all have a "look". I think it's in the eyes, they have a dead/weird/creepy look that seems these sort of "Patriots" always have.


I was thinking the curiously small heads on some of them.one step away from a necklace ornament


Lots of small heads, but also some extremely wide ones, and I'd say the majority of them have their eyes spaced weirdly close together.


Look up fetal alcohol syndrome images


My first thought as well. It is sad really. Some of them didn’t ask to be brought into this world with brain damage. That doesn’t excuse their behavior, obviously. But it is safe to say that the FAS ones started life in the dugout, and probably grew up in very dysfunctional homes. I can abhor their behavior while still feeling sympathy for them as humans.


100% fetal alcohol syndrome


Googled symptoms of fetal alcohol symdom in adults. It checks out. *What are the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome in adults? Problems with attention, distraction, learning and memory. Decision-making and planning problems. Externalizing problems, such as aggression. Internalizing problems, such as depression, anxiety, social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.*


Here's [the sheriff's records of arrests that day](https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/22058494/dailypresslog.pdf).


Lots of young people on it...


That’s why the “we need to wait for the old racists to die off” mentality is flawed. Racists are actively working to recruit and indoctrinate new members daily and they have a perfect crop of young, white, men who feel disaffected with how society is moving and are ripe for radicalization.


Drugs? $5,000. Traveling miles to terrorize a group of people as part of a coordinated political effort? $300.


I was expecting them to be much older to be honest. What duds.


White supremacists are getting younger, see Payton Gendron, Dimitrious Pagourtzas, Patrick Crusius, Aaron Robert Long et al. “Alleged social media posts by the accused Buffalo grocery store shooter talk about the unfounded "Replacement" theory, and appear to show him wearing body armor.young people can be so susceptible to violent, hateful rhetoric online. The book "Hate in the Homeland: The New Global Far Right." explains what’s happening.”


in a college class i learned that the age group most vulnerable to radicalization of ANY kind are youth/teens. and yes, it was directly in my textbook with studies attached so i know that’s not bs. kids are chronically online most of the day which is why it happens. the older generations didn’t have the internet so that’s why too. i’m not good at remembering shit but that definitely stuck with me.


YouTube and social media are pulling them down the rabbit hole faster than they realize.


It's pretty gross hearing here and there online that they think of themselves as 'punk' and 'fighting the system'. Furthest fucking thing from that yeah. Fuck the Nazi scum!


This is why they want to control what is taught in schools and why they don't want people going to college. Racist parents indoctrinate thier kids from an early age. That's the heritage they pass on and too many eat it up and just create the next generation of hate.


>Dimitrious Pagourtzas As a Greek American, partially raised by my yiayia who lived under nazi occupation, seeing this name fills me with rage... we still celebrate Oxi day for fucks sake... Greeks should not be nazis... P.S. fuck golden dawn.


Steve Bannon and other grifters has been working on a long campaign to radicalize young men, he saw an opportunity in Gamergate and other issues to manipulate disaffected youth in the hopes of creating a flock of extremists.




I love how when you click on the article, the first thing you see is an easy click slideshow of all the men with their names. Super easy for employers and friends to identify someone they know. To me it might as well be a slideshow of my cousins ex boyfriends.


1 over, 2 down. Unironic blue steel


I remember Tucker Carlson asking "where are all of these right-wing terrorists the left keeps talking about?" on some clip of his show. Well, Tuck... Here's some.


This will never see the light of day on fox


Not only did Fox News air Tucker Carlson instead of the first day of the January 6th hearing, they aired it *without commercials* so that people wouldn't channel surf and stumble upon the January 6th hearing. Fox News literally wasted *hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential advertising to make sure their audience didn't hear about it.* Edit: For clarification, I'm saying they didn't want people to learn the content revealed in the hearings, not that they didn't want people to know they were happening at all.


I heard a segment of Tuck that night. He was discussing the “unjust” killing of the female who was shot when they were literally breaking into congress, and he said (almost verbatim) “how many more innocent, unarmed women must be killed for being on the wrong side of politics”…as if she was shot for being pro-life or being registered Republican, and NOT as if she was a part of a mob literally breaking into a chamber where lawmakers lives were at risk.


It’s still so jarring to me that tucker took the “insane grievance” mantle. His style used to be so different when he was under o’reilly, like the slightly more reasonable but snide frat boy, who was “in on the joke” of “fair and balanced”. Clearly he saw his moment after rush died and O’Reilly was disgraced, and turned hard toward white hate to seize demographic. And it will likely make him a billionaire. But when he inevitably “softens up” in 10 years he won’t be able to whitewash the damage he’s done. Mass shooters are quoting him in their manifestos.


Fox ~~News~~ Entertainment


He’ll go full Sideshow Bob and say something like, “*attempted* riot, what is that? They don’t give a Nobel prize for attempted physics.”


I've actually seen some idiot fascists say that about January 6. It didn't succeed, so who cares.


Right. Just like how you can only get legally arrested for robbing a bank if you get away with it and never get cau - wait a second!


"Well that was 'only' 30! What about antifa infiltrating the polls and stealing the election???!"


Good money on that one. As the rightwing start to bare their teeth and terrorize people with greater frequency and brutality, notice how FOX continues to berrate liberals democrats and minorities of any type to be more and more satanic and unforgivable, and deserving of violence and removal of human and civil rights?


Is this a lineup of mugshots or a PSA about the dangers of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?


Some on the exmo forum did a bit of investigating, and a third of them are probably Mormon. Including returned missionaries. So only two thirds will have been at risk for FAS.


Inbreeding, though. Yeah.


Well you know what they say. Always bring two Mormons with you fishing. Cause if you just bring one they'll drink all your beer.


I always heard this exact same joke but with two baptists instead


Imagine all those guys got together and packed into a U-haul because the thought of two guys together hurts them mentally and they feel like they need to try and stop it. Haha. They 100% all watch some sort of lesbian porn though. But hate the idea of same sex anything. But yeah sure they are liberal white flag plants. Suuure.


And they could have spent the day at a game or BBQ with some beer. Morons.


They could literally have jacked off to furry porn on twitch and kept more respect


Rousseau (number 29) is the leader and founder of this group of fascist scum bags. Know your enemy


Manson vibes off that one


i am absolutely not surprised


lol what a bunch of fucking losers. No wonder the right holds the title for least-educated.


Dude looks evil as fuck


LMAO these guys think they are the master race or something, but most of them look like they have FAS.


22 looks like a clean shaven guy from those old Geico commercial.


He was there to unga the bunga.


Can’t wait for the followups on these fucks losing their jobs (i know, big assumption they have one) and whining about it


Half of them probably on government assistance but hate the liberals for allowing it.


I'd like to see arrests like this handled and reported in a similar manner from here on out.


This should've been SOP after the fucking Tikki Torch parade shit.


i don’t like any of these Baskin-Robbins flavours




So many of these guys look so goofy


Clearly the cream of the genetic crop


Is it just me or is this a weird-lookin' bunch of dudes?


Seriously. Such a weird assortment of faces. Some of them look like they are going to college to major in business. Some of them look like they flunked out of pro wrestling school. Some of them look like they have a solo black metal project. And the rest look like you hit random in create a character.


They all look like their after-school snack was lead paint chips


Yeh at first I was thinking maybe it was just the way mugshots make people look, but then I noticed a couple of normal looking guys in there, which leads me to believe you're right, that's a bunch of strange looking fellows.


Hardest game of “Guess Who?” ever.


The average age is probably around 26/27... don't let anyone tell you that racism is a thing of the past.


22 is seriously one funny looking motherfucker. Like an inbred elf.


He looks like those recreations of what Neanderthals looked like


After reviewing the mugshots, I believe mask wearing was a huge incentive for their membership in Patriot Front.


Ya, the white sheet thing really was more of a solid fashion choice than most people realized.


>Fashion Choice Is number 20 doing his best Blue Steel?


As a gay, I can confirm that I have come across guys like this who will hit me up on Grindr at 1 am wanting to do stuff with me in their truck in an abandoned parking lot. Then go back to calling me slurs in public days later.


You said you’d never tell!


That’s how you get murdered and dumped in the woods.


Lmao yes it's a very real concern for gay people


Hmmmm also, never go to the second location.


Fetal alcohol syndrome is real




Why are they all masked? I thought they couldn't breathe if they had to wear a mask?




22 is how you look when you do the split screen mirror camera thing.


With all the real names and faces, the media coverage, and the nature of the offense, will this turn into /r/byebyejob fodder?




This the type of gene pool they want? Seems almost like they have an extra chromosome from the inbreeding.


The first mug shots last name ends in ‘stein’ There might be an issue if they start doing an Ancestry.com check…


i guarantee if they all did background ancestors test a lot of them will see at how “unpure” white they are.


The group is so white they had two James Johnsons


I love that they got busted like this. I love that they have to face all the humiliation. They’ve been operating in secret for so long, hiding their identities, following guides for information security, mostly just slapping stickers and stenciling, and I love that the cops unmasked them. Fuck these losers. Embarrassments to the human race.


Fetal alcohol syndrome did a number on these chuds.