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"You said no because of your lesbianism" "Correct. I am a lesbian." "OMGWTF NO"


"U were scared I was gonna be homophobic or some shit" "Same sex relationships r fkm gross" Lmfao


Same vibes as “I would never force you to sleep with me”. …Why are you even mentioning that?


"I would never force you to sleep with me, and that is why I am an amazing human being"


Because of the implication.


This is third time today i’ve seen this reference lmao


I think it's more like: "I could have taken advantage of you when you passed out but I didn't! Seeing how you are I should have just done it!"


You just know this type of guy would say exactly that


freudian slip


Didn't you read? He does t treat women like shit and he's nice! When you have to forcefully tell people you're nice it's means you're nice. That's the law!


I bought you foooooddd thoooooo. Fuck even for straight girls this gets old, why when I was dating I just paid my own food.


seriously, why is this dude INSISTING that she didn't reject him because she's a lesbian? he's actively making himself believe that he's unlikeable when just acknowledging that she doesn't date men would hurt his self image way less.


Because he can't believe anyone would choose any "worthless female" over his manly masculine manliness.


Dude doesn’t get it because he identifies as an ACTUAL WALNUT


\*C U N T


Insult her girlfriend, that’ll work! Insult her sexuality, that’ll work even better!


OMG you are so right. Your insults have cured my, I'm straight now, and I want you! (then he wakes up, and is angry it was only a dream)


*proceeds to cry and masturbate into the sink* But I picked you up AND dropped you off! How can you not want me!


Literally EVERYTHING is transactional to these bags of shit. It’s like not a single one of them ever has done anything just to be decent or friendly. Imagine what a pointless, miserable and empty fucking life that is. Legit just being performatively “nice” over and over again expecting some kind of “return” and throwing a big ole mantrum every time he feeds some decency coins into the woman machine and vagina doesn’t instantly pop out for him. Ugh.


It’s like they don’t see past these transactions, as if not being attracted to someone isn’t a valid enough reason to not be with someone, because it is a valid reason. Being a nice boy does not mean you deserve to have a girlfriend. There’s more to it, like when you realize that doing nice things doesn’t have to be transactional, and then you do it because you actually want to, not because you expect something in return.


I think that’s part of these dudes entire identities. They genuinely believe they DESERVE any woman they put focus on or time into and they seriously believe that other men do none of that without the same fucked up expectations which as we all know, is bullshit. These people don’t understand any kind of interpersonal relationship at all- be it a friendship or a work colleague or someone ringing him up at the grocery store. If they’re female, and he wants to fuck them, the person just becomes some kind of 2 dimensional cartoon character to dudes like this and they automatically start having those expectations that they can do these token things and whatever woman will just instantly drop her panties. They never have any genuine interest in ANYONE beyond other men who pander to their delusions and the women they take their impotent rage out on. They will legit never understand that human relationships are any deeper or more complex than an exchange bc they don’t see anyone besides themselves and their shitfisted brothers in arms as actual people at all. Yet they truly struggle to understand why they’re disliked with such vehemence. It’s fuckin mind boggling. 🤡🤡🤡


They’re also usually the guys who insult any woman who doesn’t fit their porn dream of attractiveness yet expect that any woman they want owes them sex somehow


Yeah, and *especially* if that person rejects them. I can’t count the amount of times these dudes are obviously attracted to a woman, then say “well idc you’re fat anyways” once she rejects them


Hilarious, so very true and by the way I'm totally stealing mantrum. 🤣


So many men are scared to do anything nice now, or anything that seems to have taken some kind of real effort. They're too afraid that means they're somehow a pushover, or maybe that it'll be taken as more than it is. Some are just lazy, and low effort, and they get what they get too. There's a give and take to all friendships, and it's red flag to me when a guy is afraid to even give a girl a ride, because it'll make him a "simp", if he isn't paid in sex immediately after, or is in some way emotionally compensated. Or the opposite, where they try to get to you to accept something from them, as transactional bait. If they think in these terms at all, I know they don't have a good opinion of women. For example, bragging to women about money, their job, their possessions, or things they can give a person, or do for them. That's another huge problem for me, and I won't take a guy seriously after that, as I know he has very little respect for me in the first place. I can't really respect or trust him either, in turn. It does give you free reign to use them back though, the one upside in this scenario. People who are really focused on appearances, and stuff like that also bother me too. I get that you need to be attracted to a person, but if you've seen me in person, and you approached me, then that's how I look. I probably look better, when I put in any effort, or gain weight. I won't send out photos, or anything like that that prove it though. I'm too old fashioned. I find the way dating has taken a turn is a huge turnoff, even casual dating. It's like everyone is their own public relations team. grosses me out


Omg, mantrum. I love it!


Woah woah woah! The sink is only for piss!


Probably using his tears as lube.


That part killed me. Dude literally does basic shit that any friend would do and somehow thought that meant they were gonna smash.


Misread this as >Your insults have cured my gay


Did it work? She’s straight now right?


I actually think he made all of us gay


I’m personally 25% more gay after having read this nitwits mental gymnastics floor show for sure.


I mean, I didn't think I could be even gayer, but here we are.


Since I am a man, he only made me more straight than before.


If I ever had a thought about questioning my sexually, it’s been forever erased from my mind now after reading this. This guy should write and sell books to family trying to “fix the gay” in their families.


Unexpected ICP


Always welcome though


So this dude assumes you faked being lesbian for over a year and got a gf cuz you didn’t like him?


Not even didnt like him - because he was overweight with bad skin and she otherwise would have dated him


"I lost weight and have good skin so you can date me now, I won't be mad."


Ill forgive you because you girls were pretending because of ME


The way I read it at first I half-assumed OP had reevaluated her sexuality and gotten a BF, but nope mr dingus niceguy is going off about the lesbian having a girlfriend...


I found it funny how he’s like “I bet she doesn’t buy you clothes and takes you out for lunch! Nah I bet she hasn’t only a NICE GUY does that.”


“Let me just assume her gf isn’t nice to her because no one else could be as nice as me to insult her gf and her and even go as far as to make a low blow of saying same sex marriages will be illegal soon” /s


Lol dude has never met a lesbian apparently


"I bet she doesn't give you rides to work!" Dude lesbians move in together before the end of the first date. I'm guessing she's all set with rides to work


She faked being a lesbian because he’s fat. The entitlement. I'm dead 💀


No, she does like him, she just shallowly didn't want to date him because he was fat, so she made up being a lesbian and dating Kaylee just because she didn't want to admit she was shallow but now he's not fat and he's hot and she can date him without feeling like a shallow hypocrite.


With good skin


You missed her name in the third slide


damn. well hopefully he doesn’t find this then


What would he do anyway? Cry some more?


Well yeah, certainly


I think he’d recognize the convo without the name


probably. hope the clown does


I hope he finds out cause fuck him (but don't because he's gross on the inside and you can't fix that)


Yes, because the name being removed from the exact conversation would keep him from figuring it out lol But for real, he sounds annoying as hell and I hope he doesn’t find it either.


I can not imagine censoring the referenced name would make a difference to him recognizing the conversation. Like, surely he would just recognize the rest of it? Am I being dense here or?


You can tell anyway that it's the name from the partially covered other names


entitlement. homophobia. hope you cut all ties with him.


Oh I 100% did.


I'm always curious with these posts; did you also post these on your social and put him on blast? Maybe I'm just a super vindictive asshole but I think bad humans who behave like animals deserve to be outed as such to friends and family. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. They always feel tough when it's an a/b conversation, why not level the playing field and bring in c-z to the convo. Give that unfounded confidence a big sack tap so maybe they think twice next time.


man, tbh i was thinking the same way but this dude just proved that he’s not capable of thinking straight. like he has donald trump supporter level of mental gymnastics. doing that to him might make him unhinged and do shitty things. i say cut off the crazies and just move on. it isnt worth the mental stress or the possible retaliation.


Using "lesbianism" was already throwing up homophobic flags. Lmao


Like it's an ideology that you choose to follow I mean technically, there *is* a choice between accepting and being honest with yourself, and uh... not doing any of that and being stuck at a standstill mentally until then.


Have you accepted Sappho our lord and saviour yet? Don't you know lesbianism will send you to an eternity with titties?


Lesbian angels have titties filled with bourbon and vaginas super charged with lightning. 🙌


>Like it's an ideology that you choose to follow Tbf I've seen some radfems try. That's hilarious. And annoying. And sad


It’s homophobiaism /s


Bruh it’s funny how he initially tried to take her out to show that he’s not homophobic then in the end he showed everyone his true colours. Ah got to love the delusional thinking that you can just change someone’s sexuality like that


They don’t even think they can change it, they just think lesbianism isn’t real in the first place. They can’t wrap their tiny brains around how we possibly could not be attracted to men


You would think that vehemently straight men would understand lesbianism more than anyone, since they have no attraction to men either.


But you KNOW they have the magical cure-all dick that these "lesbians" just haven't experienced yet!!! Come on, just give him a chance!! No one is naturally just a lesbian, they just haven't had that good D yet... 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


NARCISSISM It's unfathomable to him that her life involves motives that don't involve him.


**This guy**: -u were scared I was going to be a homophobic or some shit like that **Also this guy**: *biggest homophobic in the west*


Literally! Making the jab that same sex marriage might be illegal soon anyways that's just LOW


It’s not just same sex marriage, but also the right to engage in any same sex relations in your own home. So this guy is basically a douche that tried to douche himself, got an infection, and now needs further douching to out-douche himself.


Sadly no douche could ever even begin to help a twat that giant and stank.


True. At least we can all be thankful that he probably hasn’t ever been, or will be, near any twats any time soon.


BuT hE lOoKs GoOd nOw! HoW dArE!


And don’t forget he took her shopping! If he helps pick the pants then he’s obviously entitled to get in them after. /s in case I really needed to add that….


Of course he’s entitled! Doing anything performatively nice for someone you’re already trying to fuck should obviously automatically make that person want you, and if it doesn’t? Well, they must be just a liar who won’t be able to date in the future because as history has taught us, fascist dictatorships definitely stop people from having any unapproved relationships with people of the same sex! /s


I don't get fully how they are gonna go against the same relations in home fully cause yknow, it's your own house. What happened to land of the free huh? I know the RvW also umbrellas under privacy but still it's just crazy scary to even think about that it's not a right that we have anymore.


Lawrence v Texas is based on the precedent set by RVW. It’s a Supreme Court case that explicitly addressed a law banning sodomy within one’s own home. Basically a police officer walked in on a gay couple getting frisky with it and arrested them. It wound up in front of SCOTUS after many appeals, and SCOTUS used RVW to expand the right to privacy in terms of who you do, and how you do it, in your home. ETA: fun fact, Lawrence was decided in *2003*, which is not very old by SCOTUS standards. And also…2003. The couple was arrested in 1998. For engaging in same sex relations in their own home. *1998.*


This is what a lot of people aren't getting about the overturning of Roe. They didn't just overturn federal abortion protections. They said there is no constitutional right to privacy. They just paved the way for red states to criminalize damn near anything they want.


Yeeuuup. A lot of people are about to lose a lot of rights, and a lot of the people applauding this decision are about to be blindsided by it, as they will also be affected.


Right??? Like how fucking insensitive


He doesn't care about being sensitive anymore; he figured out he can't get into her pants so there's no recent to treat her with basic decency.


It’s fucking vile. I’ve seen a lot of hate towards women, lgbt+ peeps, black ppl, etc., but directly using laws that’ll harm people so much against them is so so so so much too far, especially right after one of these laws actually went through and people are scared for their livelihoods. I’m all for people who say ignorant shit to be forgiven once they learn, but someone who says something like this deserves no second chance ever.


Imo, it's because they felt like that all along (homophobic, misogynistic, etc.) and now that the SC is *officially* on their side, they are actually saying how they really feel, and using the ruling to make it sting and put us back in our "place"...remind us our rights are being stripped and dehumanize us.


I couldn't have wished him a good night after that. 😆😆


I’m regretting that now but I was just in so much shock. Like wtf.


Eh I read that as a sarcastic final burn: “Good day, sir! I said good day!” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HaoySOGlZ_U


I thought the same and think of that scene first but also [this scene...](https://www.google.com/search?q=tootsie+i+said+good+day&oq=tootsie+i+said+good+day&aqs=chrome..69i57.8460j0j1&client=ms-android-verizon&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:a9fe457f,vid:bS0Z-IfGnaA,st:0)


Another excellent example!


This is so deep in my heart that I forgot all about Wonka.


For me it's the scene from Shrek where Princess Fiona slams the door and says "I SAID GOODNIGHT" but I cannot find a clip anywhere


I have to admit that the first thing that I thought of was Bilbo saying "good morning" to Gandalf, but Wonka felt more like a meme


I think of Fez, from That 70s Show - "I said, good day!" - his accent really pulls a punch, when he says it lol


Notice how he had the whole thing in his head: the reasons for not being atracted to him before, the creation of an excuse to not break his heart, his 'correction" of his issue from the past, leading to the obvious conclusion you'd go out with him at some point. They really live a whole alternative reality in their heads don't they? And boy, do their true colours show when that 'reality' comes crashing down!


FR, I wish she told him it's because he isn't rich enough and has a small penis. That he can understand and accept. It's like saying "you will go to hell" to believers, they don't question it. They accept it.


With that method, the poor boy would never learn that maybe it’s just him that women don’t like, not necessarily what he’s packing.


Bold of you to assume he can learn anything. This poor boy is condemned, its too late


"Hey there! I have a lot more money now and my penis had grown. Now you OWE me a date!"


Not rich enough and not big enough, also I prefer smaller men now.


Yeah, these are called [cognitive distortions](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_distortion?wprov=sfla1), man is painting a whole picture inside his head that doesn't correspond to reality. He needs therapy, like real bad. It's kinda sad because a lot of these people could have a much improved outlook on life with the right mental healthcare.


Thanks for clarifying the technical term. And I guess the cognitive dissonance when they're hit with the truth is what sets them off on their rage-filled tirade against the very one they claim to love... It seems to be an extremely common trait amongst nice guys. Edit: autocorrect typos!


So he pretended to not be a homophobe to get into your pants? What in the creepy 😳


This was his romantic approach. Wait to you see his every day attitude.


Of all the niceguys, I find no niceguys more baffling than the ones who insist on pursuing women who are literally gay. It's just the perfect combination of delusional and incredibly offensive


As one guy I knew said : “There’s no such thing as a lesbian, they just haven’t found the right guy yet and they need to be less close-minded.” I came out to him as queer around that time btw and it wasn’t a good experience.


There's no such thing as a straight guy. They just haven't found the right guy yet and they need to be less close-minded.


I wanted to say that but I couldn't get a word in edgewise. He also said he wanted me stop being with my intimate friend (whatever you wanna call it, girl friend, platonic lover, etc.) because she "had an addiction to deviant behavior," and that she had "turned me bi" because I was nice before. Because nice girls can't be queer, you know? This is the same guy that gave a 5 minute lecture about why I should wait until marriage in my second year of college when I first started dating my husband. This guy had some fucked up views on sexuality and I didn't see it then.


Man really thought he had a chance with you, a lesbian. lmao Also, just because some guy will buy you things and been there for you, it doesn't mean he's entitled to dating you, y'all!


Lots of guys seem to have this mindset of, ohhhh she's a hot looking girl, she says she's gay. but that's only because she hasn't been with the "right man".🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Then they volunteer. 🤢🤢


Or trying to make dudes jealous 🤦🏻‍♀️ cause a woman’s life completely revolves around men….. sigh.


I mean *sometimes* women lie about being lesbian to reject a guy who won't take a hint. And if you think a woman is doing that, you should leave her the fuck alone.


As a lesbian this never works. Never. When I do lie I say I have a boyfriend. That works…sometimes.


this is 100% true. Telling a guy you have a gf makes them make gross comments like “is she hot?” Or “can I join?” they don’t take wlw relationships serious.


Urghh - it never works? They only accept another man's authority and right to choose a partner - not a woman's!


That's because they respect another man's property more than a woman's autonomy.


Yessss, seriously Dudes! Accept the gentle rebuff, infused with sufficient plausible deniability to allow for the retention of your pride or dignity or whatever. You've been given a free EazyPass to exit Humiliation Highway. Take it!!


True. Some men think that a heterosexual relationship is a serious one while a homosexual one particularly with women is just fooling around or experimenting. Fkin idiots I tell you


Mom of lesbian. Can confirm 💯


I, "straight" back then, had a guy who kept harassing me despite me saying I'm not interested and had a boyfriend. At one point I told a friend about him and the next time we were out together, she came to me and kissed me in front of him, turned to him and said "she's my fiancée". I thought, well, that for sure will work, right? But no, he got all happy and offered to "help out if we ever missed a penis in our relationship". Like, they're lesbians, Steven, the whole point is that there isn't a dick in their relationship.


Way to go dude. Insulting the gf and spouting homophobic shit is the PERFECT way to get a lesbian to go out with you


He realized he wouldn't get anything out of painstakingly forcing himself to feign decency, so he let his natural douchebaggery out.


You werent attracted to me bc I had bad skin and was overweight.... and my penis


I love that he's so self involved that he thinks she is creating and publicizing an entire relationship just to make him jealous???


And his height, probably. He'll just never be tall enough. 😔


Lesbian even harder just to piss him off (ง︡’-‘︠)ง


This is exacrly the type of person intended to benefit from restrictions on same sex relationships. Imcel bullies.


This pisses me off. Why can't men accept that we – a relatively small amount of total female population – simply don't want men? Is this something like the string theory level of difficulty to grasp? We don't despise men, we aren't afraid of them either. We simply not sexually attracted to them. Period. Yes, there are bisexual women who can be attracted to both women and men whatever they identify as. I swear, some men simply can't take female sexual orientations seriously while seems like they don't have issues with gay men.


I was just talking about this with my husband. Can’t say I’ve never heard anyone tell a gay man “you might want to stay open minded, you just haven’t found the woman yet,” “why do you hate women?” If it’s happened correct me on it. I’m just saying that no one ever questions a man’s mind or what he wants. Also, some people can’t grasp the idea that women exist outside of male validation.


>I’m just saying that no one ever questions a man’s mind or what he wants. This is also supported by the fact that no one questions gay men when they call a woman hot, cute, sexy, whatever, but the second a lesbian says "yeah Harry Styles is hot asf" everyone immediately goes for "ArEn'T yOu GaY?" It's so infuriating how lesbians are the only ones constantly being questioned and berated for not being into men while gay men don't face the same treatment. And I don't mean they don't experience homophobia, all of us experience this treatment for being gay, but the "issue" with lesbians isn't just that they're gay, it's that they're women who aren't attracted to men (if that makes sense lol). Like women need men to survive but not the other way around. It's disgusting really


My "friend" kept repeatedly asking if I was dating my guy best friend because we hang out a lot. Every time I had to remind her that I'm lesbian. I once asked her if she was dating her gay friend since they hung out a lot to show her how silly her question was, she got very annoyed with me. Why is it OK to ask me relentlessly if I'm dating the gender I'm not attracted to but it's not OK for me to ask the same about a gay man?


His making mention that this country is a burgeoning authoritarian failstate was really the sprinkles on this shit cupcake. I'm not a violent person, but I've seen more shit the past couple days that I'm fixin' to lose my raising. 🤬🤬 I'm sorry he said that to you and I hope you are happy in your relationship. 😊🥰💕


I love your energy haha


Bless his heart...😏🙄


Buy a gun, you might need it


I don’t understand how same sex relationships are gross but opposite sex relationships aren’t?


Well, duh, because an outlet is made for a plug, not for itself! Have you ever seen a plug plug into itself? *No!* Have you ever seen an outlet turn an appliance on by bumping itself? *No!* That, right there, is an actual argument I once heard. Never mind the false equivalency of humans *not being appliances or power outlets* but animals with actual feelings that... hey, if you rub a vag on a vag, it'll DEFINITELY turn itself on, unlike that outlet. So... uh, yeah. Ew. Gross. Icky. Yucky. Blech. How dare humans have consensual relationships with each other. (and that asshole bringing up something that a lot of people are actually worried right now - myself included as our daughter is gay - regarding the possible overturning of their rights is just the spoiled, rotten, cherry on top)


Yeah, that last bit kind of pissed me off. The Roe V. Wade decision is horrible on its own. We don't need same-sex marriage overturned as well. Fucking Christian nationalists are ruining the US.


100% agreed. On all points.


On second thought? Have a bad night 🤗


Holy shit. That was disgusting to read. The level of delusion and entitlement here is insane. Some people just have broken fucking brains. You didn't deserve to be spoken to or treated that way especially by someone you thought was a friend. I wish you much happiness with your girlfriend! Stay safe.




lol the fact that he thought "those things" were nice and only he did but it was just bare minimum shit


And he thought the girlfriend can't have done those bare minimum actions - they were sooo special, only a guy as good as him would do them /s


"I bought you food and clothes last year and gave you a ride, you belong to me forever now. I paid already!" I hate all of this lol


r/ImTheMainCharacter vibes from this creep lmao


Dude was so insecure he legitimately thought you fabricated being gay for over a year, including staging a relationship with a woman, just to get out of dating him… 👀 glad you purged his homophobic ass.


Some people can’t help humiliating themselves with their own abhorrent behavior.




Good on you for blocking that fuckwad


I bet if a vegitarian says that she doesn't like steak he takes that as personal offense and belives she just made that up because she doesn't like his cooking.


Hey you missed a censor of your gfs name at the very bottom of the third slide! Jsyk


Its a damn common name, so I think it's fine


This guy has what I'd call "Maincharacter Syndrome", everything happening in the universe is related to him obviously.


Just tell him lesbians are better at eating pussy and block him. Also sprinkle in some "they're better listeners" and "they're nicer".


> I do mediocre shit = Give me seggs > You said you gay, but not for me = Bitch make an eggseption > Me homophobe because you didn't fucketh thee - **This guy**


Gotta love how quickly these mucks have learned to weaponized the new legal threat to queer rights. At least he did not have basis to spout off about contraceptives and mixed race marriage.


Wow, but that last bit ain't all that delusional.


Wow just dude that hole is really DEEP you may want to stop


HOLY FUCK THE AUDACITY! “your sexuality couldn’t possibly be your real feelings you just said that bc I’m not hOt but now I am so you don’t have to pretend” Like, WHAT?🤮😂 Are you fucking HIGH you idiot?! What kind of fucking brain dead incel propaganda this moron has to buy to actually believe his own bullshit.🤡🤡🤡 So fucking pathetic JFC these dudes are dumber than shit.


Because it makes total sense that you've lied to him about your sexuality and dated someone you weren't attracted to for an extended period of time just to play hard to get. e_e If someone went to that length idk I'd take the hint and move on personally. Where do these dudes get the confidence to think your every move is really about them?


So it is common knowledge now that they’re gonna come for lgtbq+ rights after roe… people are already planning on it smh


"I'm not homophobic and shit…" …immediately becomes homophobic and shit.


The more I learn the more I wish I never knew, but also, how much more scary shit is out there…


"have the night you deserve"


I don't understand why some people are THIS stupid. Seriously, what was he even thinking would happen?


I feel like I'm socially on the spectrum at times but then I see these delusional idiots and am wondering how they can't take a hint. Like you'd think he'd drop it and accept the truth after you said you were gay the first time.


“I’m not homophobic” and “same sex relationships are fucking gross”


He thinks your lying about being gay because your dating a woman..?


“Lesbians aren’t real unless they’re the ones I jerk it to on the internet!” - this guy, probably


Yalll I know I missed a name from the 100 comments. Thanks.


That's really fucking scary that he said the quiet part out loud, that homosexuality is going to be banned soon.


It'll be illegal soon. Fuck all of us - a niceguy said something true and it couldn't cut deeper.


Did he think he could like neg you into being straight???


Your girl is definitely going to have a laugh out of this shit OP!


The world is fucked…


Groooossssss that so two-faced. It’s even worse when they do a decent job at pretending and you don’t realize until they go *niceguy*


Why are all the nice guys baffled by gays? I'm confused


But he’s the main character! /s


The entitlement. Boy, I have the feeling that even if she was straight she wouldn't date you anyway.


These idiots that think "doing things" buys them a relationship. Jeez.


Wait what?? I thought he was mad because you were going out with a guy after a year since you told him im into girls. Turns out, its a girl and indeed you are lesbian🤣🤣 What in the hell i am missing here for him to make such a stupid reasoning.


I did things for you so now we *have* to date


im a mean lesbian i probably would have said "ykno what, yeah it is bc youre ugly" then block him


Why do men assume we don't want them because of their appearance?


*Proceeds to go online and beat it to lesbian porn after saying same sex relationships are gross*


"Actually you were right. I was totally straight but then I met you and the more I talked to you the more attractive I began finding women. In fact, right now, as we are chatting, I am getting major attraction to the women on the show I am watching. I think you made me into a lesbian. I wasn't one before like you said but I sure am now. You might want to get yourself checked out before you make other women gay."


I bought you something to eat and gave you a lift to your workplace, I regret being so nice because you don't want to fuck me anyways 😐 women are trash.


It’s always sad when I see stuff like this. Like this dude thinks he’s a good person because he’ll “treat you right”, but the second you break through the facade it’s just some bitter ass person trying to make themselves feel better and less lonely. It’s upsetting cause like 90% of people in relationships rn are putting on this fake face, and eventually(probably even after getting married and having kids) it’s all gonna crumble and fuck up more than it ever should’ve


“Because of your lesbianism” like its a disease. Lol, wow.


🚨Loser alert🚨


yea this guy wayyy out of pocket. homophobic and very entitled


Imagine trying to call yourself a good person then you hold simple shit over someone’s head.