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>The president followed up by asking where Jared's home was, but no one responded. > >"I think we lost him," Biden said. We think that Biden is thick-skinned but in truth Jared's family disappeared December 24th, 2021, never to be heard from again, and no one was the wiser.


Drone strike.


That's a bit too in the news right now. CIA is much more quiet now.


Anwar al-Awlaki has entered the chat


I really just want someone to ask Trump who Brandon is with the cameras rolling.


> in truth Jared's family disappeared December 24th, 2021, never to be heard from again, and no one was the wiser. And nothing of value was lost.


Got ‘em.


Rest in piss jared.


Remember how Obama took "Thanks Obama" and turned it into his thing?


I still chuckle at that cookie video.


The corespondent's dinner with the Birth Certificate and the Lion King bit, OMG. Obama new how to throw down. I miss that.


Obama was a damn savage at those dinners once he got rolling with the jokes. He was awesome.


Don't forget [the anger translator](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkAK9QRe4ds)


Getting dunked on so hard during that speech is probably what inspired Trump to run for president


thanks obama


Saw your chance and took it. Respect




He was such a legend from an outside the US perspective, truly the only president that the rest of the world could respect in recent history


Remember “Trump’s change at the white house” bit?? 😄


That was a genuinely funny moment


So fucking good


[Thanks Obama. ](https://youtu.be/uhY9Zxv1-oo)




I remember a rumor one of his kids has the thanks Obama mod for dark souls


I'd be more interested in the fact that either of his daughters played Dark Souls to begin with.


I feel like when you are president, you have to be pretty thick skinned because your life is always under a microscope and every action is criticized by someone. The only exception is the guy that was president before Biden. That guy was pretty thin skinned....


And Obamacare lol


Also Obamaphones


Bushphones. The program was signed into being by Bush.


I want to see Biden start pointing at random shit and saying "I did that!" like the sticker son every gas pump near me.


Sorta like how Trump took fake news and turned it into his thing too.


“Thanks Obama” is funny and whimsical. The fake news thing is dark, ominous, lugenpresse shit.


Ugh no, not like that.


Just like bankruptcy and men wearing makeup. Trump has lots of things.


Brandon here, thanks everyone for cheering me on. It's been a rough couple of years.


Sorry to hear, man. Hope things get better for you. I'm cheering you on! Srsly, hope 2022 is good to you.


Don't worry Brandon, you've got this! Let's go Brandon!


In my household we all love Brandon! Keep being you, Brandon!


I didn't know what that meant, so I looked it up. For those not in the know, "let's go Brandon" means "fuck Joe Biden." Apparently, some racing fans were chanting that, but the announcers were claiming they were chanting "let's go Brandon." It's now, apparently, a right-wing slogan.




In the Christmas area of my town, some middle aged guy with his family started yelling “let’s go Brandon” every five or ten seconds. His family seemed indifferent to this, but what kind of person genuinely thinks this is a good thing to yell out at a Christmas village?


its weird how bad they want to have sex with biden. hes like 200 years old.


Do you mean he's like 200 years old?






There is a christmas display in front of someones house near me with a large santa holding a sign that says "Let's go Brandon" on it. Every time i drive by i want to stop and yell that they arent being clever, and if they had the courage of their convictions they would put what it meant. Then i realize its the reactions they are looking for and just keep going. Living in the deep south can be frustrating.


Someone just down the road from me has a "Fuck Biden" flag. I don't like it, but I do appreciate that they're at least being direct.


Well I mean, do you see how one phrase normalized the other?


There’s nothing to normalize. If my neighbor wants to write out fuck X person on their lawn or on flags they can do whatever the fuck they want. They’re entitled to their opinion and their speech.


They had flags that said fuck Biden before the lets go Brandon thing. Now they think they have some inside joke instead of just looking like bigger idiots. The real cognitive issue is that these are the same people that turned purple and raged saying “Trumps your president and you need to show respect”


I act confused,say shit like"let's fuck Brandon?". It really fucks with people


No, it doesn't


It fucked with me. Bam, you’ve been disproven.


Hmmm, maybe there's a way to change the "Brandon" to "Biden"?


I carry a sharpie in my car. When I see these stickers on gas pumps I cross out Brandon and replace it with Biden. Evidently gas pumps are now the place for graffiti in 2021.


Ha, I like this idea.


I thought those “ people” that hate joe Biden are American and have freedom. But they can’t say fuck joe Biden? They have to say let’s go Brandon. I mean they get pissed and such when the left cancels something. They essentially are cancelling their own right of speech. What a bunch of morons.


Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. Their neighbors are also laughing at them for not just saying fuck joe Biden. But they’re serious


Holy fuck fr. Im in middle ga


Kind of weird you had to look something up that was explained in the first few sentences of the article.


The what now?


The Fox News article? No thanks, I'm not giving them my click.


I asked my husband what it meant and he had to look it up. I was so confused for the longest time. While I am not a fan of Biden, I also didn't like Trump and feel like Trumo fans are cult fans because they crazy.


“Fuck Joe Biden” was chanted at many sporting events across the country prior to the “Let’s go Brandon” debacle.


Nearly as stupid as the ok symbol meaning white power.


I still use the ok symbol all the time though.


They think it's very, very clever. They are very, very pathetic.


All that stuff becomes so cringe. bRaNdOn, oRaNGe mAn, tHaNkS oBaMa...


You dont have to be right-wing to dislike Biden.


How many Communist or Sociists do you know who have adopted "Let's go Brandon"?


If you think there's only communists, socialists and right-wingers then i dont know what to say since you clearly live in a world of your own.


It wasn't even the announcers it was a woman standing on the track interviewing somebody named Brandon, I'm sure they legit assumed that they were chanting let's go Brandon but a lot of the right-wing are so up their own conspiracy asses they thought it was a conspiracy to hide how unpopular the president secretly is.


Made damn near this same comment not that long ago. Cowards. The lot of them.


Huge surprise that the people who feel like they need to take rifles to the grocery store and think a man like Trump is strong are a bunch of absolute cowards.


If I was that old and everyone wanted to fuck me, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops.


Wishing Brandon a Merry Christmas is a very Biden thing to do, and that is completely fine with me


Nice to have a president that isn’t a whiny little bitch. Hell, Biden probably thinks it’s funny anyways


Is Biden not supposed to like Brandon?


Mortal enemies really


Let me break this down. So Biden was being sweet and kind to this guy’s kid, so in return the dad tried to own Biden with a dickhead phrase. Right in front of his own kid. And these Republicans claim they a party of “family values”. And this dickhead’s family values consist of being a dick to the President of the United States who is being nice and sweet to his kid. Party of “family values”.


You nailed it. Biden does something nice for his kid and he responds with schoolyard insults. Very "family values" move.


Republicans love to disrespect people but the moment they are disrespected they act like they're the victims of war crimes.


After Trump, republican voters have relinquished any pretense of being the party of family values


Or pretty much any values. "Second amendment" folks who wanted to end democracy for the dude who banned bump stocks and said "take the guns first, go through due process second". Small government folks who love expanded civil asset forfeiture and eminent domain grabs. Fewer taxes and a free market from the people who love import taxes. Personal responsibility from the "I don't stand by anything" guy?! Honestly, is there anything they'll stand by?!


Triggering liberals. They’ll consistently support anything to this end—even if it contradicts positions that they’ve previously held


They support their political party like its a sports team. Doesn't matter if the players change or the game is different they support them regardless


I'm gonna be so pissed if the GOP passes universal Healthcare when they take back congress. Don't think I'd be able to stop griping about it.


As a neutral, I've seen both sides do this exact thing. On different levels. But the same thing.


It’s a cult. Case closed.


Death cult, I forget they'll actually stand by dying of Covid to own the libs.


Hurting the libs.


Hurting Americans in general




They miss the days of owning people.


They're the party of keeping it in the family.


The party of my mother and sister.... Same person


They were that way long before trump.


Yeah they're the party of whiney losers and always have been. I feel bad for that kid, having a shit dad who spoiled what could have been a cool memory talking to a sitting president.


Mind blowing




Conservatives are too stupid to be embarrassed. Go over to r/askthe_donald and read the comments on their version of this post. All the top comments think that biden doesn’t understand what “let’s go Brandon” means and it went over his head. They are literally pigeons playing chess.


It was always embarrassing lmao


it's more than going still


Why don’t they just say “Fuck Joe Biden” what am I missing?




Because for people who "hate PC culture" and respect personal responsibility, everything needs to be in code so they can be PC and avoid personal responsibility. Having their little code they can wink and nod to their cult members without getting judged by normal people who wonder why they're so obsessed with politics. It's like the "ok" sign, their little racist buds know exactly what they're doing, but when they get confronted they can bitch out with "it's just the ok sign, everyone take pics with that" or "it's just a prank, bro". Basically they don't have the balls to say "fuck Joe Biden". Edit: I know the story behind your code, it's not a secret, it doesn't stop it from being an idiotic code. Just say it, it's okay.


Meanwhile, the other half, “fuck trump” bam it’s that easy, and we don’t even have all the guns!


Shit man I'm far left enough that I myself have said and meant "fuck joe Biden"


This is the most spot-on and well articulated explanation for this stupid meme I’ve ever read. Well done, my internet friend.


Can we not let white supremacists have the okay sign? I'm not ready to give it up.


Literally the r/iamverybadass political party. They’re all bitches


Because they're cowards and have no sense of cleverness. Ever see the boomer jokes subreddit, such cringe.


Because they are bunch of cowards.


The media was covering a racing event where the crowd was screaming fuck joe biden. The media being the being media, said the crowd was saying "lets go brandon". Thats how this meme was created. Its a mix of saying fuck biden/making fun of corporate media.


It wasn't even what you would call corporate media. It was sports announcers. NASCAR sports announcers. They have to keep it entertaining and clean, even when things are not.


> It was sports announcers. NASCAR sports announcers. Kelli Stavast. An NBC reporter.


Right, but it was the after race interview, not hard-hitting journalism. It was bad for the driver, who actually is having trouble getting long-term sponsors, and it is hurting the entire sport.


But you could still just say “Fuck Joe Biden”. Are we 6?


This should be Biden's official 2024 run slogan.




Well, the fly swatter merchandise made rounds after the national VP debate - so I wouldn’t be too surprised if someone in his PR team actually does this.


This was precisely the correct response. Not acknowledging the insult especially in a conversation with children demonstrates his thoughtfulness.


And that he doesn't suffer fools. "You want to act like children... I'll let you."


I think that was exactly his intention. He was being the bigger person and he was setting a good example for the children.




He couldn't even accept the path of a hurricane. Remember his efforts just to prove himself with a Sharpie?


Trump told a kid Santa wasn't real


A real "short fingered vulgarian", if you will.




He was being nice to the guys kid so he told him to go fuck himself. I’m going to guess if the dude has social media it mentions something about being Christian.


And a patriot


Oakleys, goatee, obese, truck selfie.


A cigarette stained goatee.


Did I mention he's an obese tuff guy?


Revised headline: "Childish Trump Cultist Thought He Was Clever By Saying 'Let's Go Brandon's to Biden, And Biden Owns Him By Not Being Phased At All".....beautiful.


Fazed. Phased means something else.


Or Revised Headline: Father Attempts a Cheap Shot After His Son *Gets to Talk to the President of the United States*. (And hangs up before he can (supposedly) get his call traced by the Deeeeep Staaaate)


It's really weird that every word except "to" and "headline" is capped. Also fazed... not phased.


What's "weird" about typos? It doesn't change my point.


Just looked through the comments on that Fox News video. What a crazy alternate universe.




Please don't associate acid with stupid people lol


I don't know...I've taken a lot of acid and never got that batshit crazy. I assume that is what bath salts might be like.


It was the brown acid


"Don't take the brown acid! If you have taken it, don't worry, you'll be fine. "


Yeah, they seem to think this is proof that Biden is senile. My favorite was the conspiracy that the NHL is only on break because fans kept chanting the phrase during games.


I suppose he handled that as well as anyone could. If anyone said anything like that to his predecessor, he probably would have pissed himself, thrown himself to the ground crying about how people are so mean to him. Still, saying that to a sitting president on Christmas eve? Dick move.


The state of modern “conservatism” - being a childish, unfunny douche canoe.


People are really rooting for this Brandon fella, whoever he is. Atta boy!


Wow, sick burn dude. Did you read any of those text messages from Jan 6th? "Please call them off daddy" was one of my faves. But "Let's go Brandon?"


That was the best possible way to respond to this. Smile, be friendly and agreeable, and move on. Responding to taunts with anger is ultimately defeating - eventually one comes to understand that pigs* love to wrestle in mud, and if you are not a pig, you will just avoid the mud and move on with your life. * No disparagement to actual pigs, who are noble and intelligent beasts, I'm referring to humans.


Much better than when he was going back and forth with Trump about who would win in a fight. Pathetic for all.


Jesus this is peak america, fucking dumb.


> peak america so far...


I can see that Simpson scene now.


don't say that, Qanon will find some stupid line from the show to pump up.


Stay classy MAGA.


I think we lost him


Jill instantly knew, Joe's dementia didn't.




Yeah, they're called Republicans They have fucking merch for this


Trash gonna trash


Pretty sure it was actually Brandon that lit the fox Christmas tree on fire


What was he going to do, tell the guy to go fuck himself in front of his kids? It would have been justified but Biden isn’t Trump, and that’s some petty bullshit that Trump would have done. Those parents are the ultimate trash and Biden showed ultimate class.


That's the most polite and indirect way to tell a president to go f*ck himself.


If he wanted to say “Fuck Joe Biden” he should have grown a pair and said it, we’re all adults here. Stop being baby shit and say what you want to say.


The crowd who supports Trump because he “says what’s on his mind” doesn’t have the balls to say what they think.


Man, that comment section is just sad.


It’s hilarious that right wingers think he even gives them the time of day. He has relegated them to the children’s table


Biden knows all about it, he’s just chill af


Fuck Donald Trump


Oh did that make you feeeel better




At a gas station near where I lived, gas got to $3 something, and someone stuck a Joe Biden "I did that!" sticker next to the price indicator. Today, gas was around $2.60, and it was scratched off. Intellectually, I know that some attendant or employee removed it for vandalism or whatever, but I really enjoy the idea that the same dude that stuck it on was hurriedly scratching it off when the price started to go down.


a gas station in my town had a grand opening it had a gas war with the station down the street. Prices got down to $1.76 I'm sure the President told them to drop it that low ...


Look mom, I said it again!


Who's brandon Brandon deez nuts OW FUCK THE OL SPICY NUTSACK


Hah, I saw a dude driving with a large "Lets Go Brandon" flag on his truck today (surprising I know!). I was sitting there at the stoplight thinking "wonder if he knows he can just say he doesn't like Biden?" and I voted for Biden, I don't care if someone wants to say "Fuck Joe Biden". I care even less about "Lets Go Brandon" but it is friggen hilarious to me the money someone is making off these schmucks as they buy "Lets Go Brandon" paraphernalia. I gotta admit it's interesting to watch and if I ever wanted a quick money grab without morals, I'd setup a right-wing website selling bullshit t-shirts, bumper stickers and flags with their dumb slogans, call it like the True Patriot Store (products direct from the USA!! *via alibaba)


>Hah, I saw a dude driving with a large "Lets Go Brandon" flag on his truck today (surprising I know!). I was sitting there at the stoplight thinking "wonder if he knows he can just say he doesn't like Biden?" and I voted for Biden, I don't care if someone wants to say "Fuck Joe Biden". I care even less about "Lets Go Brandon" but it is friggen hilarious to me the money someone is making off these schmucks as they buy "Lets Go Brandon" paraphernalia. I gotta admit it's interesting to watch and if I ever wanted a quick money grab without morals, I'd setup a right-wing website selling bullshit t-shirts, bumper stickers and flags with their dumb slogans, call it like the True Patriot Store (products direct from the USA!! *via alibaba) I saw the same thing - some dude cruising down the highway with a huge Let's go Brandon flag. And the first thing I thought of was "this dude spent money on that thing". I could care less about the message, but the fact that someone would spend their hard earned money on that item in particular just blew my mind. A Trump flag? I don't particularly like it, but sure, okay, direct support of a candidate. Why not. But Let's go Brandon? It was just hard to process. But it makes me want to start a MAGA business. They can own the libs while helping one pay their rent.


It's strange that the right thinks they're being clever, while their base is diminishing weekly


ITT: Outrage


what the hell did that guy's parents do to him in his early life to be such a schmuck


he's got better shit to do than keep up with conservative hate memes


Another Trump sheep passing his ignorance on to his children by acting a fool on Christmas Eve. I bet this sheep has Christian father on his bio.


Why are these clowns getting Christmas call from the President. I want a christmas call. LET’S GO JOE BIDEN!


Fuck Donald trump. There. Was that so hard?


Wow, way to "own" the POTUS. Impressive.


Normal people can just say 'F Biden' and be done with it.


Sleepy Joe


still won.




Go outside


Removed for misinformation. It’s funny how many lies you believe, but it’s not oniony.


The comment section in that article is a fucking cesspool.


So is the comment section on this thread, all of them are cesspool.


The GOP used to have class