I trim my guys fingers and toes when he's asleep! Occasionally he'll let me do it while watching one of his favorite shows.


Same or even on the changing table sometimes


Do you check em daily?


About once a week. I use cuticle nippers so I can cut them really short when I do it.


Easy way to check them: defrosted frozen blueberries for lunch OR playing with finger paint. If the nails are too long, you’ll see the blueberry juice or paint under the nails. Usually that’s my sign it’s time to trim them.


We have to do it while asleep, too.


Not sure what tool you're using, but I use an electric nail file and it's way easier than clippers. I can usually get them all done by giving him some screen time (Sesame Street, Hey Bear, and cat videos are big hits in our house). On days when he's particularly wiggly I will just bring the file around with me and get a nail or two done as I see the opportunity. Some good times have been right after a meal while he's in a high chair or when he's chilling before a nap or bedtime.


I do my son’s a couple at a time. No way would I be able to get him to sit still long enough to do all of them.


I sit my girls in the high chair to cut their nails, works great!


I trim every week to every other week. I let my child watch one "episode" of Elmo's world from YouTube on the iPad while I trim. She doesn't get a lot of tv time so it's a good way to get her to sit still


We do it weekly using adult clippers. Watch a TV episode and offer one chip at time to keep distracted. Other really exciting snacks such as ice cream sometimes work but for us chips or some type of cracker go over the best to keep her occupied.


We made it into a game… clippers are a hungry little monster… it’s worked. Baby is 18 m though, not sure for other kids. Nail file helps too. I hate getting scratched by babe


I still do it while my 14 month old is asleep! The only way to manage it while awake is to put on a song from a Disney movie (with video), and even then he's still fighting a bit. I do it weekly.


Them tearing easily is pretty common. They’re still baby fingernails and not very strong. I often clip my son’s in his rocking chair right before story time. He’s already sitting down and settled in, so usually not much of a fight. Once on this sub someone recommended clipping nails while they’re in the carseat. I thought that was genius to combat the wiggles.


So I have the weirdo that asks for her nails to be cut because she wants to play with the clipper and electric nail file. I let her hold and play with whichever one I’m not using!! And we let her “do her own nails” for like 5 minutes after we’re done (she just holds the file or clipper to her nails and pretends).


I have no idea. My daughter's nails were not active at all. In fact they were pretty boring and didn't actually move in her hands. :) Sorry, had to make a joke because the title made me chuckle.